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Echo 2/5 Association

#1 Postby boardman » Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:06 am

Marines: Please be advised that our 2017 association dues came due this past February. To date, 33 of us have sent our dues in to the President, Doug Doughty. If are one of the members who sent your 2017 dues in already, please disregard this message. If you have not sent in your dues please do so at once. The cost is only $30 to be a member in good standing. Make your check out to: Echo 2/5 Association. Mail it to:

Doug Doughty
1455 Roebling Tr.
Pensacola FL 32506

If you are not sure whether you are up-to-date or not just send me an e-mail and I’ll let you know. The dues that we collect between reunions allows the person who is in charge of setting up the next reunion to make deposits on hotel reservations, etc. The fund is also used to pay for the noon luncheon at every reunion. Thank you all for keeping Miss Piggy Bank alive!

Semper Fi Marines

Patrick Lisi
435 215-3090
Boardman 8)
"See You On The Other Side"

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