Military Report - Week of April 08, 2013

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Military Report - Week of April 08, 2013

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Military Report - Week of April 08, 2013

Hawaii Takes Steps to Secure Schools
The Hawaii State Department of Education Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness Branch, recently met with Honolulu Police Department officials recently to review security procedures for the state's public schools. The meeting was prompted following the shooting at the Connecticut school that killed 20 students and seven adults. U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii is taking additional steps to ensure the safety of schoolchildren attending Army schools. If parents or students need counseling services during this time, they should contact the pertinent school or the Department of Education (DOE) for assistance at (808) 586-3232.
For more military family support resources, visit the ( Family Center.

Tuition Assistance Alternatives
In response to the recent suspension of some service Tuition Assistance (TA) programs, the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) has posted on their webpage at ( a number of TA alternatives. DANTES also created a Blog - ( DANTES Pulse - which will provide instant, up-to-date information and avenues for conversation between servicemembers / education centers / institutions and the experts at DANTES. For information about all of the programs offered by DANTES, visit the ( DANTES website.
For more on military education benefits and programs, visit the ( Education Center.

Air Force Teen Leadership Summits
The Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard ( AFR/ANG) have announced the locations and dates of the 2013 AFR/ANG Teen Leadership Summits. This year's summits will be held in Dahlonega, Ga. June 16-21., and Estes Park, Colo. Aug. 13-18. The teen summits combine high-adventure activities with leadership classes. Teens with a parent in the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard can sign up to attend one of the free summits. April 15 is the application deadline. Participants must be 14 to 18 years old. For more information, visit the ( 2013 AFR/ANG Teen Leadership Summits webpage.
For more military family support resources, visit the ( Family Center.

AF Medical Officer Promotion Boards
Air Force medical officers will be considered for command when five medical corps boards convene in May and June. All eligible officers will receive an email from AFPC requiring a response that will inform action officers here whether or not the officers want to be considered for command. Although the first board is not scheduled until mid- to late-May, commander or equivalent-endorsed statements of intent must arrive at AFPC by April 26, so interested officers should not delay. Applicants must be lieutenant colonels or lieutenant colonel-selects who have been on station since Sept. 1, 2012 or earlier. Individuals can subscribe to the ( knowledge exchange site to get CY14 squadron command process updates. For more information about command opportunities and other personnel issues, visit the ( myPers site.
For more Air Force news, visit the ( News Center.

New App for Health Care Providers
Military health care providers now have a mobile application to help stay productive and emotionally healthy as they attend to servicemembers, veterans and their families. "Provider Resilience," from the Defense Department's National Center for Telehealth and Technology (T2), is the first mobile app to help health care professionals build resilience against the stress in their lives through short self-assessments that rate their risk for compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary traumatic stress. For more information, visit the ( ... eased.aspx) Defense Centers of Excellence website.
For more on military-related apps, visit the ( App page.

DoD to Standardize Special Needs Program
The Department of Defense (DoD) is working to standardize across the force the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), which is designed to help servicemembers get care for family members with chronic health issues or special needs who otherwise might face forgoing an assignment or having to cut short a deployment because of an inability to find such care. DOD officials say the goal is to make sure no servicemember's career is negatively affected by having a family member who requires special care. About 120,000 military family members are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program. For more information, visit the Military OneSource website's EFMP webpage at (
For more military family support resources, visit the ( Family Center.

Deal of the Week: 50% Off Gear
Up to 50% off lifestyle, outdoor & tactical gear. Shop premium brands on at prices not available to the public. ( ... arcstrong3) Shop over 10,000 products!

AF Cyberspace Study Results
The U.S. Air Force has recently released year-long study on cyberspace, which highlights that missions are at risk from "malicious insiders, insecure supply chains and increasingly sophisticated adversaries as well as growing systems interdependencies." The completed study is a science and technology blueprint for how the Air Force should advance in the near, mid and long term in cyberspace to ensure its secure use. The document, "Cyber Vision 2025", discusses various methods and recommendations of how to protect our freedom in cyberspace for years to come. The study is available ( ... 27-306.pdf) online.
For more Air Force news, visit the ( News Center.

Navy Uniform Update
The U.S. Navy recently provided a summary on all Navy Working Unit Type I related guidance and announced the authorized wear of the aiguillette and the expanded wear of footwear with the NWU Type I. Sailors can now wear with NWU Type I a black 9-inch leather (smooth) steel-toed boot, a black 9-inch rough side out leather steel toed boot and a black 8-inch aviation flight deck steel toed boot. At the commanding officer's discretion, those personnel who are assigned to billets where wearing an aiguillette is prescribed can now wear it with their NWU Type I shirt and parka. For more information, including a training video, visit the ( ... -i-update/) Navy Live website.
For more Navy news, visit the ( News Center.

