Veterans Report - Week of October 29, 2012

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Veterans Report - Week of October 29, 2012

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Veterans Report - Week of October 29, 2012

Rent vs. Own - Another Reason for a VA Loan
Buying beats renting in many spots across the U.S. See why zero-down VA loans combined with low rates make now a great time for veterans to buy almost anywhere. Veterans already have many great reasons to use their zero-down VA loan benefits. But new rent vs. own data makes buying a home with a VA loan even more attractive. Now, it's cheaper to own than rent in all 100 U.S. metro areas referenced in top home price indexes. According to the Trulia Rent vs. Buy Report - Summer 2012, owning a home is 24% to 70% cheaper than renting one. ( ... See the full report.

Navy to End Service Dress Khakis
The U.S. Navy has announced the Chief of Naval Operations' (CNO) decision to terminate the Service Dress Khaki (SDK) initiative. The Navy is also recently emphasized the optional wear of the Service Dress Blue (SDB) uniform as an acceptable alternative during summer uniform wear periods when participating in events, ceremonies and meetings where wearing a coat and tie is appropriate and when other uniforms are not prescribed. SDB uniforms may be prescribed for wear year-round to all official functions (when formal dress, dinner dress, or full dress uniforms are not prescribed) and civilian equivalent dress is coat and tie.
( ... ation.html) Read the full article on

Vet Benefit Calculator: What Do You Qualify For?
The Benefit Calculator is designed to quickly and easily connect you with your benefits information based on service and status. Find Federal Benefits, State Benefits, National Guard State Benefits, Special Military Discounts and More. ( ... Find Your Benefits Now.
( Visit the Benefit Channel to access Pay Charts, TRICARE information, BAH, Survivor Benefits, Vet Benefits and More.

Army Shows Off New PF Uniform
With a change to the Army's Improved Physical Fitness Uniform looming, Soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas recently got a firsthand look at proposed designs at an open expo. The expected wear date of the new uniform is fiscal year 2015, but first, PEO Soldier needs to decide on a color scheme and design. The proposed uniforms feature upgrades to a variety of technologies. The prototype adjusts fabric weight and fit of the uniform, adds tagless labels, moisture-wicking material and anti-microbial cloth treatment, and it removes reflective properties and the elastic trim on the jacket and pants. The Army will test modifications to the uniform in a series of limited field tests for various climates.
For more on military fitness and fitness guides, visit the ( Daily PT.

New Help Line in Arizona
A new veteran-to-veteran help line called Rally Point is being launched by La Frontera Arizona and Empact-Suicide Prevention Center, a mental health and suicide-prevention organization. It is similar to a traditional veteran suicide-prevention hotline except it will have veterans and their families working the phones. Trained clinicians will be available to handle veterans in crisis. For more information, Read the Rally Point Arizona website at ( or call the Rally Point Arizona help line 24/7 at 1-855-RALLY4U (1-855-725-5948).

VA Guarantees 20 Millionth Home Loan
The Department of Veterans Affairs has guaranteed 20 million home loans since its home loan program was established in 1944. The program was part of the original GI Bill of Rights for returning World War II Veterans. According to the VA, the 20 millionth loan was for the surviving spouse of an Iraq War Veteran. The program's no-down payment requirement and current low interest rates have contributed to a 71 percent rise in ( VA loans for home purchases and an increase of 20 times as many refinances over the last five years. Learn more about the VA Home Loan program at (
( Visit to learn more about the VA Home Loan program, including a list of FAQs, advice and tips for buying a home.

Are You Eligible for a VA Home Loan?
In order to obtain a VA home loan, you must first fill out VA Form 26-1880, the request for your Certificate of Eligibility. This certificate is issued only through the Veterans Administration, and is the first step towards applying for your loan. Veterans, active duty, guard or reserve, and military spouses potentially qualify for this certificate. Keep in mind that the Certificate of Eligibility, while necessary, only allows an eligible individual to apply for a home loan; it does not guarantee a loan approval. Eligibility for the Certificate is based on an individual's (or a spouse's) military service. ( ... Get specifics on
( ... Next Step: Find Lenders ready to help you use your VA Home Loan.

Study for Women Veterans with PTSD
Researchers at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center (MEDVAMC) and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas are currently looking for female veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who are interested in participating in a study examining the role a neuropeptide called corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) plays in causing PTSD symptoms. The results may help to identify and develop potential medications to treat PTSD. If you are a woman between the ages of 21 and 64 years, have experienced PTSD symptoms in the past month, and do not have any current substance abuse, you may be eligible for the study. The study lasts six weeks and is conducted at MEDVAMC and Baylor College of Medicine. Female veterans interested in participating in the study are asked to contact the research team at 877-96-BCM-MOOD (226-6663) or via email at (
For more links to military family support resources, visit the ( Spouse and Family Center.

