Military Report - Week of December 02, 2013

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Military Report - Week of December 02, 2013

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Military Report - Week of December 02, 2013

Northrop Grumman Committed to Hiring Veterans
Start your civilian career with Northrop Grumman. As a global persified technology and industrial leader they can provide endless opportunity and a career path that lets you choose where you want to be. ( ... Read More.

AF Seeks Enlisted Attache Applications
Air Force active duty staff sergeants through senior master sergeants interested in attache duty have until Dec. 21 to submit an application. Applications are being sought for enlisted defense attache specialists at 22 locations, with tour lengths ranging from 12 to 36 months, and training report dates between January and August 2015. For a list of possible duty locations and other related information, visit the ( Air Force Portal and enter "attache duty" in the search window. To locate and ( ... &lpid=3135) download the application, enter "attache application" in the Portal search window and select the Fall 2013 version. To read the personnel services delivery memo, visit the ( myPers website and enter "PSDM 13-115" in the search window.
For more Air Force news, visit the ( News Center.

Watching the Holiday Calories
The average holiday dinner at Christmas and New Year's contains around 3,000 calories and 229 grams of fat. There are many substitutes for the fatty oils, heavy cream and butters. Gravy can be made from fat-free turkey broth. Using the potato skin in mashed potatoes can add fiber and replacing whole milk with skim milk will lower the caloric content. Replacing stick butter with whipped butter and replacing pie crusts with cinnamon gram crackers eliminate useless calories. For more tips, visit the Santa Clara University website at ( ... y-2009.pdf) ... y-2009.pdf and at ( ... r-2011.pdf) ... r-2011.pdf.
For more fitness tips and exercise programs, visit the ( Fitness Center.

Budget Priorities: Who Moved the Goalpost?
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel recently outlined six budget priorities that will shape the Pentagon's FY 2015 budget proposal, which includes protecting investments while seeking "significant savings" in the area of personnel and compensation. What concerns the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is he states personnel accounts consume roughly half of the DOD budget. In April of 2013 he said they consumed about one-third of the DOD budget. So what's changed? ( Read the rest of the article on Military Officers Association of America's (MOAA) website.

VA Issues Fraud Alert
Veterans should be aware of a marketing scam targeting callers trying to reach the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Call Center or GI Bill Call Center. A marketing company has established two fraudulent numbers that differ from the two official VA call center numbers by one digit. If the fraudulent number is dialed by mistake, the answering party will offer a gift card and try to obtain personal and financial information, including credit card information, from the caller. The answering party may even transfer the caller to the VA after the caller's information is obtained. The numbers to be avoided are: 800-872-1000 (the VA National Call Center number is 800-827-1000) and 888-442-4511 (the VA GI Bill Call Center number is 888-442-4551). VA has notified law enforcement authorities to address this situation.
For more guides and tips on personal finance and avoiding scams, visit the ( Money Center.

2014 Navy Reserve PO Quotas
The U.S. Navy has release its Fall Reserve Petty Officer Advancement quotas, and 1,881 Reserve Sailors will be promoted to E4, E5, and E6, representing an overall 2.2 percentage point increase from the last promotion cycle. In addition, rating demand increased across the board. Reserve Petty Officer Advancement opportunities are available ( ... Quotas.pdf) online.
For more Navy news, visit the ( News Center.

Military Save Extra 10%* on Select PCs & Tablets
Save an extra 10 percent off tablets and PCs with ( ... 51-14?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]) this exclusive military offer.

Florida Honors Troops to Teachers
Florida Governor Rick Scott recently honored five educators certified through the Troops to Teachers Program with the Governor's Shine Award for exemplary service to their country and contributions to Florida's students. Florida is one of the leaders hiring veterans through the Troops to Teachers Program and in the past three years has helped 393 veterans obtain positions in Florida's schools. For more information on the program, visit the Troops to Teachers website at (
For more veteran job news, tips, and job postings, visit the ( Veteran Jobs Center.

Warrior Care: Recovery and Rehab
The U.S. Army's ( Warrior Transition Command (WTC) focuses on the special programs designed to support the recovery and rehabilitation of wounded, ill and injured Soldiers recovering at ( Warrior Transition Units (WTUs). The recovery and rehabilitation process helps the Soldiers complete periodic self-assessments that address areas for a holistic recovery. Each Soldier benefits from a Triad of Care to collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of medical and non-medical professionals to support the Soldier during every step of the recovery and transition process. For more information, including resources related to Warrior Care, visit the Army's ( ... id=standto) Stand-To! website.
For more Wounded Warrior news, visit the ( Wounded Warrior section.