TRICARE for Retired Reserves
TRICARE has affordable healthcare programs available for all Reserve retirees - including "gray-area retirees" and actively-participating Air Force reservists, no matter what orders they are on. Reservists who retire before age 60 are eligible for TRICARE Retired Reserve coverage while they are in the "gray area," which is the waiting period between retiring from active service and collecting their Reserve retirement pay at age 60. While on active-duty orders for more than 30 days, all reservists are covered by TRICARE Prime. When they are in-between active duty orders, reservists can enroll in TRICARE Reserve Select. Both plans provide comprehensive health coverage. To find out more or to enroll in TRICARE's programs for reservists, visit the TRICARE Reserve Select webpage at (
For more on TRICARE benefits and programs, visit the ( TRICARE section.

HNTB Hiring Veterans
For nearly a century, HNTB Corporation has helped create infrastructure that best meets the unique demands of its environment. With client relationships spanning decades, we understand infrastructure life cycles and have the perspective to solve technical challenges with clarity and imagination. We see and help address far-reaching issues of financing, legislation, design, construction, community outreach and ongoing operations. As employee owners committed to the highest levels of performance, we enable clients to achieve their goals and visions. ( ... Read More.

Understanding the VA Loan Appraisal
One of the requirements of receiving a VA ( home loan is that you must have an appraisal performed on the property. What does this mean for you? If you are a first-time homebuyer, or if this is your first VA loan, the idea of getting an appraisal can be daunting. But, if you remind yourself that the appraisal process is there to protect you, the buyer, from paying more than fair-market value for your home, ( ... then it actually becomes quite painless.

NM Eases Licensure Process for Vets
New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez recently signed legislation into law that will require the state to expedite occupational licenses allowing military servicemembers and their spouses to work in jobs ranging from nursing to dentistry. The new law applies to current members of the armed forces, their spouses and recently discharged veterans with professional licenses from other states who are seeking to work in New Mexico. The new law will take effect July 1, 2013. The governor also signed a measure to allow members of the military to suspend utility, telecommunications and cable television services without being required to pay a reconnection fee when they return home from a deployment of more than 30 days. The measure takes effect June 14, and applies to members of the National Guard, reserves and armed forces.
For more veteran job news, tips, and job postings, visit the ( Veteran Jobs Center.

Benefits of a VA Loan in Today's Market
One of the unique benefits afforded to military personnel is access to the Veterans Affairs Home Mortgage Loan program. This program offers tremendous mortgage benefits to active-duty servicemembers, veterans, and some surviving spouses. A VA home loan can be used for a number of purposes, including purchasing or building a new home, refinancing a current mortgage, repairing or improving your existing home, or installing home efficiency measures. ( ... arket.html) See more benefits of a VA Loan in today's market.
( Next Step: Search for lenders ready to help you buy or refinance with a VA Loan.

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SGLI Too Much? Get $200k Protection From $14 a Month
Find low-cost alternatives to SGLI from trusted companies designed for military families.
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Planning a Wedding? Wedding Day Gift Guide
This is your celebration, and there are many details all wrapped up into a few memorable hours. From selecting your wedding rings to bridesmaids' gifts, here's a guide that simplifies your wedding day details. ( ... Read More.

DoD Reduces Civilian Furlough Days
The Defense Department has revised from 22 to 14 the number of days hundreds of thousands of civilian employees could be furloughed this year because of the budget sequester. In addition, a senior Defense Department official speaking on background told reporters the start of the furloughs will be delayed until mid-to-late June, after more than 700,000 department employees receive furlough notices now set to go out in early May. Furloughs would happen over seven two-week pay periods until the end of September, when the current fiscal year ends, with employees likely to be told not to come to work for two days during each of those pay periods. The reduced furloughs would be due to a revised estimate of sequestration's impact on the defense budget.
For more on sequestration and furlough news, visit the ( News Center.

AAFES Contribute to a Smooth Move
The Army and Air Force Exchange Service's "PCS Headquarters" offers four unique areas to assist in moving: Get Connected, Military One Source, Military Homefront and Military Avenue. Get Connected allows military families to view what local TV, Internet and telephone offerings are available in the area they are PCSing to. Military One Source at ( provides relocation resources. ( Military Homefront's "Plan My Move" provides military families with access to information and material. Military Avenue is an online service supporting relocation, travel and lifestyle needs of the military family. Finally, the Exchange's "PCS Headquarters" also offers an array of downloadable discount coupons.
For more relocation and PCS resources, visit the ( PCS page.

