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1 May 2018

HTML/PDF Editions


Pg Article Subject
. * DOD * .

== NPRC Lost Records [05] ---- (3K-5K Restored Weekly)
== Defense Health Agency [09] ---- (TRICARE Overpaid $16.2M for Breast Pumps)
== DoD Blended Retirement System [01] ---- (Retention Concerns)
== Afghan AWOL's ---- (9 of 150 AWOL Trainees in U.S. Remain Unaccounted For)
== Exchange/DeCA Merger [01] ---- (Execs Opposed to Proposal)
== DoD Budget 2019 ---- (Major Bill Aims to Slash Pentagon Bureaucracy)
== Federal Website Confusion ---- (Vets.gov vs. Veterans.gov)
== DFAS Address Change [01] ---- (All Retirees and Annuitants | Final Notice)
== Transgender Troops [16] ---- (Trump Ban On Hold Pending Trial)
== Transgender Troops [17] ---- (All 4 Service's Leadership Concur Not An Issue)
== Tricare for Life [05] ---- (Will Enrollment Fees Be Next?)
== Tricare/CHAMPUS Fraud [18] ---- ($65M In Unnecessary Prescriptions)
== POW/MIA Displays [02] ---- (Group Seeks to Add Multiple Religious Text)
== POW/MIA Recoveries ---- (Reported 16 thru 30 APR 2018 | Fourteen)

. * VA * .

== VA Generic Drug Business ---- (New Company Being Established)
== VA Infertility Services ---- (Evaluation, Treatment, and Adoption Reimbursement)
== VA EHR [12] ---- ($16B 10+ Year Overhaul Plan In Jeopardy)
== GAO High Risk List ---- (VA Actions To Get Off List)
== VA Privatization [15] ---- (Debate | 5 Things To Know)
== VA Presumptive Disabilities [01] ---- (Gulf War and Radiation)
== VA Fraud, Waste & Abuse ---- (Reported 16 thru 30 APR 2018)
== VA Privatization [15] ---- (Debate | 5 Things To Know)
== VA IT Security ---- (Annual FISMA Assessment | 2018)
== VA Appeals [28] ---- (New Appeals Status Tool)
== VA CBCM Program ---- (New Program Streamlines VA Claim Correspondence)
== VA Medical Marijuana [44] ---- (Louisiana Vets Advocate Use)
== VA Rating Criteria [01] ---- (Official Changes to the Rating For The Eyes)
== VA Vet Choice [76] ---- (White House Steps Up Pressure for Reforms)
== VA Vet Choice [77] ---- (Congress' Debate Not Yet Over)
== VA Secretary [75] ---- (Confirmation Hearing Postponed)
== VA Secretary [76] ---- (Jackson Withdraws)
== VA Management ---- (Are Things Unraveling At the VA?)
== VA Inspector General [01] ---- (IG Squads)
== VAMC Tampa FL [08] ---- (Robotic Treatment Increases Cancer Fighting Options)

. * VETS * .

== SBP DIC Offset [51] ---- (Many Are Blindsided by Widow's Tax)
== MOPH National Service Program ---- (Vet VA Assistance Will End 30 JUN 2018)
== Vet Toxic Exposure ~ Water ---- (126 Military Installations Impacted)
== POW Burials ---- (Enlisted Survivors Denied Full Honors)
== Pennsylvania Gulf War Bonus ---- (Bonus Deadline Fast Approaching)
== Vet Student Loans [02] ---- (Trump Moves to Cancel Disabled Vet Student Debt)
== Transition Assistance Program [04] ---- (VA Briefing Portion Updated)
== Facebook Fake Pages ---- (Vietnam Vets Targeted)
== Homeless Vets [85] ---- (Safe Parking Pilot Program
== Did You Know (02) ----- (Items of Interest to Vets)
== Obit: Ermey~R. Lee ---- (14 April 2018 | Iconic Marine DI)
== Obit: Healy~Michael D. ---- (14 APR 2018 | Special Forces Legendary "Iron Mike")
== Vet Deportations [21] ---- (Vet Returns Only Way He Could | In A Casket)
== Stolen Valor [111] ---- (Reported 180416 thru 180431)
== Vet Fraud & Abuse ---- (Reported 16 thru 30 APR 2017)
== Military Retirees & Veterans Events Schedule ---- (As of 1 MAY 2018)
== Vet Hiring Fairs ---- (Scheduled As of 1 MAY 2018)
== Vet State Benefits & Discounts ---- (Texas APR 2018)


== Vet Residential Care ---- (H.R.5397 | Allow VA To Pay Vice Vet)
== Military Spouse Deportation [06] ---- (H.R.5593 | Protect Patriot Spouses Act)
== Transition Assistance Program [05] ---- (H.R.5553 | Requires DoD Action Plan)
== Commissary Authorized Users ---- (H.R.5397 | Expand Eligibility)
== VA VR&E Program [02] ---- (H.R.5538 | Benefit Eligibility Revision)
== Vet State Income Tax [01] ---- (AB2394 | CA Military Retirement Pay Exemption)
== IRS Phone Calls [01]---- (H.R.5470 | Dedicated Number for Military Questions)
== VA Hiring [12] ---- (H.R.5521 | Medical Personnel Trainee Recruitment)
== VA Medical Marijuana [45] ---- (H.R.5520 | Directs VA to Conduct/Support Research)
== GI Bill Update 254 ---- (H.R.4830 | Eliminate Student Unpaid Fee Balance Problems)


