Military Report - Week of November 11, 2013

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Military Report - Week of November 11, 2013

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Military Report - Week of November 11, 2013

Agent Orange - Diabetes Connection
November is American Diabetes Month. Are you a Veteran with diabetes mellitus type 2 who was exposed to Agent Orange during service? You may be eligible for VA benefits. Healthy eating habits and exercise can help prevent diabetes. Learn more. Visit the ( Department of Veterans Affairs Agent Orange webpage to find out more about Agent Orange and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits.

Bankers Committed to Hiring Veterans
Start your civilian career with Bankers. As a global diversified technology and industrial leader they can provide endless opportunity and a career path that lets you choose where you want to be. ( ... Read More. Releases Talent Index, the worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities, today released its annual Veterans Talent Index revealing important differences between male and female veterans. Female veterans are a growing segment of the workforce in the United States, and the report shows trends, which indicate female veterans have a greater lack of confidence in their military skills and experience compared to their male counterparts. For more information, read the complete report from at ( ... lent-index) Monster's comprehensive November 2013 Veterans Talent Index and the ( ... -2012.html) article on the website. To learn more about hiring veterans, visit the ( Veterans Employment Center.

A Vet's Life: One Frame at a Time
Air Force veteran Stacy Pearsall was a combat photographer before sustaining a combat injury in Iraq. She was also the only female to be twice-named the NPPA Military Photographer of the Year. Stacy began the Veterans Portrait Project to make Americans and the world aware of our military, its values, and the service it provides to the world. ( ... vets-life/) Watch Stacy's Story.

National Native Heritage Month
American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month will be observed Nov. 1 through Nov. 30. The 2013 national theme, Guiding Our Destiny with Heritage and Traditions, encourages the nation to reflect and celebrate the cultures, histories and traditions of the indigenous peoples of North America, including parts of Alaska and the island state of Hawaii. Despite the fact that American Indians did not become citizens until 1924, their legacy of military service dates back to the American Revolutionary War when George Washington began enlisting them for the Army, Navy and Marines. For more information, including educational materials, visit the ( Library of Congress website, the ( ... -index.htm) Naval History and Heritage Command website, the ( U.S. Department of the Interior Indian Affairs website, and the ( Alaskan Native Heritage Month website.

Commissaries to Scan IDs
Commissaries will soon begin scanning customers' Department of Defense ID cards at checkouts. The commissary at Fort Lee, Va., became the first store to scan ID cards as the first part of an agency-wide rollout to all stores that begins Nov. 10 and will be completed by mid-January, 2014. Commissary shoppers are used to showing their ID cards to establish their eligibility to use the commissary. By scanning the ID at checkout, DeCA will no longer need to maintain any personal information on customers in its computer systems, such as the system used for customers who write checks. For more information on ID card scanning, visit the ( ... anning.cfm) website.

AAFES Celebrate on Nov. 13
The Army & Air Force Exchange Service and Popeyes restaurants will thank veterans and active duty troops on Wednesday, Nov. 13 by offering eight pieces of BONAFIDE(R) Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders for only $5.99. Seventy-five Exchange-operated Popeyes restaurants in 11 countries will participate in this one-day-only Military Appreciation event which is open to all authorized Exchange shoppers. For more information, contact your local exchange.

Flu Shot Time
Flu season began in October. The flu shot is easy to get and inexpensive -- often ( ... 3BED18D%7D) free -- for TRICARE beneficiaries. TRICARE covers both the flu shot and flu mist. Beneficiaries may be able get their flu vaccine, at no cost, from a military treatment facility, hospital or from a pharmacist at one of the 45,000 network pharmacies that administer vaccines to TRICARE beneficiaries. Find a participating pharmacy at (, or by calling Express Scripts at 1-877-363-1303.

Is Your Family Protected? Get $500k from $1 a Day
Your family's future is important. Could your family survive financially if the unthinkable happened? Prepare your family with ( ... $500,000 quality coverage from only $1 a day.

Airman Magazine Available Online
The November/December issue of Airman magazine is now available to download and viewable through a web browser. The cover story, titled "Capturing Space," takes a remarkable look at the mission of Detachment 5 of the 21st Space Group, which, using some of the world's most powerful telescopes, tracks man-made objects orbiting our planet. Download Airman magazine's November/December issue for your tablet here: (1) ( ... 41850?mt=8) Apple version, (2) ( ... anmagazine) Android version, and (3) the ( ... n+magazine) Kindle version. A limited interactive version is viewable in ( web browser format. For more information, visit Airman Online, the website for the ( official magazine of the United States Air Force.

