Military Report - Week of November 03, 2014

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Military Report - Week of November 03, 2014

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Military Report - Week of November 03, 2014 Free Spouse Experience: Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans
This event is an opportunity for all military spouses to get together, learn from each other, share the joys and challenges of military life, and laugh at the inevitable and incredible "oops" moments that all milspouses have. ( ... 3386576611) Register today.

Top Seven Jobs for Retirees
Investopedia recently did some research and came up with seven top jobs for retirees: (1) consulting--if you don't want to break into a new field, you might be able to leverage all the experience you gained in your old one; (2) craftsman--if you do not need to earn a large income and enjoy making unique items, those making hand-made items can enjoy modest success; (3) entrepreneurship--start a new business; (4) art--plenty of artists who enjoy success as teachers or by selling their creations online; (5) working online; (6) retail sales--it does not pay the best, but it will keep you active and among plenty of people; and (7) teaching--there are plenty of teaching positions available to retired individuals including tutoring, part-time positions, and daycare work. For more information, read ( ... irees.html) this article.

Match Your Skills with Jobs at PepsiCo
PepsiCo has a long legacy of military hiring and remains committed to veteran hiring across all lines of business and roles. The company believes in providing opportunity for military hires, not just in the name of service, but because they help the business win. ( ... Read more.

AF Adjusts Retention Board Results
The Air Force has announced an adjustment to the Junior Enlisted Retention Board (ERB), which convened in June. Fifty Airmen who were not selected for retention during the FY14 force management ERB were offered the opportunity to remain on active duty following identification of a coding issue used in determining the eligibility of Airmen meeting the board. The Air Force examined all other eligibility lists for the FY14 boards to ensure the coding was accurate and ensured safeguards are in place for future boards. This was not the result of board processes so the Airmen selected for retention are still retained. For more information about force management programs and other personnel issues, visit the ( myPers website.
For more Air Force news updates, visit the ( News Center.

Army Seeks 'Rising Star' Videos
Army Entertainment is seeking active-duty service men and women to submit videos online to compete for two of six finalist spots and a chance to be named the 2014 "Rising Star." Videos of participants already entered are available on the U.S. Army MWR website at ( where viewers can give the performers a "thumb up" or "thumb down." That same link is used to enter the competition, which is open only to active-duty U.S. Military personnel, until Nov. 5. The online portion opens the event to participants who are not located near one of the 13 hosting installations. For more information, visit the Operation Rising Star website at (
For more military-related entertainment news, visit the ( Off-duty section.

$1 Million Coverage from $41 a Month
Protection for less. Get $1,000,000 coverage from less than $1.50 a day. ( ... Could your family survive if something happened to you?

New Warrior Transition Program
Four Soldiers assigned to 1st Battalion, Warrior Transition Brigade (WTB) recently graduated from a new program designed to assist WTB Soldiers transition from active duty to veteran status and find potential employment as Veteran Service Representatives at Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) offices nationwide. The program, Warrior Training Advancement Course (WARTAC), a 12-week program modeled after a similar 8-week civilian new hire program, is one of the ways the VBA is attempting to address the need for trained disability compensation claims processers while giving new veterans an opportunity to continue their service as federal civilians. Under the program, Soldiers in Transition dust-off dormant skills and learn new ones while they continue their medical recovery. As a result of the program's success, the VBA is considering other locations.
For more veteran job news, job postings and transition advice, visit the ( Veteran Jobs Center.

Taking Your Medicine Correctly
Members of the military and other TRICARE beneficiaries should take stock of their medication habits. Many people do not take their medications the way their doctor recommends. Following your doctor's instructions is the best way to ensure your medication works as intended. Take the correct dose at the correct frequency, and take the full course of medication instead of stopping early. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain the directions again if you did not understand them the first time. Write down any additional or special instructions. Follow all the directions and supplemental labels on your medication bottle. If you use a medication regularly for a chronic condition, you may be able to use ( TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery. For more information about TRICARE pharmacy benefits, visit the ( TRICARE Pharmacy Web Page.
For more on TRICARE, visit the ( TRICARE section.

