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HTML & PDF Editions
Pg Article Subject
. * DOD * .
04 == DOD COVID-19 Preps ---- (Syringes Ordered for When Vaccine Developed)
05 == USSF Flag ---- (Unveiled at White House)
05 == PCS Moves [11] ---- (Pet Relocation Cost Reimbursement during Pandemic)
06 == NDAA 2021 ---- (Rare Earth Minerals for Weapons Manufacture Proposal)
07 == Base Stay-at-Home Policies ---- (Pentagon Issues New Guidance)
08 == Nuclear Weapons Treaty [01] ---- (Concerns Heighten over President’s Delay)
09 == POW/MIA Recoveries & Burials ---- (Reported 16 thru 31 May 2020 | Ten)
. * VA * .

12 == VA Services [03] ---- (VHA Partially Reopens Facilities)
13 == VA Compensation and Pension [13] ---- (In Person Exams Resume at Select Locations)
14 == VA Hazard Pay ---- (VA Officials Say their Frontline Medical Employees Do Not Require It)
15 == VA Coronavirus Preparations [06] ---- (Plans for Future Virus Spikes)
16 == VA COVID-19 Drug Test ---- (Degarelix (Firmagom) Clinical Trial HITCH)
18 == VA COVID-19 Drug Test [01] ---- (Fewer Patients Now on Hydroxychloroquine)
19 == VA COVID-19 Deaths [02] ---- (1200 Patients Expired As of 29 MAY)
20 == VA EPIC3 Study ---- (Impact of COVID-19 on Vets)
21 == VA Home Loan [70] ---- (New Website for Those Impacted by COVID-19)
21 == VA AO Guam Rules [01] ---- (Exposure Report Disputed by VA)
22 == VA Claims Backlog [163] ---- (125 Day or Longer Claims Spiking at Over 100,000)
23 == VA EHR [25] ---- (Project Upgrade Pause for Pandemic Continues)
24 == VA Unions [08] ---- (244 Local Union Bargaining Units to Vacate VA Premises)
24 == VA Chatbox ---- (COVID-19 Coach Available to Field Questions)
25 == VA Veteran Homes [02] ---- (Should Federal Management be Expanded)
. * VETS * .
26 == GI Bill [310] ---- (Update on Student Loan Forgiveness Progress)
28 == Vets Battle Covid-19 Threat ---- (Vietnam Era Males with Preexisting Conditions)
29 == Coronavirus SITREP 12 ---- (Convalescent Plasma)
30 == Homeless Vets [102] ---- (VA Calling on Public to Help During Pandemic)
32 == Vet Fraud & Abuse ---- (Reported 16 thru 31 MAY 2020)
33 == Korean War Vets ---- (Alfred G. Bensinger | Died as POW)
34 == Vietnam Vets [39] ---- (Paul Gerald Magers | KIA During Rescue Mission}
34 == Vietnam Vets [40] ---- (Sam Johnson | AF Pilot, POW & Congressman)
36 == Afghan Vets 11 ---- (Ronald J. Shurer | MOH Awardee passes)
37 == Military Retirees & Veterans Events Schedule ---- (As of 31 MAY 2020)
38 == Vet Hiring Fairs ---- (Scheduled as of 31 MAY 2020)
38 == State Veteran's Benefits ---- (California 2020)
39 == VA Health Care Eligibility [03] ---- (H.R.6800 | Heroes Act)
41 == Vet Suicide [48] ---- (S.2661 | National Suicide Hotline Designation Act of 2020)
41 == VA Disability Claim Review ---- (S.3761 | Veterans Claim Transparency Act)
43 == SBP Reform [06] ---- (S.6933 | Caring for Survivors Act of 2020)
44 == Transgender Troops [25] ---- (Navy Grants First Waiver)
45 == HIE ---- (DoD/VA Health Information Exchange Benefits)
46 == Military Retention ---- (Thousands Defer Plans to Leave the Military during Crisis)
47 == U.S. Space Force [20] ---- (What USSF is Telling Airmen about the New Service)