College Admissions Tips for Veterans
Military veterans who qualify for the ( ... index.html) Post-9/11 G.I. Bill (also known as Chapter 33 benefits) may have the full cost of their tuition and fees paid directly to their public, in-state college or university. They may also receive a monthly housing allowance and stipends for books and school supplies. Veterans who are interested in attending a private or out-of-state public school might consider the ( ... agreement/) Yellow Ribbon G.I. Education Enhancement Program. There are other programs to help veterans finance their education, all listed on the ( Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website. VA also offers an online " ( Road Map for Success" to help veterans find the benefits plan that best fits their circumstances.
For more on military education programs and benefits, visit the ( Education Center.

Five Programs for Veteran Entrepreneurs
Here are five programs veterans entrepreneurs should know about: (1) The TechStars RisingStars program at (, which extends technology company startup opportunities to veterans and others; (2) ( InclineHq, which teaches military veterans the tools they need to become a junior programmer; (3) American Corporate Partners (ACP) at (, which supplies a veteran a mentor that can assist an entrepreneur in connecting them with potential investors, advisors and maybe even customers; (4) ( VictorySpark, which exposes veteran-initiated startups to a national group of mentors and investors; and (5) and the ( Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV), which offers training in entrepreneurship and small business management to post-9/11 veterans with disabilities.
For more on military transition and interviews with veteran entrepreneurs, visit the ( ... on-archive) Veterans Jobs Center.

Help With Assisted Living
Veterans' benefits may help with assisted living needs. Homes in assisted living communities are often for sale rather than to rent. VA borrowers with assisted living needs may be able to get a VA-guaranteed mortgage to finance a property located in an assisted living community. Like all VA-guaranteed loans, as long as the property meets VA requirements for acceptable use, then it can be considered for VA financing. For instance, condos and townhomes must be on the VA-approved list, and all properties must provide safe living conditions and undergo a VA appraisal. For more information, visit the ( ... website.

Thank You Notes for Veterans
"Operation Thank a Veteran" is aiming to have 5,000 post cards signed and delivered to veterans in hospitals, nursing facilities and to troops serving overseas. The program began as a service project by eighth grader Shane McArdle who is currently asking people to write thank you cards to veterans. His plan is to pass out the cards to local veterans organizations during the week of Veterans Day. Those interested in participating in the Operation Thank a Vet program can send cards to Shane McArdle at P.O. Box 403, Pipersville, PA 18947.
For more links to military family support resources, visit the ( Spouse and Family Center.

New Hiring Program for Veterans
The Department of Defense along with participating corporations has announced a new hiring program that aims to train and place 100,000 veterans in advanced manufacturing and related jobs by 2015. The "Get Skills to Work" program seeks to match veterans with some of the more than half-million unfilled high-tech manufacturing jobs in the United States. The new program will offer veterans an online skills assessment and badging system for those who are already qualified for high-tech manufacturing jobs, and will train other veterans through partnerships with community colleges and technical training schools in 10 states. For more information, visit the ( Get Skills to Work website.
For job listings across the nation and civilian job guides and tips, visit the ( Veteran Jobs Center.

Is VGLI Enough? $300k Coverage for $22 a Month
Is VGLI enough for your growing family? What about college, living expenses, your mortgage, other expenses? If the unthinkable happens, protect your family's financial security. ( ... Get $300k life insurance protection starting at less than $22 a month.

VA Pension Programs Fact Sheet
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a released a new and updated fact sheet on VA pension programs that includes important information for veterans, survivors and their families. The fact sheet explains who is eligible to receive pension benefits, and who is eligible for "aid and attendance." The document also provides a website list of accredited representatives that are available to assist claimants with preparation, presentation and prosecution of a claim for VA benefits. The fact sheet is available on the ( ... _final.pdf) VBA Internet website. For more information, visit VA's ( Veterans Pension Program webpage.
For complete guides to all veterans benefits, visit the ( Benefits Center.

AF Looking for New Helo
The Air Force Acquisition Office recently announced the posting of the Combat Rescue Helicopter (CRH) Request for Proposal (RFP) to the Federal Business Opportunities website, signaling the official launch of this high priority Air Force acquisition program. The primary mission of the CRH air vehicle is to recover isolated personnel from hostile or denied territory; it will also execute humanitarian missions, civil search and rescue, disaster relief, casualty and medical evacuation, and non-combatant evacuation operations. The CRH requirement is for 112 aircraft. For more information, visit the ( ... sting.html) website.
To keep up with other developments and innovations in military tech, visit ( Defensetech.

VA Assistance for Home Ownership
For nearly 70 years, VA-backed loans have helped millions of veterans buy homes, often with no down payment required. For more information, read the ( ... own-homes/) VAntage Point Blog and visit the ( VA Loan Guide.

Chenega Is Hiring Veterans
Chenega is a premier Government and Commercial services provider to the security, healthcare, IT, environmental, military operations, construction, and tourism industries. Our integral business practices are rooted in the Alaska native culture of our shareholders. ( ... Chenega is known for exceptional employees, fiscal strength, creativity and innovation, and providing excellent cost and performance value to our customers and business partners.
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