2000 Reunion Pictures


Click on the thumbnails to bring up the photograph full size in a separate window.  Thanks to Chris Brown for the photos.

CBUSMC1.jpg (14198 bytes)
Tim Ciesinski & Sam Henderson


/CBUSMC2.jpg (14404 bytes)
Jeff & Carol Brown, Maddy Brown, Tim & Linda Ciesinski, Sue & Dan Albritton
/CBUSMC3.jpg (15107 bytes)
Jeff & Carol Brown, Arkie, Tim & Linda Ciesinski, Sue Albritton, Maddy Brown

CBUSMC7.jpg (13701 bytes)
Pablo Contreras, Felix Gonzalez, Mike Downs, C. Brown, John Moreno, Doc Aparicio, Mike Hernandez


CBUSMC10.jpg (13622 bytes)
Seated:  Terry & Pablo Contreras, Linda & Tim Ciesinski, Marvin Brown
Standing:  Chris & Maddy Brown, Felix Gonzalez
CBUSMC6.jpg (13107 bytes)
Corpsmen David Whisnant & Mauricio Aparicio with C. Brown

CBUSMC8.jpg (13310 bytes)
Jim McClintock, Ken Kreader, Tim Ciesinski, Mike Hernandez, Floyd Haley, C. Brown, Doc Aparicio, John Moreno, Mike Downs, Pablo Contreras, Felix Gonzalez



CBUSMC4.jpg (15260 bytes)
C. Brown & Pablo Contreras


CBUSMC9.jpg (12120 bytes)
Jeff Brown, C. Brown, Doc Aparicio, Mike Downs, Thomas "Bernie" Burnham
CBUSMC5cr.jpg (19067 bytes)
C. Brown, Ken Kreader & Tim Ciesinski`

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