AF Changes TDY Policy
The Department of Defense (DoD) recently implemented two TDY policy changes impacting travel reimbursements for Airmen. The first change took effect Oct. 1, and made changes to the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), Reimbursable and Incidental Expense Policy. Contiguous U.S. (CONUS) laundry expenses, tips to baggage handlers by uniformed members and ATM fees are among those now considered part of the incidental expense portion of per diem, thus they are no longer reimbursable as separate miscellaneous expenses. The second change is a change in long-term TDY per diem expenses and takes effect Nov. It provides for a flat-rate per diem expense based upon length of stay. A list of the flat-diem rate expense and more details on the two policy changes are available on the ( ... anges.aspx) U.S. Air Force website.
For more on military pays, visit the ( pay section.

AF Attache Applications Sought
Active duty staff sergeants through senior master sergeants interested in attache duty can apply for assignment opportunities with international affairs teams around the world. Applications are for operations coordinator and operations NCO defense attache specialist duty, with selectees reporting for duty between February, 2015 and January, 2016. Applications must be submitted by November 14. For more information, visit ( myPers and select "search all components" from the drop down menu and enter "enlisted attache duty" in the search window. In addition, information and application documents are available on the ( Air Force Portal (enter "attache program" in the search window).
How much pay would you make with a promotion? For more details, see ( ... harts.html)'s updated military pay charts.

Reminder: Take Care Connecting Online
According to Homeland Security, cyber security begins with a simple message that everyone using the Internet can adopt: Stop. Think. Connect. (1) Stop: Before you use the Internet, take time to understand the risks and learn how to spot potential problems; (2) Think: Take a moment to be certain the path ahead is clear. Watch for warning signs and consider how your actions online could impact not only your safety, but your family's as well; then (3) Connect. Being constantly connected brings increased risk of theft, fraud and abuse. When in doubt, throw it out: links in emails, tweets, posts and online advertising are often the ways cybercriminals compromise your computer. For more information and for free computer security checks visit the ( ... y-checkups) website.
For more tips on safeguarding personal and financial information, visit the ( Money section.

Five Retirement Myths
Here's a look at five common myths that could derail your expectations for income when you retire. ( Read the full story on

Veterans Day: Discounts and Freebies
The following is a list of Veterans Day discounts on restaurants, goods, services and events for 2014. Please check back frequently as the list is updated. ( ... Click here for a list of discounts.

Tips on Mailing Packages from Europe
Most mail accepted at military post offices in Europe are handled numerous times, and therefore proper packaging is very important. Here are some tips: (1) choose a box with enough room for cushioning material around the contents; (2) close and gently shake the box to see whether there is enough padding; (3) tape your box shut and reinforce the seams with 2" wide tape; (4) use clear or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape, or paper tape; (5) The weight of your package cannot exceed 70 lbs; (6) if you are planning to use Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail services for faster delivery, length plus girth (distance around the thickest part of the package) can't exceed 108". When you use Space Available Mail, the total can't be more than 130"; (7) parcel Airlift Mail (PAL) is a service that provides air transportation for parcels on a space-available basis. It is available for Parcel Post items not exceeding 30 pounds in weight or 60 inches in length and girth combined; (8) using a complete and correct address is critical for timely delivery. Contact your local postmaster for additional information.
For more military news updates, visit the ( News Center.

Army Revises Overseas Placement Policy
A new U.S. Army Installation Management Command policy will open professional development doors to its general schedule employees in grades nine and above by reducing a backlog of employees past their five-year overseas tour rotations and placing them in stateside positions. The IMCOM Enhanced Placement Program policy 690-15 (IEPP), which goes into effect Nov. 3, uses the Priority Placement Program mechanism to rotate overseas civilians past their five year tour into positions stateside, opening overseas tour development positions to others. IMCOM employees, supervisors and leaders should immediately familiarize themselves with the policy and procedures, available on ( ... rogram.pdf) IMCOM Sharepoint. Employees should carefully review and update resumes and, in overseas locations, work with local Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers staff to ensure proper coding and registration is completed. For general information about IEPP, contact the IMCOM Human Resources at (210) 466-0416 or local Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC).
Getting ready to PCS? Check out the ( PCS section for guides and tips.