49 == USS Theodore Roosevelt [04] ---- (COVID-19 Internal Investigation Report Completed)
49 == Navy Submarine Program [04] ---- (Navy’s Top Priority Columbia (SSBN-826)
50 == Women in Service [03] ---- (Nearly 30% More Likely Than Men to Leave the Military)
52 == Aircraft Carriers [05] ---- (“We are Underway and Ready” Navy Says)
53 == Cruise Missiles [03] ---- (New and Better JP-10 Jet Fuel Formulated from Corn)
53 == Navy Terminology, Jargon & Slang ---- (‘Jack’ thru ‘Jury Rig’)
55 == Beach Storming Submarines ---- (U.S. Navy Wasn’t Exactly Thrilled With Them)
56 == WWII Operation Barney ---- (Sea of Japan 27 May - 5 Jul 1945)
59 == Military History Anniversaries ---- (01 thru 15 JUN)
59 == Medal of Honor Citations ---- (Candelario Garcia | Vietnam)
61 == TRICARE Appointments ---- (Automatic Extensions Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak)
61 == Hydroxychloroquine [03] ---- (President Defends Use)
63 == Heart Attack [04] ---- (A Medical Emergency -- Waiting Can be Fatal
64 == Stroke (11) ---- (A Medical Emergency -- Waiting Can be Fatal)
65 == Painful Joints ---- (Study Finds Being Overweight or Obese Ups the Risk)
65 == Rheumatoid Arthritis ---- (Painful Inflammation of the Joints)
68 == Prescription Drug Costs [55] ---- (Some Seniors to Pay More for Drugs Under New Rule)
69 == Coronavirus [38] ---- (Will the Nation be Ready for a 2nd Wave)
70 == Coronavirus [39] ---- (Experts Name their Price for Remdesivir Treatment)
71 == Coronavirus [40] ---- (HHS Approves Testing by Pharmacists)
. * FINANCES * .
72 == Vet Housing [16] ---- (Mortgage & Housing Assistance Website Lunched)
73 == Savings [02] ---- (COVID-19 Impact as of End of March)
74 == Credit Score [17] ---- (FICO Credit Limit Impact)
75 == Retirement Savings [01] ---- (The Ugly Truth about How Much We Save)
75== Coronavirus Financial Planning [11] ---- (European Leaders Can’t Wait for Vaccine to Relax Controls)
77 == COLA 2021 ---- (Has Not kept Up - You’re Feeling It Now)
77 == Coronavirus Financial Planning [12] ---- (COVID-19 Surcharges)
79 == Senior’s Living Cost ---- (Retiree Dollars Have to Stretch Further and Further these Days)
80 == Health Saving Account [04] ---- (Contribution Limit to Increase in 2021)
81 == COVID Antibody Scam ---- (Scammers Sell Fake COVID Antibody Tests)
82 == Roof Inspection Scam ---- (A Free One Could Come at a Cost)
83 == Student Loan Scam [01] ---- (Lawsuit Triggers New Ones)
84 == Tax Burden for Colorado Retired Vets ---- (As of May 2020)
== Notes of Interest ---- (16 thru 31 May 2020)
== Congressional Voting [01] ---- (Proxy Proposal under Debate)
== China’s Pacific Expansion [02] ---- (U.S. Military Pressure Increases as Tensions Rise over Pandemic)
== Afghan Peace Talks [10] ---- (U.S. on Track to Pull Troops despite Turmoil)
== Iran Tensions [11] ---- (USN to Take Lawful Defensive Measures)
== USS Pinckney Drug Bust ---- (3,000 Pounds of Cocaine Seized)
== Coronavirus Vaccine [02] ---- (Who Will Get it First)
== Money Lessons ---- (8 You Must Teach Your Grandchildren)
== Stockpiling [01] ---- (20 Things That Are Actually Worth Doing)
== Have You Heard? ---- (Senior Citizens 4)
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