Military Report - Week of February 18, 2013

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Military Report - Week of February 18, 2013

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Military Report - Week of February 18, 2013

Navy to Offer Same-sex Partner Benefits
The Department of Defense announced the extension of benefits to same-sex partners to ensure fairness and equal treatment to the extent allowable under law on Feb. 11. The U.S. Navy will begin offering these benefits no later than Oct. 1. To qualify, Sailors and their same-sex domestic partner will be required to sign a Declaration of Domestic Partnership, which is similar to that in use by other federal agencies. Servicemembers will file the declaration at their PSD, where a DD Form 1173 ("dependent" ID card) will then be issued allowing access to benefits. Children of same-sex domestic partners will also qualify for the ID card and benefits. Benefit information and updates to policy on benefits for same-sex partners and families will be posted as they become available on Navy's Don't Ask Don't Tell Post Repeal website on Navy Personnel Command's web page under ( ... fault.aspx) Support and Services.
For more military family support resources, visit the ( Family Center.

Navy Performing Assessment
Navy's semiannual Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) verification is underway requiring all Navy personnel to verify and update their personal contact information in NFAAS by March 31. Sailors and civilians can log in to ( NFAAS to verify and update contact information for themselves and their family members. Ensuring NFAAS accuracy can assist commanding officers in accounting for their people after a wide-spread catastrophic event. For more information, contact the NFAAS Help Desk at 1-866-946-9183 or email at ( or visit the NPC website at (
For more Navy news, visit the ( News Center.

Museum Features Native American Weapons
The Rock Island Arsenal (RIA) Museum in Illinois is the second oldest U.S. Army Museum. The museum contains the largest known collection of weapons used by the Cheyenne and Sioux during this battle. It has also always been known for its small arms collection with 75 percent of its small arms being displayed. The RIA Museum is also a research center, which also provides information for research requests. Tours of the RIA museum are available for adult and school groups free; request tours and other information by calling (309) 782-2979/5021.
For a complete guide to military museums across the country, visit the ( ... _guide.htm) Museum page.

$200k Family Protection From $14 a Month
Protect your family for less. Get $200k life insurance protection for as low as $14 a month. Want more coverage? ( ... Find personalized coverage today.

VA Loan Limits for High-Cost Counties
The VA loan guaranty program does not impose a maximum amount that an eligible veteran may borrow using a VA loan but limits the maximum guaranty amount to $417,000 for 2012. However, if you live in a high-cost county the maximum changes. ( ... Get a full chart to determine the VA's maximum guaranty in your county.
Next Step: ( ... Search for lenders ready to help you use your VA loan benefit.

Featured Job: Safety-Kleen Hiring Veterans
Safety-Kleen is focused on providing safe, dependable environmental services that protect our customers and the environment. We are the largest used oil collector and re-refiner in the world as well as the leader in parts cleaning services. We serve businesses of all sizes, helping them balance their financial objectives with their sustainability goals. We have great opportunities for the skilled men and women who have served in the U.S. Military to join our team of experts that enable our customers to Make Green Work(R). ( ... Search and find employment opportunities just right for you.

Naval Hospital Bremerton 'Crews Into Shape'
Naval Hospital Bremerton in Bremerton, Washington has opened registration for its 13th Annual "Crews Into Shape" challenge that will run March 3-30. The Navy Marine Corps Public Health Center-sponsored challenge is open to teams comprised of Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Department of Defense civilians and their family members. A "Crews Into Shape" team can consist of anywhere from two to 10 members, and needs to register by March 4 at the ( ... shape.aspx) Crews Into Shape webpage. For a look at the teams who "Crewed Into Shape" in 2012, visit the ( ... n-2012.pdf) Navy/Marine Corps Public Health Center website.
For more fitness guides, tips and programs, visit the ( Fitness Center.

AF Teen Counsels' 2013 Projects
The Air Force Teen Council has many events planned this year, including four projects, collectively known as the 2013 Teen Movement Project. Between January and March, installation teen councils around the world are working on the first quarter project, "ConnecTeens." The second quarterly project, "ParticipaTeens," is designed to increase teen participation in youth centers Air Force wide. "Come on, Let's GO!!" is the third quarter project. It focuses on center support for youth facing permanent change of station difficulties. The fourth quarter project is designed to introduce students to science and mathematics-related career opportunities. For more information about Air Force teen programs, visit we (, and the Air Force Teen Council Facebook website at ( and the AF Teens YouTube channel at (
For more military family support resources, visit the ( Family Center.