Tips for Dressing for a Job Interview
"Servicemembers often find it challenging to pull together a professional wardrobe, particularly after years of wearing a uniform," says Sofio Barone, creative director for a custom clothiers and tailor shop in McLean, Va. Sixty-five to seventy-five percent of how [hiring managers] base whether or not they hire you is based on what they see. Interviewers also base their hiring decisions on how an applicant comports himself, how he handles his body, his mannerisms, and even his tone of voice. Do not wear clothing that is too tight, too revealing, too baggy or too loose. Do not wear dated clothes, a too skinny tie or a shiny belt. Whether or not you button your jacket is irrelevant. You should dress appropriately for the position you are seeking. A black suit is associated with funerals, so men should wear a blue or a gray suit. For men, do not forget the small details -- like a handkerchief in your pocket, and polished shoes.
For more tips on dressing for a civilian job, see ( ... othes.html) this article.

Navy Seeks Sailors for Recruiter Duty

The U.S. Navy is encouraging top-performing Sailors to volunteer for Recruit Division Commander (RDC) duty. E-5 Sailors must have a minimum of six years active service with two years' time-in-rate upon application to serve as an RDC. E-6s must have a minimum of six years active service upon applying. There are no minimum years of service or time in rate requirements for chiefs and above. A complete listing of eligibility requirements and application procedures can be found in ( ... 06-954.pdf) MILPERSMAN 1306-954. Sailors who meet the requirements and would like to apply for the RDC program should submit a 1306/7 (enlisted personnel action request) to their rating detailer. For more information, visit the RDC webpage on the Navy Personnel Command (NPC) website at ( ... s/rdc.aspx) ... s/rdc.aspx.
For more Navy news, visit the ( News Center.

AF Crime Stopper App
Suspicious or illegal activity can now be anonymously reported directly to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) using a mobile phone application or by texting 'AFOSI' and the tip to 274637 (CRIMES) in an SMS text message. Of special concern to Air Force officials are violent crimes against Air Force members, sexual assaults, and drug use. The application uses industry standard Secure Socket Layers connection, which encrypts information exchange to ensure anonymity. To download a trifold with detailed instructions on the program, ( ... 23-018.pdf) click here. Or if you need to contact AFOSI directly consult your base phone book or call your base operator for the telephone number of your base's AFOSI unit or call toll free 1-877-246-1453 for the phone number of the AFOSI unit nearest you.
For more Air Force news, visit the ( News Center.

Air Force Restructuring Plan
The Air Force released its plan to implement force structure changes mandated by the Fiscal Year 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. The Air Force's ( ... 28-035.pdf) implementation plan includes a state-by-state description of changes for each base and the associated timeline. Each major command developed activation, reassignment, re-missioning or divesture options. Key principles include: ensure personnel readiness, training and retention for transitioning units to remain at the highest level practicable and minimize mission gaps for units transitioning to new or different missions. The full text of the Air Force Fiscal Year 2013 National Defense Authorization Act Implementation Plan "A Strong Total Force for the Future" is available at ( ... 28-035.pdf) online.
For more Air Force news, visit the ( News Center.

Security Clearance Wanted by Top American Companies
Top companies and government contractors actively hire and pay top salaries to veterans with security clearance. Your skills and experience are in high demand. ( ... Visit to view job openings, get industry tips and more to make 2013 your best year yet.

AF CY12 Officer Promotions
More than 2,500 Air Force captains, majors and lieutenant colonels have been selected for promotion. Eligible officers were considered during the December CY12C Colonel Biomedical Science Corps/Chaplain/Medical Service Corps, CY12D Lieutenant Colonel BSC/CHAP, and CY12C Major Line of the Air Force/BSC/CHAP central selection boards. Visit the following links to see the full lists of selectees: ( ... 29-053.pdf) Colonel, ( ... 29-055.pdf) Lieutenant colonel and ( ... 29-056.pdf) Major. For more information about promotion opportunities and other personnel issues, visit the ( myPers website.
For more Air Force news, visit the ( News Center.

AF Energy-saving Plan
The new Air Force Energy Strategic Plan aims to meet the Air Force's goals of reducing energy intensity by a total of 37.5 percent by 2020, and the long-term goal of increasing the amount of renewable energy use to 25 percent of renewable energy consumption by 2025. The plan improve resiliency, reduce demand, assure supply, and foster an energy aware culture. To support these priorities, the Air Force is making changes to flying operations to use less fuel, working with private industry on renewable energy facilities, and driving energy awareness at all levels of professional development and technical training, among many other activities. To view the entire "U.S. Air Force Energy Strategic Plan," visit the ( Air Force Energy website.
For more Air Force news, visit the ( News Center.
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