Survey: NMAA Wants Your Opinion
Your opinion matters. Take a quick survey to help NMAA improve their product offerings and better serve the military community. ( Take the survey.

User Fees Waived on Veterans Day
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) will waive day use fees for veterans, active and reserve-component service members, and their families at the more than 2,200 Corps of Engineers-operated recreation areas nationwide on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. The fee waiver requires only verbal confirmation of service. The waiver covers fees for boat launch ramps and swimming beaches. The waiver does not apply to camping and camping-related services, or fees for specialized facilities such as group picnic shelters. Other agencies that manage recreation areas on USACE lands are encouraged, but not required, to offer the waiver in the areas that they manage. To discover a USACE recreation site nearest you, visit the ( USACE Corps Lakes Gateway.
For more Veterans Day discounts and freebies for military families and veterans, visit the ( ... ounts.html) Veterans Day discount section on

VA Home Loans Reach Milestone
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced recently that it has guaranteed 21 million home loans since the Home Loan Guaranty program was established in 1944. VA's Home Loan Program provides housing-related benefits and services to make home ownership possible and affordable for eligible Veterans, service members and surviving spouses, who want to buy, build, repair or adapt a home. Nearly 90 percent of all VA loans are made with no down payment. During FY 2014, the program also approved 1,253 grants to seriously disabled Veterans for the purchase, modification, or construction of a home specially adapted to meet their individual housing needs. Veterans may obtain a certificate of eligibility for a VA-guaranteed home loan through the joint Department of Defense-VA web portal eBenefits at (, or by contacting their lender. ( For more information, visit

Army Small Arms Championship
The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, in conjunction with the Maneuver Center of Excellence, will host the 2015 U.S. Army Small Arms Championship Feb. 1-7. The All-Army competition is open to Soldiers of all ranks including U.S. Military Academy and Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets. There is no cost to compete in the championship and ammunition is provided to all competitors. USAMU Soldiers will hold small arms firing schools and hands-on training prior to each match. For additional information and to register, visit the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) website at ( or contact Behnke at 706-545-7841 or (
For more on the latest military weapons and gear, visit ('s Kit Up blog.

Commissaries Respond to Drop in Sales
Commissary sales fell by 4.3 percent in FY 2014. The drop was due in part to commissaries closing for six days during a government shutdown last fall and continued debate over cutting the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) budget. In response DeCA will launch a "Value Brand" program this November. Shelves worldwide will be stocked with 350 brand name goods priced to match or to fall below prices of generic or "private label" products being sold by commercial grocers outside the gate.
( ... -and-more/) Read the latest Military Update to learn more about DeCA's plan to enhance sales in 2015.

Mailing Dates in Europe Set
The 2014 holiday season mailing dates for postal customers assigned to the European theater have been set. The dates are: (1) Space Available Mail (SAM) -- 26 Nov 14; (2) Parcel Airlift (PAL) - 3 Dec 14; (3) First Class/Priority Mail - 10 Dec 14; and (4) Priority Mail Express - 17 Dec 14. These dates are for mail originating in Europe and destined to locations in the United States. Mail originating in the U.S. and sent to European APO/FPO/DPO addresses use similar mailing dates. Customers can avoid long lines at the post office when they mail early and can take advantage of using the cheaper, although slower, space available mail service military post offices offer in Europe. For more information, visit the ( Military Postal Services Agency (MPSA) website.

$0 Down VA Loan Benefit -- Don't Waste It
Now is the time to use your VA Loan. You don't have to pay PMI or have a large down payment. Plus you can get financing up to $417,000. ( ... Use your VA Loan Benefit today.
( Want more information about this great benefit?