== Military Retirement System [29] ---- (Will It Entice More to Leave Early?)
== Tomahawk Missiles [01] ---- (Russia Claims It Recovered Two From Syria Attack)
== Military Sexual Assault [05] ---=- (10% Jump Reported in 2017)
== C-130 Fleet ---- (33 of 43 Remain Grounded After 9 Months)
== Military Memorial Services ---- (82nd Airborne Policy Change | Suicides)
== USCG Drug Interdictions ---- (13 Tons of Seizures Off-loaded at Port Everglades)
== Silver Star | Lt. Philip Sauer ---- (Posthumously Awarded After 51 Years)
== CH-53K King Stallion ---- (New Heavy-Lift Helicopter | $144M+ Each)
== Military Enlistment [20] ---- (DHA Aware of Dependent MHR Concern)
== USS Portland (LPD-27) ---- (Commissioning 21 APR 2018)
== Toxic Exposure | Peterson AFB ---- (PFC Tainted Water)
== Submarine Service ---- (Navy Wants More Women)
== Military Food Stamps [04] ---- (Proposed Farm Bill's Impact On Families)
== Warships That Will Change The Future ---- (HMS Agamemnon S-124)


== USS Helena (CL-50) ---- (Remains Located After Sinking July 6, 1943)
== Battle of Heartbreak Ridge ---- (Korea | 18 AUG thru 5 SEP 1951)
== Curragh ---- (WWII's Most Bizarre POW Camp)
== Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto ---- (Researchers Mark Death)
== Battle of Stones River ---- (Civil War | A Bloody New Year)
== Ernie Pyle [01] ---- (Memorial Service 22 APR 2018)
== Military History Anniversaries ---- (01 thru 15 MAY)
== MOH Awards [09] ---- (WWII Hero's Second Chance at Medal Of Honor Successful)
== Medal of Honor Citations ---- (Gonzales~David M | WWII)
== WWII Bomber Nose Art [05] ---- (A Bit of Lace)


== Transplants ---- (First Ever Penis and Scrotum)
== STIs ---- (Regular Testing Needed to Detect Symptomless Chlamydia & Gonorrhea)
== Sarcopenia ---- (Muscling In On Muscle Loss: DC Team Seeks New Ways To Detect, Treat It)
== Tricare/CHAMPUS Fraud [18] ---- ($65M In Unnecessary Prescriptions)
== Tricare/CHAMPUS Fraud [19] ---- (Ex-NFL Player Gets 22-Years)
== TRICARE Smoking Cessation Program [01] ---- (FAQ)
== TRICARE Podcast 445 ---- (Qualifying Life Events | MilConnect)
== TRICARE Podcast 446 ---- (Transferring Enrollment | TRICARE Pubs)
== TRICARE Podcast 447 ---- (Allergy Relief | Freedom Quitline | Orthodontic Coverage)

. * FINANCES * .

== IRS 2018 Filing Season [02] ---- (New Tax Law's Impact on 6 Households)
== Thrift Savings Plan 2018 ---- (Unfriendly Features To Be Aware Of)
== Laundry Detergents [01] ---- (Do You Really Need Them?)
== Car Insurance [16] ---- (Claim Impact on Your Annual Premium
== VA Home Loan [63] ---- (Older Vet Applicants)
== Generic Buying [01] ---- (Drugs | FAQ)
== Tabnapping Scam ---- (New Phishing Scam)
== No-Talk Phone Scams ---- (Dialing Deceivers Don’t Need You To Say Anything To Rip You Off)
== Phony Vehicle Report Scam ---- (Potential Buyer Request)
== Tax Burden for District of Columbia Retired Vets ---- (As of APR 2018)


== Notes of Interest ---- (16 thru 30 APR 2018)
== Syria ---- (What Went Into the Syrian Strike)
== AUMF ---- (Replacement Needed But No Blank Check)
== Good Samaritan ---- (Helping Hand for Airman on Emergency Leave)
== IRS Reform ---- (House Passes 9 Reform Bills | First in 20 Years
== Solar Energy [01] ---- (White House)
== Electromagnetic Pulse Threat ---- (What It Is & How to Defend Against It)
== Vinegar [04] ---- ( Multiple Uses | De-stinking Stuff, Pet Help, & Misc Magic)
== Have You Heard? ---- (Senior Citizens 3)
== Where There's a Will, There's a Way ---- (15)

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2. Numbers contained within brackets [ ] indicate the number of articles written on the subject. To obtain previous articles send a request to raoemo@sbcglobal.net.


Attachment - Texas Vet State Benefits & Discounts APR 2018
Attachment - Military History Anniversaries 01 thru 15 MAY
Attachment - Battle of Heartbreak Ridge

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