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Letters Regarding Hotel Co., 2/5

Dear Sir,
My name is Wayne Motts and I am the curator of the Cumberland County Historical Society in Carlisle, PA. I have undertaken a project here at our institution to research each man from this county killed in Vietnam. I would like to hear from anyone who knew and served with Larry Gordon Sandes of Hotel Company 2/5. He was killed in action on December 8, 1968. He arrived RVN 15 FEB 1968.
Wayne E. Motts
Cumberland County Historical Society
21 North Pitt Street, P. O. Box 626
Carlisle, PA 17013

Request For Assistance(received via e-mail): My name is Jack Murphy. I'm retired from the Air Force, but I'm writing for a different reason. My brother, Daniel (Danny) Lee Murphy, from Louisville Kentucky, served with the 2/5 Hotel Company as a "point-man" in VietNam during 66-68 timeframe. I don't know how big of an outfit the 2/5 was, but I'm writing in hopes that someone will recognize my brother's name. Danny suffered numerous severe wounds during his tour in Nam. He never has had the best of health since he was discharged from the Marines after Nam. He recently suffered a couple major heart attacks this week and needless to say has him a little worried, as is the rest of the family. I would like to know if you have a roster of 2/5 Hotel personnel who served in Nam during that timeframe so I can contact them. He gave me a couple of names: Harold Wadley (believe he now lives in Idaho), Jeff Moore, Manson Lorenzo Hurbett III (not quite sure of the last name spelling), and Steve Rader (he thinks he's a Warden at a prison in Louisianna. I hope I've got the names spelled correctly. I'd like to get him some notes of encouragement from his fellow Leathernecks that served with the 2/5 Hotel Company. I would appreciate it you have any contacts if you could pass the info on. I know Danny would appreciate any e-mail from 2/5 Hotel Company. He served honorably and brave during his tour in Nam and now he needs any words of encouragement to see him through the next few months. If you have any contacts, the e-mail can be sent to his wife, Rosie at the following address: She'll pass on any messages. I'll be forever grateful for any assistance you may provide.

Followup Letter:
Let me say upfront, I was not in the US Marines (I'm retired US Air Force), but I wrote the 2/5 Webmaster back in May-June 2000 timeframe and placed a request for 2/5 members to contact my brother Daniel (Danny) Lee Murphy who had recently had a series of heart attacks. Danny returned from Nam with pretty severe wounds and later in his life, found that Agent Orange also took a toll on him. It took nearly 2 years in the hospital to patch him back together. When Danny had those heart attacks, I wrote the Webmaster and Tom placed my letter out on the 2/5 page. My brother Danny did receive replies from those he knew, some he didn't know, and some from newer 2/5 members. The words of encouragement really helped him these past 4 months. In some ways, it made him stronger. But I regret to announce that my brother passed away 20 Oct 2000 from heart failure. I just wanted to thank those 2/5 individuals who wrote to my brother. Not only did their kind words help him through these painful and agonizing months, but our family saw Danny smile again when he recounted who had written him. Our country lost a great Viet Nam hero yesterday, and the 2/5 and I lost a brother. Again, thanks from all of the Murphy family, God Bless and Semper Fi.