Female Vets Less Confident in Job Hunt
A report by Monster Worldwide, Inc. revealed important differences between male and female veterans. Female veterans are a growing segment of the workforce in the United States, and the report shows trends, which indicate female veterans have a greater lack of confidence in their military skills and experience compared to their male counterparts. While the statistics for female veterans shows a growing percentage in the veteran pool, the female veterans' Career Confidence Index shows a gap compared to their male counterparts. ( ... -hunt.html) Read the full article on

Navy Debuts Improved NKO Portal
The U.S. Navy's Center for Security Forces announced the premiere of its improved knowledge portal powered by Navy Knowledge Online (NKO). The Center's streamlining effort emerged as a byproduct of the Navy's recent technical refresh for its online knowledge portal. By virtue of being only a technical refresh, users will not encounter any new capabilities or features. In fact, the vast majority of changes will be behind the scenes and seamless to end-users. Sailors desiring to experience CENSECFOR's revamped knowledge portal firsthand can visit ( NKO and sign on using their government-issued CAC. The Center for Security Forces provides specialized training to more than 28,000 students each year and has 14 training locations across the U.S. and around the world. For more news from and information about the Center for Security Forces (CENSECFOR), visit us at the ( CENSECFOR newspage, the ( CENSECFOR website, or the ( CENSECFOR Facebook page.

Navy's Personnel Job Swap Program
For Sailors who have ever wondered what it is like in another branch of the military or in a foreign military, there is a special program. The Navy's Personnel Exchange Program (PEP) lets selected Sailors make a one-for-one exchange with personnel from another military service or foreign service. The nature of the PEP is to share professional knowledge with members from other services and nations. Applicants must be able to serve as subject matter experts in their designator or rate. Required obligated service for the program is 24 months, which does not include training time. A full list of eligibility and application procedures is outlined in ( ... 06-921.pdf) MILPERSMAN 1306-921. For more information or for a list of available billets, Sailors should talk to their rating detailer or visit the ( ... ement.aspx) PEP Web Page on the NPC website.

Navy Offers Lung Cancer Screenings
For the first time in its history, Naval Medical Center San Diego has begun offering comprehensive lung cancer screenings to its patients. One aspect of the lung cancer screening program is educating patients on the risks and costs of smoking. To undergo a lung cancer screening, an NMCSD beneficiary must speak to their primary care manager (PCM) about his or her smoking habits and associated risks. If the patient meets the qualifications, then the PCM can enroll the patient in a program to undergo the screening. Patients who qualify are 55 to 79 years old, have a significant smoking history (smoked one pack per day for 30 years), and if they have quit smoking within the last 15 years. For more information on Naval Medical Center San Diego, visit the ( NMCSD website, the ( NMCSD Facebook page , or the ( NMCSD Twitter page and the ( NMCSDS newspage.

Featured Deal: Carnival - Up to $400 Off + Ship Credits
( ... =svnov2013) Savings up to $400 per stateroom off Fun Select rates for eligible military personnel.

'All Hands' Cover Competition
All Hands Magazine Online is asking Navy commands to begin immediately putting their creative talents to use to come up with a unique All Hands holiday cover. Covers should resemble the traditional printed covers and represent your command. The magazine will run one of the covers on the front page of ( All Hands online each week for the entire month of December. Covers should not be religious in nature, feature inappropriate images, highlight unsafe activities, or portray your command in a negative manner. Commands interested in participating can email ( for examples and a high-resolution copy of the All Hands Logo that should be used on their cover. Examples of past issues of All Hands Magazines can also be found on the All Hands website at ( under archives. High-resolution submissions should be sent to ( with the subject line Holiday Cover Submission. Submissions will not be accepted after Dec. 20, 2013.