Free Meal at Applebee's
On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, veterans and active duty military can choose a dish from Applebee's free Thank You Meal menu that includes some of Applebee's signature and favorite items. Guests will need to provide proof of service, which includes the following: U.S. Uniform Services Identification Card, U.S. Uniform Services Retired Identification Card, current leave and earnings statement, veterans organization card, photograph in uniform or wearing uniform, DD214, citation or commendation. Offer is valid for dine-in only.
For more Veterans Day discounts and freebies for military families and veterans, visit the ( ... ounts.html) Veterans Day discount section on

Army Sets Ebola Quarantine
Army leaders have directed that Soldiers returning from Ebola-response efforts in West Africa go to a 21-day "quarantine-like program." The quarantine decision affects Soldiers returning from West Africa under the command of Maj. Gen. Darryl Williams, commander, U.S. Army Africa. The quarantine involves daily monitoring and assessment. The Soldiers have access to exercise, recreation, good food and communications with friends and family -- just not direct contact for the 21-day period. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel will make a decision on whether or not to implement this force-wide.
For more family support resources, see this ( ... vices.html) Spouse Channel article.

Behavioral Health Care for Children
The Military Health System provides easy access to outpatient behavioral health care for children, teens and college students. For TRICARE Prime beneficiaries, routine primary care appointments to assess behavioral health must be offered within seven calendar days and within 30 minutes travel time of beneficiaries' residences. Referrals for additional care are provided within four weeks or 28 days unless more urgent care is needed. All other beneficiaries can schedule an appointment with any TRICARE-authorized provider. If emergency care is required, beneficiaries should call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room. For an urgent care appointment, TRICARE Prime beneficiaries should first seek urgent care services from their PCM. Military families can also call Military OneSource 24/7 at 1-800-342-9647 or the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-TRICARE (824-2273), and choose option 1. For more information about TRICARE's mental health resources, visit the TRICARE Mental Health Care webpage at ( To download the Behavioral Health Care Services Fact Sheet, download the ( .PDF file.
For more on TRICARE, visit the ( TRICARE section.

Sponsored Discount: Exclusive Offers on Sleep Number(R) Beds
Sleep Number is honoring our military with special offers reserved for our country's heroes. Offers end 11/16. ( ... uID=0&ord=[timestamp]) Click for details.

AF Radio Christmas Special
The Air Force has announced details of its 2014 "Red, White and Air Force Blue Christmas" radio special. This year's show is unique because instead of one great artist, the show features four talented entertainers: Deacon Claybourne, Scarlett O'Connor, Avery Barkley and Layla Grant from the hit ABC series, "Nashville." The Air Force special will be sent to more than 3,000 country stations in the U.S. by mid-November. Also, the show will be distributed to the American Forces Network so troops in deployed locations will be able to listen to it.
For more military-related entertainment news, visit the ( Off-duty section.

Warrior Care Month
November is Warrior Care Month. This is a time where the military community reaffirms their commitment to the best recovery and reintegration for the nation's wounded, ill and injured service members, their families and the professionals who support them. The theme for this year's joint observance is "Show of Strength." For more information, visit the Department of Defense Warrior Care Month website at ( ... rriorcare/), the U.S. Army Warrior Transition Command website at ( ... _2014.html) and the Air Force Wounded Warrior website at ( For information about the Navy Wounded Warrior Program (NWW), call 1-855-NAVY WWP/1-855-628-9997, visit the Navy Wounded Warrior/Safe Harbor website at ( or email ( For information on the U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) call toll-free (877) 393-9058, or overseas DSN: (312) 221-9113.
For more news on wounded warriors and related programs, visit the ( Wounded Warrior section.

Navy Seeks Renewable Energy Vendor
The Department of the Navy has announced that the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Energy has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the purchase of renewable energy to help power three Department of the Navy (DON) installations in Texas. Once awarded, the contract will serve Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Naval Air Station Kingsville and Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth with up to 55 megawatts (MW) of renewable electricity from a new off-site generation facility over a period of 10 years. For more information about DLA Energy's RFP on behalf of DON visit the ( ... e&_cview=0) website. For more information about DON's energy efforts visit the ( U.S. Navy Energy, Environment, and Climate Change website.
For more Navy news updates, visit the ( News Center.

