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For members of Foxtrot 2/5 who served in Vietnam to post their messages. The old board has been disabled due to spammers.
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New to this forum.

#1 Postby doug777 » Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:52 pm

I was a Combat December and was attached to 2/5 in An Hoa where I worked on the mine sweep team along Liberty Bridge road until 2/5 moved north to Hai Van Pass. Engineers went too. I was with Fox all the way through Hue City. I was assigned to Hotel 2/5 for a sweep on 25 June 68 when I was gravely wounded by a mortar. I lost my left lung and kidney and the use of my left side. I sure would like to connect to anyone who was with Fox CP during Hue or any other fox Hue City survivors. . We could swap some stories,

God Bless

Doug Kirk

Cpl Retired.

USMC Fox 2/5
Combat Engineer Comand Platoon.
23Dec. 1967- 21 June 1968

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