Help for Financial Readiness Issues
Financial readiness lends itself to mission readiness, because it can be difficult for servicemembers to focus on a mission if they have financial worries. The resources the Department of Defense offers for help are numerous. One such resource is installation family centers, which offer personal financial managers to help servicemembers develop plans for spending and debt reduction plans. Many banks and credit unions on military installations also offer those services. The ( Military OneSource website is another option for financial help. It features downloadable podcasts, CDs and articles on becoming financially fit. More intense help to manage debt is available through the website's certified financial counselors, who can advise online or face-to-face. If a servicemember needs help, it is okay to ask for it, and resources are available.

States Must Comply With Same-Sex Policy
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel recently directed the chief of the National Guard Bureau to meet with the adjutants general of nine states to resolve the issue of those states denying ID cards to same-sex spouses at National Guard facilities. Last month, DoD began providing same-sex spouse benefits for military members and eligible civilian employees. Hagel said the denial of ID cards at National Guard facilities unnecessarily forces couples to travel to federal facilities. Another official noted that nine states -- Indiana, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia -- are denying equal access for same-sex spouses and are violating DoD and service-level policies for administering same-sex couple and family benefits. Pentagon officials issued a communication noting the system was updated and that ID cards to same-sex spouses were to be issued by all ID card processing stations starting Sept. 3.

Know the beauty of the TSP
The federal ( Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) -- the government's version of a 401(k) plan -- is a great way to start investing for your future. The beauty of the TSP comes in many forms. If you do nothing else, contributing to your TSP can be a simple and sure method of establishing the foundation for substantial future wealth. ( Read the rest of the article on Military Officers Assosciation of America (MOAA) website.

AAFES Veterans Day Salute
The Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) is once again partnering with THE PRICE IS RIGHT, Daytime Television's #1-rated series and the longest-running game show in television history, for its annual Veteran's Day "Salute to the Military" episode, Monday, Nov. 11 (11:00 AM-12:00 Noon, ET; 10:00-11:00 AM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. The episode will feature an audience full of veterans, each hoping to get the chance to "come on down." This marks the sixth consecutive year the AAFES and CBS have partnered to honor those who served while raising awareness that any American has the ability to support Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen with buying a gift card from the Exchange Online Store at (

AF Clarifies New Marriage Leave Policy
Military members who are unable to legally marry in the state or country where they are assigned can request permissive temporary duty to travel to a state where they can get married. The ( ... 6-3003.pdf) Oct. 15 guidance memo updating Air Force Instruction 36-3003, Military Leave Program, modifies Table 7, Rules 49 and 50, to allow Airmen to apply for permissive TDY to obtain a legal marriage, with guidelines and restrictions on the number of days allowed depending on applicants' locations. The rules apply equally to same sex and opposite sex couples. To be eligible, Airmen must be stationed more than 100 miles from the nearest location allowing them to be married. For more information about the military leave program and other personnel issues, visit the myPers website at (

Navy Fleet and Family Video Podcasts
Commander Navy Installations Commands Fleet and Family Support Program has developed a series of video podcasts specifically designed to help Navy families adjust to the challenges of deployment. These short podcasts provide overviews of the following: (1) Resilience During Deployment, (2) Children and Deployment, (3) Financial Planning for Deployment, (4) Community Based Deployment Support, (5) Navy Family Ombudsman Program, (6) Homecoming and Reintegration, and (7) Individual Augmentee Deployment. The podcasts are designed to encourage Sailors and family members to seek out services and resources available through Fleet and Family Support Centers, along with community and web-based sources. The podcasts are available on the ( Fleet and Family Support YouTube channel and the ( ... gram.html/) Fleet and Family Support website.

Jewelry and Accessory Gift Guide
Shopping for a gift can be tricky if you're living the military lifestyle and especially if you're giving a gift to someone deployed. Factors like shipping and convenience are key aspects in the decision-making process. ( ... Read More.

Hagel Says Pay Cuts Needed
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warned that troops and their families will be asked to sacrifice on pay and benefits to preserve readiness in an era of tighter budgets. Hagel listed politically-charged changes to compensation and personnel policy as one of his top six priorities in reforming the military following the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as the department gears up to meet new challenges. ( ... eeded.html) Read the full article on

Early Retirement for Sr. USAF Officers
Air Force lieutenant colonels and colonels who are eligible to meet the Selective Early Retirement Board (SERB) slated for Dec. 9 still have time to volunteer for retirement before the Nov. 15 window closes. The SERB will consider lieutenant colonels who have been twice non-selected for promotion to colonel by Dec. 9, the date the board convenes. Career fields affected include Line of the Air Force, Nurse Corps, Biomedical Sciences Corps, Line of the Air Force - Judge Advocate General and Medical Services Corps. Also, Dec. 9 SERB will consider some colonels who have four years or more of active duty time in grade as of the date the board convenes. For more information about SERB, including full preparation requirements, as well as information about other retirement programs, go to myPers at ( Enter "PSDM 13-67" for lieutenant colonels or "PSDM 13-70" for colonels.

