Veterans Report - Week of December 22, 2014

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Veterans Report - Week of December 22, 2014

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Veterans Report - Week of December 22, 2014

Help for DoD Personnel Exposed to H2O Contamination
( Civilian Exposure's mission is to shed light on contamination and health impacts to civilians who work on U.S. military installations. Civilian Exposures first and flagship effort involves: building awareness, accountability and assistance for civilians exposed to Camp Lejeune water contamination. The 501c3 non-profit organization's five goals are to: 1) Raise national awareness; 2) Ensure accuracy, transparency and the release of all information; 3) Ensure protections and assistance in current/future policies; 4) Raise funding for outreach efforts; and 5) Expose contamination risks for civilians employed on other U.S. military installations beyond Camp Lejeune.
( Find out how you can help Civilian Exposure make a difference.

Sky-High Pricing Has VA Rationing Drugs
VA has had to ration a break-through medicine that cures hepatitis C, a liver virus infecting 174,000 veterans. Many of the veterans believe they were exposed to the disease due to improper treatment procedures at a VA facility in 2009. The treatment for hepatitis C requires 84 pills over 12 weeks, which costs VA almost $50,000 per patient. The cost is forcing VA to ration the medications.
( ... is-c-drug/) Read the full Military Update article to learn more about this issue.

Get Ready to Use Your $0 Down VA Loan Benefit in 2015
Now is the time to use your VA Loan. Rates are near historic lows and you don't have to pay PMI or have a large down payment. Plus you can get financing up to $417,000. ( ... Use your VA Loan Benefit today.
( Want more information about this great benefit?

Song Download Benefits American Legion
Country music singer Mary Sarah's version of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," which she performed during The American Legion-Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Special, has risen to No. 57 on the Art of the Mix iTunes New Releases Country Music Chart. The song is available for download via ( ... n-mpt=uo=1`) iTunes. Sarah is donating the proceeds from downloads to The American Legion. DVDs of the Christmas special are available at The American Legion Christmas Special website at ( or by calling (888) 982-2256.
For more on military-related entertainment news, visit the ( Off-duty section.

Search for a New and Exciting Career Opportunity at PepsiCo
PepsiCo has a long legacy of military hiring and remains committed to veteran hiring across all lines of business and roles. PepsiCo believes in providing opportunity for military hires, not just in the name of service, but because they help the business win. ( ... Read more.

VA Pilots e-Health Records Software
The Department of Veterans Affairs has begun a two-year pilot to study innovative approaches to quickly search electronic medical records and medical literature for relevant published studies. During the pilot, VA will assess how the technology may accelerate evidence-based clinical decisions. The IBM Corporation was selected to provide the system which uses its "Watson technology" made famous on Jeopardy! In 2011. During the pilot, clinical decisions will not be made on actual patient encounters, but instead will use realistic simulations. The notice is available ( ... f75b113efa) online. For more information about VA health care, visit the Veterans Health Administration website at (
For more veterans benefits info and updates, visit the ( Military Advantage blog.

VA Hypoglycemic Safety Initiative
The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced the launch of a national Hypoglycemic Safety Initiative (HSI) to encourage diabetic veterans receiving VA care to seek support to lower the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The new initiative will enable Veterans living with diabetes to work more closely with their VA clinicians to personalize health care goals and improve self-management of the disease. The Hypoglycemic Safety Initiative is designed to enable veterans and their families, partners and caregivers to create a personal plan for blood sugar management based upon the veteran's unique health goals. For more information about VA health care, visit the Veterans Health Administration website at (
For more veterans benefits info and updates, visit the ( Military Advantage blog.

VA Loan Limits: Updated for 2015
The VA home loan guaranty program does not impose a maximum amount that an eligible veteran may borrow using a VA loan but limits the maximum guaranty amount to $417,000 for 2015. However, if you live in one the following counties listed in ( ... nties.html) this chart, follow the data on the chart to determine the VA's maximum guaranty amount for a particular county. These limits apply to all loans closed January 1, 2015 and afterwards. For the full chart and more details, see the ( ... nties.html) VA Loan for High-cost Counties page.

New Study Looks at Suicide
A new study has found that suicide is now the leading cause of death among American military members, dropping war to Number 2 for the first time in more than a decade. The number of military suicides increased dramatically at the start of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and never leveled off. The increase in military suicides is tied heavily to the increase in veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Experts say between 11 and 20 percent of Iraq War veterans suffer PTSD at some point. The study is available in the Pentagon's ( ... df#Page=14) Medical Surveillance Monthly Report.
For mental health guides and tips, visit the ( ... d-wellness) Mental Health and Wellness section.

