MIlitary Report - Week of December 01, 2014

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MIlitary Report - Week of December 01, 2014

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MIlitary Report - Week of December 01, 2014

Navy Suicide Prevention Guidance
The Navy released guidance for commanders and health professionals on reducing access to lethal means as related to suicide prevention through voluntary storage of privately-owned firearms. This guidance is part of a broader Department of Defense strategy to prevent suicide. Commanders and health professionals may ask Sailors who are reasonably believed to be at risk for suicide or causing harm to others to voluntarily allow their privately-owned firearms to be stored for temporary safekeeping by the command. The decision is entirely up to the Sailor, and the commander or health care professional shall not offer incentives, disincentives or coerce the Sailor into turning over their firearm. For more information, visit Navy Suicide Prevention at ( or the Defense Suicide Prevention Office at ( Help is always available. If you are in crisis, or know someone who is, visit the Military Crisis Line at ( or call 1-800-273-8255 (Option 1).
For mental health guides and tips, visit the ( ... d-wellness) Mental Health and Wellness section.

Benefit Alert: VA Loan Rates are Low
Now is the time to use your VA Loan. Rates are near historic lows and you don't have to pay PMI or have a large down payment. Plus you can get financing up to $417,000. ( ... Use your VA Loan Benefit today.
( Want more information about this great benefit?

Drive into Your Future Career at Schneider
One of the largest truckload carriers in North America, Schneider has been the top choice of safety-minded drivers for nearly 80 years. With over 75 percent of its drivers getting home weekly or better, Schneider provides professional opportunities that meet the work-life balance needs of today's drivers and owner-operators. ( ... Learn more.

2015 Defense Bill at Risk
A dispute between House and Senate armed services committees over whether to slow growth in military housing allowances and raise off-base pharmacy copayments has put passage of a 2015 defense authorization bill at risk. This could be the first in 52 years that Congress would fail to pass a bill to shape defense policy and reset budget, which would mean no new programs, thousands of hours of wasted effort on Capitol Hill, and a budget mess for the 114th Congress to address in late January. ( ... -on-ropes/) Read more about the impact of this battle in the Military Update.

Beware of Geotagging
Geotagging and "location-based social networking" are two technological and social interaction challenges that specifically worry Army-terrorism experts. Geotagging embeds geographic information into a photo or document's metadata that can be used to determine exactly where on Earth the photo was snapped or the document created. These location tools are often embedded in many of today's electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets and personal computers. "Checking in" on Facebook is one example of a common application. These location-revealing functions allow potential bad guys to watch your movements and uncover patterns in your behavior; reveal the exact locations of places, such as your home or office, where you will be (or not be); and help enemies to determine potential targets and classified locations. Of equal concern to the security experts is location-based social networking. For more on the potential dangers, visit the U.S. Army Europe "Vigilance" website at (
For more Army news updates, visit the ( News Center.

Senate Hearing on Vet Suicides
The U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs recently held a hearing on Mental Health and Suicide Among Veterans. Testimonies from and a video of the hearing are available on the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs website at ( ... cide111914) ... cide111914.
For mental health guides and tips, visit the ( ... d-wellness) Mental Health and Wellness section.

Google Launches Vet Career Website
Google has unveiled a new website hoping to lure military veterans to work at the company. The Veterans Hub at ( is an extension of Google's career page, offering information on available jobs and how military service can translate to working at the company.
For more veteran job news, job postings and transition advice, visit the ( Veteran Jobs Center.

Marine Corps Aviation Retention Pay
The Marine Corps has announced eligibility and procedures for the Marine Corps Reserve fiscal year 2015 aviation retention pay (ARP) bonuses. To be eligible for the bonus, captains and majors interested in applying for the pay must be qualified and approved to perform operational flying duty with 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, be entitled to aviation career incentive pay, have no more than 15 years of commissioned service before applying and agree to affiliate or remain affiliated to an approved SMCR unit in a duty involving flying operations billet in an approved SMCR unit for a period of three years. For more information, e-mail (mailto:SMB-RIT@SMC.MIL) SMB-RIT@SMC.MIL.
For more on military pays, visit the ( pay section.

AF Adaptive Sports Program
The Air Force Wounded Warrior Adaptive Sports Program is a fellowship of athletes, volunteers and coaches who use athletic reconditioning to help rehabilitate wounded, ill and seriously injured Airmen. The program helps Airmen build strength and endurance. The program is part of the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program (AW2). For more information, visit the ( ... overy.aspx) Air Force Wounded Warrior Program website.
For more military-grade fitness tips and workouts, visit the ( Fitness Center.

Pentagon Promoting Athletics, Arts
The Pentagon is promoting athletics and arts during Wounded Warrior Care Month. The Defense Department is promoting team sports as one of many activities helping servicemembers transition home from war. Wounded warriors are also being encouraged to join art programs, which therapists say are especially promising for those recovering from traumatic brain injuries or PTSD. To learn more about the Pentagon's programming and resources for wounded warriors and their caregivers, visit the ( ... resources/) Warrior Care Blog.
For mental health guides and tips, visit the ( ... d-wellness) Mental Health and Wellness section.