Absentee Voting Forms Available
The revised Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) and Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) forms are available now at ( Servicemembers, their eligible family members and overseas citizens can use the FPCA to both register to vote and request their absentee ballots. The FWAB serves as a backup ballot if the voter does not receive the requested absentee ballot in time. ( ... provides these PDF-fillable forms in addition to online assistants that guide users through the form-completion process. The revised forms clarify instructions for voters and include additional classification selections for activated National Guard members and U.S. citizens who have never resided in the United States. Voters should apply for absentee ballots in January of each year or at least 90 days before the specific election in which they want to vote. If his or her mailing address changes, especially between the primary and general election, the voter will need to submit an updated FPCA.

Military Dog Handlers Certification
The U.S. Navy's Center for Security Forces has announced the anticipated release of the first apprenticeship trade for Military Working Dog handlers by year's end. The proposed apprenticeship is currently under review by the Department of Labor (DoL), which is the final step in the approval process. Once approved, Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsman will then be able to enroll and work towards earning this specialized certification. Some of the duties a MWD handler performs include patrol, crowd control, security operations, and explosive and drug detection and of course, suspect apprehension. Pre-registration credits will be given to personnel who have graduated MA "A" school and/or earned the Navy classification code for Dog Handler and Kennel Master. For more news from and information about the Center for Security Forces (CENSECFOR), visit us at the ( CENSECFOR newspage, the ( CENSECFOR website , or the ( CENSECFOR Facebook page.

New AF Contact Numbers
Telephone numbers for the Air Force's Total Force Service Center (TAFC) will change Nov. 15. The new numbers are commercial 210-565-0102 and DSN 665-0102. They will replace DSN 665-5000 and DSN 847-3294. To ensure Airmen have ample time to adjust, Air Force Personnel Center officials will keep both old DSN numbers live until Nov. 22. The change includes both TFSC locations at AFPC in San Antonio, Texas and the Air Reserve Personnel Center in Aurora, Colo. The toll free number, 800-525-0102, will remain the same. Customers are encouraged to use the DSN or commercial phone numbers to reduce operation costs. For more information about active duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve or civilian personnel issues, visit the myPers website at (

Navy Encourages Fleet Participation
The Center for Security Forces is scheduled to host a Human Performance Requirements Review (HPRR) for Coastal Riverine training the week of Dec 9. The courses up for review are the Navy's Riverine Combat Skills; River Crewman, Riverine Unit Level Leader; and Riverine Security Team Member courses that are exclusively taught at CENSECFOR's Learning Site at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Deckplate Sailors are encouraged to provide feedback to their type commander via their chain of command for potential improvements and/or additional training needed to support the Coastal Riverine Force. Because of current travel restrictions, the Center will be providing a dial-in bridge for those participants unable to attend in person. A community of practice will also be made available on Navy Knowledge Online to serve as the central repository for all HPRR information. The course training task list, occupational standards, and action chits are among the types of information to be collected.

Military Family Appreciation Month
An annual proclamation marks the beginning of a month-long celebration of the Military Family in which the Department of Defense and the nation will honor the commitment and sacrifices made by the families of the nation's servicemembers. ( ... Read More.

A Shining Moment in Vietnam War History
The USNI book, The Lucky Few, tells the story of the USS Kirk's role during the evacuation of American embassy in 1975. The Kirk took part in the rescue of not only the remnants of the South Vietnamese fleet, but also dealt with the 32,000 refugees on board those ships. The epic story of USS Kirk and her success in providing humanitarian assistance under unimaginable circumstances reflects one of America's few shining moments during this military withdrawal. ( Read more about The Lucky Few at the US Naval Institute website.

Veterans Day Discounts and Freebies
Check out a ( ... list of Veterans Day discounts on goods, services and dining that have been announced for 2013.
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