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Gentlemen, I'mnot trying to ruin your message board. Just wanted to make you aware of a student senate member at the University of Washington, and her comments about Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington. I am a 1st Class Petty Officer at Strike Fighter Squadron-32 (NAs Oceana, Va) One of my LCDR's sent this to me yesterday:

His name was Gregory Boyington. Some called him "Pappy." He served as a combat pilot in World War II with the 1st Squadron, American Volunteer Group. This squadron was known as the Flying Tigers of China. Boyington later served as a combat pilot for the U.S. Marine Corps. He commanded Marine Fighting Squadron 214. Perhaps you've heard of this squadron. It was called the Black Sheep Squadron and was later featured in a TV series called "Baa Baa, Black Sheep." Boyington shot down 26 Japanese aircraft while serving in the Pacific. He was later shot down and spent 20 months in a Japanese POW camp. For those of you who aren't up to par on World War II history, Japanese POW camps were not happy places. Torture .. .and we mean real torture, not stripping them naked and taking snapshots. After the war Pappy Boyington was awarded the Navy Cross and the Medal of Honor. He died in 1988. You can visit his grave in Arlington National Cemetery.
Education? Oh yes! Almost forgot! Pappy Boyington was a graduate of the University of Washington. Just recently the idea of erecting a memorial to this Medal of Honor winner at the University of Washington made its way to the student senate. Here you have an alumnus who served in World War II. was captured and held, and was later awarded the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross. Perhaps some sort of monument would be a good idea!
Well .. not to Jill Edwards. Thanks to the folks at WorldNetDaily we can show you a copy of the minutes of a meeting of the student senate at the University of Washington. Under old business there was a discussion of a resolution calling for a tribute to Pappy Boyington. Student senate member Jill Edwards immediately moved to table the resolution. She wanted other issues to be considered. Another member said that the issue was at the top of the agenda and should be dealt with. Jill's motion failed, but she wasn't through. There was then some discussion on why Andrew Everett, another student senate member, wanted the memorial. Everett responded that Colonel Boyington "had many of the qualities the University of Washington hoped to produce in its students." Well, I guess that might be true, if leadership and courage are considered to be good qualities. Anyway ... that's when Jill Edwards spoke up and showed her true colors. She questioned whether it was appropriate to honor a person who killed other people. Then the lovely Jill Edwards said that a member of the Marine Corps was an example of the sort of person the University of Washington wanted to produce.
Shall I repeat that? Jill Edwards, a Junior in Mathematics at the University of Washington, says that a U.S. Marine is not the example of the sort of person that the University of Washington wants to produce. Let's let this sink in. To all of you men and women out there who have served with pride in the United States Marine Corps; to those of you who fought in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East, Jill Edwards, student senate member at the University of Washington, thinks that you are unworthy to be graduates of the University of Washington. My father was a Marine. He's buried in the National Cemetery at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas beneath a grave market that reads "Neal A Boortz, Sr. Lt. Col. USMC. World War II, Korea, Vietnam." Therefore, I think that Jill Edwards is an ignorant fool. I would submit that Jill Edwards is am embarrassment to the University of Washington. With her mathematics degree and her leftist outlook on life my guess is that she'll end up being a teacher in a government school. Oh goody.
By the way .. there's at least one more moonbat on the U of W student senate. Her name is Ashley Miller. Ashley says that there are already enough monuments at UW commemorating "rich white men." Well .. I guess you have to get that wealth-envy stuff in there somewhere.
Don't you just love these young people? They're so much fun to watch during those magic years when they know everything and when they have all of the answers to every problem facing mankind. As I said the other day, we should take 100 volunteer members of university student senates from across the country --- and let's make sure Jill Edwards is one of them --- and give them a country to run for four years. Haiti would do just fine.

My father spent 18 months in Vietnam and I grew up 3 miles from Camp Lejune. This is insulting not only to all of you, but to the military in general. I am writing a response to the president of the university ( as we speak.

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Since the eruption of the controversy, a new version of the original resolution was submitted that called for a memorial to all five UW alumni who received the Medal of Honor after attending the UW. On April 4, 2006, the resolution passed by a vote of 64 to 14 with several abstentions, on a roll call vote. However, despite the fact that the memorial was approved by the student senate, the memorial could take several months or years to complete, as it will have to be approved by the University of Washington administration, and the funds for the memorial, likely to be in the tens of thousands, will all have to be raised privately.
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