Ohio Vet Talent Index Released
Monster (NYSE: MWW) and announced the results of the first ever Ohio Veterans Talent Index, a statewide report on veteran employment which reveals Ohio has expanding job opportunities, a confident pool of transitioning servicemembers who are dedicated to Ohio, and employers committed to hiring veterans. The Ohio Veterans Talent Index found strong employer engagement with veteran hiring initiatives, with 85 percent reporting the use of state employment resources to recruit and engage talented veterans, including and services provided by Ohio Department of Job and Family Services at ( To view the complete Ohio Veterans Talent Index report and results, visit the website at (
For more veteran job news, job postings and transition advice, visit the ( Veteran Jobs Center.

Google Teams Up for 'Salute to Service'
To honor the veterans who fought for our country overseas in the months after Sept. 11, 2001, the 9/11 Memorial Museum partnered with Google to launch a one-of-a-kind installation, now available in the museum's Foundation Hall as part of the Salute to Service program. Powered by Google Tour Builder, the interactive installation allows you to learn about the stories of nine veterans and military personnel who were inspired to join the armed forces or were deployed soon after 9/11. Many of the courageous men and women who fight overseas have returned to their communities, and this exhibition honors their work. View the installation at Veterans 9/11 Memorial Museum website at ( See images of the installation ( online.
For more family support resources, see this ( ... vices.html) Spouse Channel article.

AF Convenes Contract Court
The Air Force convened a service-wide contract court to streamline procurement of services and gain efficiencies within the service's constrained budget. Contract court grew out of the necessity to ensure every budgeted dollar is wisely spent in keeping with the "Make Every Dollar Count" initiative announced earlier this year. The Air Force is taking a deep look at all contracted services requirements, focusing on identifying mission critical requirements, and eliminating what it can live without with a minimum of risk. The Air Force is differentiating between "mission enhancing" and "mission critical" contracts. If the requirements are not mission critical, the current fiscal environment is driving the Air Force to just say no. The Air Force Council will conduct a final review in early spring.
For more Air Force news updates, visit the ( News Center.

5 Tips to Invest Now and Relax Later
It is important to plan for the future today, including knowing how and where you should invest your money to have a comfortable future. The following simple steps can help make your transition and your future more comfortable. ( Learn more.

Navy Chaplain Corps Anniversary
The U.S. Navy's Chaplain Corps celebrated their 239th birthday in Alumni Hall at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, Maryland. The U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps was established Nov. 28, 1775, when the second article of Navy Regulations was adopted. Today, nearly 1,000 chaplains, active and reserve, from more than 100 religious organizations provide hope and spiritual strength to Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and their families. For more information, visit the ( official blog of the Navy Chaplain Corps.
For more Navy news updates, visit the ( News Center.

Some Discharges to be Reevaluated
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, himself a Vietnam veteran, has ordered the Pentagon to open the books and allow some veterans of the Vietnam War with less than honorable discharges to be classified as suffering from post-traumatic stress and allow that to be a considered factor in their discharge. The move could potentially allow thousands of veterans who did not qualify for disability pay because of their discharge status to finally be compensated. With most Vietnam veterans now in their sixties and seventies, this could address the high rates of homelessness, depression and suicide among the group.
For more articles related to PTSD, visit ('s PTSD section.

Navy Professional Development Guide
The U.S. Navy's Center for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) has released the 2015 edition of the Naval Leader Planning Guide (NLPG). This year's NLPG includes a 15-month calendar, a complete list of CPPD courses and services, and contact information for all CPPD learning sites and Navy College Offices around the world. Commands can download the PDF version free-of-charge from ( Navy Knowledge Online under the Leadership tab. Users can also download a file that can be imported into Microsoft Outlook that will populate personal calendars with the dates found in the product. Commands are authorized to use the downloaded source files to arrange for printing at local facilities to satisfy unit-level requests for the guide.
For more Navy news updates, visit the ( News Center.

New Army Emergency Relief App
Army Emergency Relief released an app which will provide Soldiers and families instant access to AER information 24/7. The app will provide basic information about AER, explain the specifics of both the assistance and scholarship application process, as well as explain loan repayment procedures. Highlights of the app are the "Frequently Asked Questions" buttons in each category. The app is available for both iPhones at the Apple App Store, and for phones that use the Android operating system, at Google Play. Soldiers will be able to go to their respective app store and download the AER app for free. Simply enter "Army Emergency Relief" in the search field.
For more family support resources, see this ( ... vices.html) Spouse Channel article.

Holiday Travel and TRICARE
If you or a member of your family becomes ill while you travel this holiday season, you can call the Military Health System's new Nurse Advice Line (NAL) at 1-800-TRICARE, select Option 1, for advice and assistance. When you call the NAL, the nurse on the line will ask you questions about the symptoms. If necessary, the NAL nurse will help you find a safe, high-quality health care facility in the TRICARE network. If you are a military hospital or clinic enrollee, the NAL will send a follow-up note to your primary care manager and medical team back home. The NAL is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information on accessing the NAL while on the go, visit the TRICARE Nurse Advice Line website at (
For more on TRICARE, visit the ( TRICARE section.

