RAO BULLETIN 14 February 2021

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RAO BULLETIN 14 February 2021

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RAO BULLETIN 14 February 2021

HTML & PDF Editions
Pg Article Subject
. * DOD * .
== U.S. Russia START Treaty [01] ---- (Extended to February 5, 2026)
== Covid-19 Headgear [15] ---- (SECDEF Orders Mask Wearing on All Military Installations)
== NPRC Military Records [07] ---- (Request Backlog Has Grown To an Estimated 445,000)
== Strategic Deterrence ---- (Air Force Deploys Four B-52 Bombers to Guam)
== Commissary Knowledge ---- (Some Things You Might Not Know)
== Selective Service System [30] ---- (Supreme Court Asked to Declare Military Draft Unconstitutional)
== POW/MIA [126] ---- (Release of 55 Cases of Remains in 2018 Leads to 70 American IDs)
== POW/MIA Recoveries & Burials ---- (Reported 01 thru 14 FEB 2021 | Eight)
. * VA * .
== VA Secretary [96] ---- (Number Eleven Sworn In)
== VA Medical Providers ---- (GAO Review Finds Dismissed Physicians May be Treating Vets)
== VA Covid-19 Response [01] ---- (One Million Vaccine Doses Administered in 1st Six Weeks)
== GI Bill Schools [21] ---- (College For-Profit’ Rules Major Change in COVID Relief Bill)
== VA Lawsuit | Fire Ant Death ---- (Nursing Home Vet Succumbs to Over 100 Bites)
== VA Million Veteran Program [10] ---- (New Genomic Tool Advances Minority Vet Medical Research)
== VA Fraud, Waste & Abuse ---- (Reported 01 thru 14 FEB 2021)
== Fisher House Expansion [25] ---- (Twelve New Sites Approved)
. * VETS * .
== Covid-19 Vet Impact [02] ---- (Vets, Military, Families Get Answers to Questions)
== U.S. Capitol Riot [02] ---- (Ohio Town Reckons With Vets Charged In Capitol Riot)
== U.S. Capitol Riot [03] ---- (Vet Member of Proud Boys Indicted)
== U.S. Capitol Riot [04] ---- (Accused Vet Had Top-Secret Clearance and Worked for the FBI)
== Dementia [10] ---- (Increased Risk Tied to AO Exposed Vietnam Vets)
== Vet Unemployment [28] ---- (Worsened Slightly in January)
== Vet Fraud & Abuse ---- (Reported 01 thru 14 FEB 2021)
== WWII Vets [247] ---- (James Chapman | 100 Year Old Recalls Hacksaw Ridge)
== WWII Vets [248] ---- (Edith Reynolds | Code Girl and Activist)
== Korean War Vets ---- (Jesse L. Brown | First African American to Earn Navy Wings)
== Military Retirees & Veterans Events Schedule ---- (As of 15 FEB 2021)
== Vet Hiring Fairs ---- (Scheduled as of 15 FEB 2021)
== State Veteran’s Benefits ---- (West Virginia 2021)
== TRICARE Young Adult Plan [01] ---- (H.R. 475 | Health Care Fairness for Military Families Act of 2021)
== Vet Unemployment [29] ---- (H.R. 637/S.134: The Veterans Economic Recovery Act of 2021)
== Medicare Dental Coverage [02] ---- (H.R.502/S.97: Medicare Program Dental Services)
== Military Coronavirus Impact [04] ---- (Everywhere Mandatory On-Base Mask Wearing Initiated)
== Basic Allowance for Housing [07] ---- (What the Reduction in BAH is Costing Troops)
== Military Base Names [02] ---- (Renaming Commission)
== Navy Black Sea Ops ---- (Mission to Reassure Allies & Ensure Security and Stability)
== Military Retirement Pay Taxation [04] ---- (News on 5 State’s Efforts to Exempt from State Tax)
== Harlem Hellfighters ---- (Army Makes Nickname Official after More Than a Century)
