Capt. James Graham
Fox 2/5 CO during Operation Union II

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VFW Magazine, January 2003 -- Photo of Capt. Graham is on the bottom right

Medal of Honor (Posthumous)

Capt. James A. Graham, U.S. Marine Corps

During Operation Union II on June 2, 1967, Graham lead a small assault force to rescue a platoon pinned down by two concealed machine guns. One gun was silenced, allowing the 
platoon to escape. Graham, suffering from two wounds, had killed 15 of the enemy. As the last of his group withdrew, Graham chose to stay behind with a seriously wounded Marine. 
He relayed in a final radio transmission that their position was being overrun by 25 enemy soldiers. 

This is an excerpt from the article.  See the January 2003 edition of VFW Magazine for the complete story.  

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