Report: VA Misled Congress
A new report from the Inspector General of the Department of Veterans Affairs has found that the Department of Veterans Affairs misled Congress and members of the media about how many veterans died or suffered serious harm as a result of extreme treatment delays. The VA shared a fact sheet in April with Congress and the press that said 23 veterans died and a total of 76 suffered serious harm throughout the nation while waiting months or years for health care since 1999. But the recently released report highlights multiple errors with these findings and a lack of evidence for statements the VA released about them. A summary of the December 15, 2014 report is available on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) ( ... sp?id=3256) Office of Inspector General website.
For more veterans benefits info and updates, visit the ( Military Advantage blog.

New PTSD Website for Veterans
Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who were discharged under "other than honorable" conditions can apply on a new webpage to have their discharge upgraded if it was due to PTSD. The new ( Army Review Boards Agency website gives timely information and ultimately enables veterans to apply for the change in status. PTSD was not recognized as a diagnosis at the time of service in past conflicts such as the Vietnam War, and often diagnoses were not made until decades after service was completed. Veterans who were previously denied an upgrade can reapply. The Army Board for Correction of Military Records would consider such an application as a new case. The above information only applies to veterans with "other than honorable" discharges.
For mental health guides and tips, visit the ( ... d-wellness) Mental Health and Wellness section.

Obama Signs Bill Granting Pay Raise
President Barack Obama on Friday signed into law a massive defense policy bill that endorses his plan to fight Islamic State militants, including air strikes and training Iraqis and moderate Syrian rebels. The law authorizes funds for basic military operations, from a ( ... harts.html) 1 percent pay raise for troops to the purchase of ships, aircraft and other war-fighting equipment.
( ... -bill.html) Read the full article on

Beware of IRS Scam
The Treasury Inspector General for Taxpayer Administration has issued a warning to taxpayers to beware of phone calls from individuals claiming to represent the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in an effort to defraud them. Callers claiming to be from the IRS tell intended victims they owe taxes and must pay using a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer. The truth is the IRS usually first contacts people by mail about unpaid taxes. And, the IRS will never ask for payment using a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer. People who get a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS asking for a payment should call the IRS at 800-829-1040 if they think they owe federal taxes. People can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at ( -- add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in their complaint. Forward any scam emails to (
For more personal finance tips and guides, visit the ( Money Center.

33 Aircraft at AMC Museum
The ever-growing Air Mobility Command Museum boasts a collection of 33 aircraft, a staff of more than 170 volunteers. When it comes to the aircraft, the museum's restoration crew is renowned as one of the best, doing what they can to conserve, preserve and restore the aircraft in their care. In addition to the numerous aircraft, the museum houses functioning flight simulators, tens of thousands of artifacts and a multitude of exhibits that display AMC's, Dover AFB's and the Air Force's history. For more information, visit the Air Mobility Command Museum website at (
For more Air Force news updates, visit the ( News Center.

Help with Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions
Committed to getting back into shape, or getting into even better shape in 2015? Drop by the Fitness Center, which features workout plans, tips and guides by former Navy SEAL and fitness guru Stew Smith -- everything from erasing those love handles to acing those military PFTs. For more, visit the ( Fitness Center.

Santa Is Ready to Go!
At Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Santa needed a little more help than usual this year. Knowing this, he enlisted the support of some very special elves at the 86th Logistics Readiness Squadron to help him pack, load and upgrade one of his sleighs, a C-130J Super Hercules. Meanwhile, the North American Aerospace Defense Command's 'NORAD Tracks Santa' website at ( is ready to track Santa's flight across the globe on Christmas Eve. Starting at 12:01 a.m. MST on Dec. 24, website visitors can watch Santa continue to make preparations for his flight. NORAD's "Santa Cams" will stream videos on the website as Santa makes his way over various locations. Then, at 4 a.m. MST (6 a.m. EST), trackers worldwide can speak with a live phone operator to inquire as to Santa's whereabouts by dialing the toll-free number 1-877-Hi-NORAD (1-877-446-6723) or by sending an email to (

Thunderbirds Release Show Schedule
The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds have announced their 2015 show schedule. In its 62nd season, the team is slated to perform 71 demonstrations at 39 locations. The show schedule is available on the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds website at ( Aside from performing impressive aerial demonstrations, Thunderbird Airmen visit with local schools and hospitals, hold enlistment ceremonies and conduct media engagements to speak with people about the Air Force.
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Get $100 Mil Coverage from Only $7 a Month
Protection for less. Get $100,000 Coverage from only $7 a month. ( ... Could your family survive if something happened to you?

Honor for Oldest WWII Veteran
The nation's oldest World War II veteran, Richard Overton, has received an honorary associates degree from Austin Community College in Austin, Texas. At 108, Overton is thought to be the oldest living veteran in the U.S. Overton spent several years in the Army during World War II, stopping in Hawaii before serving in the South Pacific. Most days, you can find Overton sitting on the porch of the East Austin, Texas home he bought in 1945 for $4,000. For more information on Richard Overton, visit the Wikipedia ( website.
For more on famous veterans, visit the ( Veterans Day Center.
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