== Military Insignia ---- (Knowing and Addressing Rank)
== Wake Island Airfield ---- (Inundation Study Underway)
== Navy Terminology, Jargon & Slang ---- (‘Scram thru ‘Sea Daddy’)
== WWII Operation Colossus ---- (British Tragino Aqueduct Raid)
== Operation Big Buzz ---- (Impact on Covid-19 Vaccine Acceptance by Black Americans)
== Civil War Escapee ---- (U.S. Navy First Class Boy William Benjamin)
== WWII Bombing of Balikpapan ---- (Japanese Refineries in Borneo)
== WWII German Navy ---- (Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper)
== Military History Anniversaries ---- (15 thru 29 FEB)
== Every Picture Tells A Story ---- (Civil War Union Surgeons)
== WWII Bomber Nose Art [69] ---- (Mission Completed)
== Medal of Honor Awardees ---- (Isadore Jachman | WWII)
== TRICARE Pharmacy Program [01] ---- (How to Locate One to Fill Your Needs)
== TRICARE Coverage [10] ---- (When You Can Get the COVID-19 Vaccine)
== COPD [01] ---- (Study Shows Hyaluronan Effective in Treating Chronic Lung Disease)
== Heart Defibrillators & Pacemakers ---- (Apple’s iPhone 12 Impact)
== Chocolate ---- (Health Claims | Sweet Truth or Bitter Reality?)
== Coronavirus Vaccines [25] ---- (Which COVID-19 Vaccine Should You Take?)
== Coronavirus Vaccines [26] ---- (Numerous Pharmacy Chains Ready to Give)
== Coronavirus Vaccines [27] ---- (Impact of Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen on Effectiveness)
== Coronavirus Vaccines [28] ---- (Second Shot Side Effects)
== Covid-19 Victims [04] ---- (Day To Day Breakdown of the Infection)
== Covid-19 Headgear [16] ---- (Mask Humidity Level Impact on Disease Severity)
. * FINANCES * .
== Car Purchasing [01] ---- (Financing | Do Not Exceed 10% Rule)
== PCS Moves [14] ---- (Filing Damage Claims)
== Student Loan Debt [07] ---- (Ways to Avoid Drowning in It if You Drop Out of College)
== Commissary Knowledge [01] ---- (Money Hacks to Save More)
== Military Overseas Taxation ---- (Germany Imposed Income Taxes on U.S. Military Families)
== COLA FY 2021 ---- (January CPI)
== IRS Tax Forms Update 03: 1040 | Five Change’s for Tax Year 2020
== Unemployment Insurance Scam [01] ---- (Spot the Signs of Unemployment Fraud)
== Valentine’s Day Scam ---- (Happy Valentine's Day! Watch Out for this One)
== Tax Burden for Maine Retired Vets ---- (As of FEB 2021)
== Notes of Interest ---- (FEB 01 thru 14, 2021)
== Map Comparisons ---- (U.S. Population Density vs. Size)
== Korea Unification ---- (Recent Survey Results)
== Marijuana [04] ---- (The 15 Most Stoned States in America)
== China’s Territorial Claims [09] ---- (Coast Guard Authorized to Fire on Foreign Vessels)
== Philippines Travel Advisory ---- (Level 3 Reconsider travel, February 01, 2021)
== Obit | George Schultz ---- (A Man Who Made the World A Better Place)
== Commissary Use ---- (Some Thinks You Might Have Also Experienced)
== Junk Mail Elimination [01] ---- (More Tips on How to Reduce It)
== News of the Weird ---- (FEB 01 thru 14, 2021)
== Have You Heard or Seen? ---- (Satirical Cartoons | Military Humor 16 | |Navy Life 2)
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Attachment – West Virginia State Veteran’s Benefits
Attachment – Military History Anniversaries 15 thru 29 FEB (Updated)
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