Navy Standardizes FPO Format
Navy Fleet Post Office (FPO) addresses for ships, mobile units and ashore FPOs are being converted to an address format compatible with the U.S. Postal Service's (USPS) address system. The new address format is effective immediately for mobile units and ashore FPOs. The new format is available on the ( U.S. Navy website. Only a five-digit zip code will be necessary. The standardization comes during the holiday mailing season. If senders use an old address but still follow the announced deadline dates for holiday mailings, delivery is expected by Dec. 25. The 2014 holiday mailing deadlines are available on the ( U.S. Navy website. Sailors can find more information at their local FPO or at the U.S. Postal Service website at (
For more on mailing packages to and from military locations, see ( ... guide.html) this article.

NEXCOM Online Store Accepting Star Card
The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) has announced that NEX customers can now use their MILITARY STAR(R) Card to make purchases online at the NEX web store at ( Any purchase made using the MILITARY STAR(R) Card will receive free standard shipping every day, no minimum purchase required. The MILITARY STAR(R) Card offers 10 percent off the first day's purchases (up to the customer's credit limit), no annual fee, low interest rate and 24-hour customer service including online access. MILITARY STAR(R) Card applications are available at any NEX. The application can be processed the same day at the NEX customer service desk.
For more discounts and shopping tips for military families, visit the ( Discount Center.

New Navy Senior Enlisted Academy Policy
The Navy Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) is expanding its delivery format to afford every senior chief petty officer the opportunity to attend the SEA prior to selection to master chief petty officer. Starting in Fiscal Year 2017, all newly selected senior chief petty officers will be required to complete the SEA in Newport, Rhode Island or the enlisted academy of one of the other services in order to be eligible for advancement to master chief petty officer. The SEA will modify its delivery format to nine weeks of distance learning online, prior to three weeks of resident education in Newport. By October 2015, all active duty personnel attending the SEA will be required to complete newer, longer requirement, followed by the three-week residence. The enrollment requirements remain the same. In general, waivers will not be approved. However, exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.
For more Navy news updates, visit the ( News Center.

New Allotment Rules
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has directed a policy change in new paycheck allotments to prevent unscrupulous commercial lenders from taking advantage of troops and their families. Effective Jan. 1, 2015, the change in Department of Defense's (DoD's) Financial Management Regulation will prohibit servicemembers from allotting pay to buy, lease or rent personal property. Servicemembers will no longer be able to make allotments for: (1) vehicles, such as automobiles, motorcycles and boats; (2) appliances or household goods, such as furniture, washers and dryers; (3) electronics, such as laptops, tablets, cell phones and televisions; and (4) other consumer items that are tangible and moveable. Allotments still can be used for savings account deposits, investments, to support dependents, pay insurance premiums, mortgages, rents, make Combined Federal Campaign contributions, and U.S. Government debt repayments.
( ... perty.html) Get the full article on

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AF Announces Promotions
Of the 2,525 senior master sergeants eligible for promotion to chief, 479 were recently selected for an 18.97 percent selection rate. The selection list is available on ( the Air Force Portal or ( myPers. Airmen will be able to access their score notices on the virtual military personnel flight and the ( Air Force Portal. For more information about promotions and other personnel issues, visit ( the myPers website. Air Force retirees who do not have a myPers account can request access here at ( ... 10-068.pdf) ... 10-068.pdf.

Air Reserve Board Results
The Air Reserve Personnel Center has announced selection results from the Reserve Developmental Education Designation Board for calendar year 2015. Board members selected 51 of 174 officers considered. A list of those selected is available on the ( ... 14-076.pdf) Air Reserve Personnel Center website.

Navy Petty Officer Advancements Announced sends out a hearty "BZ" to those E-4, E-5 and E-6 Sailors who have recently been advanced to Petty Officer. For the complete list, see ( ... sults.html) this article.

AF Expands eBook Offerings
Airmen at 19 Air Force installations around the world will soon have access to a new 200-title audiobook and eBook digital library. The 19 participating installations will help test digital content distribution using the new Air Force eReader AERO, a single portable device pre-loaded with items selected by the Air Force Library Program. The new digital content will include best-sellers, classics, professional development and entertainment titles. For more information about the new digital media offerings, contact your local base library.
For more Air Force news updates, visit the ( News Center.

3 Selected for Air Force Ph.D. Program
Three Air Force captains have been selected for the 2015 Chief of Staff of the Air Force Captains Prestigious PhD Program. Officers selected for the program may pursue studies in history, political science, international relations, economics, philosophy, international business relations, international security studies, or political systems and theories. For more information about the annual program and other personnel issues, visit ( myPers. Select "Search All Components" from the drop down menu and enter "CSAF Captains Prestigious PhD Program" in the search window.
For more on military education benefits, visit the ( Education section.
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