VA Switching to Electronic Payments
If you are receiving your Federal benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) by paper check, you will need to ( ... t-deposit/) switch to electronic payments by March 1, 2013. You can receive your benefits electronically in one of two ways: (1) by direct deposit or (2) by prepaid debit card where the U.S. Treasury deposits your benefits directly to a debit card. This is an option if you do not have a bank account and do not want to open one. You can request a debit card by calling (800) 333-1795 (Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm ET). If you have questions, call the Go Direct Helpline at (800) 333-1795.
For complete guides on veteran benefits, visit the ( Benefits Center.

Navy Housing Hits Social Media
Navy Housing strives to connect with servicemembers and their families timely through social media. Navy Housing's biggest innovation in connecting with customers online is the Housing Early Application Tool (HEAT). The first of its kind for servicemembers, HEAT connects customers with one or more of their prospective installations' HSCs so they may begin their housing search even before receiving official orders. The Navy Housing Pinterest page at ( connects photos and floor plans of military housing at individual bases. Combine that with the videos on Navy Housing's YouTube page at (, and servicemembers can visualize military housing from all angles from the convenience of their computer. For more information, visit the HEAT website at ( and find your local HSC contact information at the Navy Housing Program webpage at (
For more on military travel and housing options, visit the (,13396,,00.htm) Travel section.

Illinois to Streamline Certification for Veterans
The state of Illinois has announced a new initiative in which veterans will be able to use their military occupational specialty as proof of their skills. This initiative will start out by identifying qualified service members to serve in the medical field, with institutes of higher education allowed to create programs catered towards veterans with medical expertise. For more on this initiative and its potential impact, visit the ( ... ification/) Veteran Jobs blog.

Black History Month and the Military
February is Black History Month. African-Americans have continuously served in the U.S. Military since colonial times. President Harry S. Truman signed Executive Order 9981 in July 1948, integrating the U.S. Military services. For more information on the service of African Americans in the U.S. Military, visit the ( ... e=BH_Index) History section, the ( African Americans in the U.S. Army webpage, the ( African Americans in the U.S. Army: Loyalty, Honor, Patriotism webpage, the ( African American Military History website, the ( ... index.html) Department of Defense African Americans in the Military website, the ( ... .07.x.html) African Americans and the Military webpage, the ( ... itary.html) National Archives website, and the ( ... ry_Records) African American Military Records webpage.

Navy Sequestration Update
With the budgetary uncertainty associated with the looming threat of sequestration, the Navy has begun to seriously considering options to deal with what could be a $4-$9 billion shortfall in operating and maintenance accounts. The information and links published by the U.S. Navy on its ( website provide commanding officers with background information they can use to speak frankly with their people on these issues.
For more Navy news, visit the ( News Center.

Air Force Hoops Scratch-Off
Air Force bowling centers and golf courses will host an Air Force Hoops promotion from March 1 to April 8. Air Force Hoops, a free scratch-off game, gives participants the opportunity to win instant prizes or a code which generates a random tournament seed and the opportunity to win the grand prize. To play the code, participants must register ( online. Registration requires an individual's full name, email and the name of the base where they reside. Participants must be at least 18 years old, the holder of a U.S. Department of Defense identification card, and an eligible user of the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs and facilities. For more information, visit the nearest participating bowling center or golf course. Additional information will be available March 1 at the ( Air Force Hoops 2013 website.
For more on sports, entertainment and the military, visit the ( Off-duty section.

AF Officers Reminded to Review Records
Air Force officers eligible for promotion should review their records before the Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) upgrade occurring in March. Officers that might be affected include those eligible for the Calendar Year 2013A Colonel Line of the Air Force-Judge Advocate and CY13A Lieutenant Colonel LAF/LAF-J boards that convene March 18, the Air Reserve Component first lieutenant and captain promotion selection process (first half) that convenes April 1 and the Air National Guard line and non-line major and lieutenant colonel boards that convene April 8. Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve officers will receive further instructions from their servicing Military Personnel Section. For more information on Air Reserve Component officer promotions, visit the ARPC public website at ( For more information about the MilPDS upgrade and how personnel-related programs will be affected, visit the ( myPers website under your respective component tab.
For more on military records, visit the ( ... rview.html) Records Overview.

AF Professional Reading List
The Air Force chief of staff recently published his professional reading list. He asks Airmen to take a look at the list that highlights the Air Force's heritage and fighting spirit, and encourages innovation and forward thinking. This year's list contains 14 books, seven films, seven TED talks, web-based resources, and for the first time, artwork, music and photography selections. For more information, visit the ( Air Force Chief of Staff Reading List 2013.
For more on books and the military, visit the ( Off-duty section.

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( ... Download the Free app to get military news and benefits on the go.

2013 Military Pay Calculator
Calculate your military pay on to see how much you'll make at your next duty station, what your next promotion is worth, and find out how much your longevity increase will be. ( ... Calculate your gross monthly income by rank, location or duty.
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