Lodging Reimbursement for Air Reserve
Individual Air Reservists who perform inactive duty training at a location that is outside of the commuting distance from their residence are eligible for lodging reimbursement. Members should contact the finance office at their duty location to determine whether their permanent residency is outside of commuting distance. To claim lodging expenses, members must submit an SF 1164, signed by their supervisor, a digitally signed copy of their 40A and lodging receipts to the IMA Travel Office, located at Dobbins ARB. A complete social security number is required for processing and it is recommended that the member and approving official digitally sign the 40A in UTAPS. Reservists can retroactively file for reimbursement, as long as they have the required documents. For eligibility, check with your local unit. For further questions or travel help, contact the IMA Travel Office customer service by calling 678-655-5800 or 800-808-5942, or via email at (
For more on military pays, visit the ( pay section.

Retirees -- Save up to 66% on Tricare Costs
Save on the out of pocket costs that TRICARE doesn't cover. ( ... Save now.

Incidental Travel Expense Changes
An expanded definition of what constitutes incidental expenses during official travel went into effect Oct. 1. Per diem payments are made up of lodging, meals and, for travelers in the continental United States, a $5 daily incidental payment. The definition of what qualifies as an incidental expense -- which travelers are now expected to pay for from that $5 daily payment -- now includes ATM fees, baggage tips for uniformed personnel and, within the continental United States, laundry expenses. If travelers find their average incidental expenses are in excess of the incidentals payment, they should contact their approving authority to ensure actual expenses are authorized on their travel orders. Mission-related expenses continue to be reimbursable, and should not be confused with incidental expenses. For more information, travelers can call the Travel Assistance Center 24/7 at 1-888-HELP1GO.
For more on military travel and per diem rates, visit the ( ... rates.html) Travel and Per Diem section.

The End of Out-of-Pocket PCS Expenses
Changes are occurring with the Joint Travel Regulations that could affect your next permanent-change-of-station move or how you are reimbursed for temporary duty assignments. As of July 25, Army uniformed and civilian travelers are directed to use their government travel credit cards for PCS moves. The Air Force has a similar policy already in place, and the change appears to be imminent for uniformed and civilian personnel in each of the services. By using the government travel card, movers no longer are forced to pay out of pocket for moving expenses. An extensive list of authorized moving expenses can be found at Appendix G of the Joint Travel Regulations. Travelers can call the Travel Assistance Center for help 24/7 at 1-888-HELP1GO. ( ... enses.html) Read the full article on
Getting ready to PCS? Check out the ( PCS section for a free downloadable guide and tips.

Navy Conducts Study
The Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility (NCTRF), a Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) and Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) activity, is currently conducting a Navy sizing correlation study to gather data to get an up-to-date snapshot of the size and shape of today's Sailors. NCTRF has begun collecting 30 noninvasive body dimensions of Sailors at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. In total, NCTRF will gather the measurements of 4,000 Sailors (2,000 men and 2,000 women) throughout the Hampton Roads, Virginia area during the study, which will last through March 2015. Once the study is complete, NCTRF will determine if the sizing of military members in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army are similar enough to use the data the U.S. Army gathered in 2010 in lieu of conducting its own full scale scientific sizing study.
For more Navy news updates, visit the ( News Center.

TRICARE: Health Concerns While Travelling?
If service members and their families have a medical problem while traveling this fall they can call the Nurse Advice Line (NAL) while on the road. Call 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273), Option 1 to talk to a registered nurse (RN) who can answer your urgent care questions, give you health care advice, help you find a doctor or schedule a next-day appointment at a military hospital or clinic. If you or a member of your family gets ill while you are traveling, calling the NAL can help you figure out what steps to take. The NAL is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information on accessing the NAL while on the go, visit TRICARE's Nurse Advice Line webpage at (
For more on TRICARE, visit the ( TRICARE section.
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