Transitioning? Create Your Plan
The Transition Center now features a ( ... personalized Transition Action Plan for those leaving the military, those retiring from a career in the military and National Guard and Reserve personnel. The Transition Action Plan tool guides the servicemember using a timeline that recommends specific steps to take at certain key points; whether they are leaving the service in a few months or a few years. ( ... Read More.

Marines, Sailors Told to Update Info
It is vital for Marines, Sailors and spouses to understand the importance of keeping the servicemember's recall information up-to-date at ( Marine Online (MOL) or ( Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS). Every Marine is required to have a MOL account, and every Sailor is required to have an NSIP account. Both Marines and Sailors have the ability to log into these systems and update their recall information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the Marines or Sailors responsibility to ensure their recall contact information is updated at all time. For more information, visit the Navy Personnel Command's ( ... nsips.aspx) NSIPS webpage.
For more military news, visit the ( News Center.

Senate Looks Into Predatory Lending
While programs are in place to combat predatory lending practices that target servicemembers and their families, witnesses told the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation Nov. 21 that better rules and enforcement are needed. As a former military spouse and assistant director of the consumer financial protection bureau, office of servicemember affairs, Holly Petraeus recalled the history and subsequent changes of predatory lending.
( ... roops.html) Read the full article on

Navy Wounded Warrior Call Center
The Navy Wounded Warrior (NWW) - Safe Harbor call center -- which connects people to the catalog of services provided by the Navy's sole wounded warrior support program -- has received more than 1,100 calls throughout its first year of operation. Representatives field telephone inquiries 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It is the first call center dedicated exclusively to the Navy's wounded warrior program. The NWW call center can be reached at 855-NAVP WWP (628-9997). Sailors and Coast Guardsmen may self-refer to NWW, or be referred by a family member, their command leadership or their medical team. To learn more, call 855-NAVP WWP (628-9997), visit the ( Navy Wounded Warrior website or email (
For more Wounded Warrior news, visit the ( Wounded Warrior section.

AF Attache Application Deadline
Active duty line of the Air Force captains, majors and lieutenant colonels interested in attache duty must submit an application by Dec. 12. Tour lengths will range from 24 to 36 months. More information for interested officers will be available in a webinar scheduled for Dec. 4, 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, on the ( Defense Connect Online website; enter "attache" in the search window. For more information about the attache program including application and submission instructions, visit the Air Force Portal and enter "attache program" in the search window, or visit the ( myPers website and enter "PSDM 13-112" in the search window.
For more Air Force news, visit the ( News Center.

Warrior Resilience Course
The ( Warrior Transition Command (WTC) Cadre Resilience Course (CRC) is a tailored version of Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness' (CSF2) ( Master Resilience Trainer course, specifically designed for those caring for wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers and their families. The trainees are a cadre is made up of those who care for wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers. For more information, included resources related to Wounded Warrior care, visit the Army's ( ... id=standto) Stand-To! website.
For more Wounded Warrior news, visit the ( Wounded Warrior section.

Navy Sexual Assault Survey
Currently, 29,000 Sailors and Marines have completed the U.S. Navy's ( 2013 sexual assault survey. The survey looks at the prevalence of sexual assault across the force, barriers to reporting, and bystander intervention. If you have not completed the survey, there is still time to so. The Navy's goal is a minimum of 65,000 respondents by the end of the year. The survey is found at ( and the password is 2013Survey.
For more military news, visit the ( News Center.

AAFES Patriot Pet Photo Contest
Now through December 12, a picture of your pet dressed in its finest holiday attire could be worth up to $1,000 during the 2013 Exchange Patriot Pet Online Holiday Photo Contest. To enter, visit the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (Exchange) Facebook page at at ( and fill out the entry form or send a digital holiday-themed photograph of your pet plus a description (name, breed or type of pet) of your pet in 50 words or less to ( Entrants must include their name, email and home address, name of the nearest Exchange, daytime phone number, rank or occupation of sponsor. One grand-prize winner will receive a $1000 Exchange gift card. For more information, contact your local Exchange.
For more news on pets and the military, visit the ( Pet Corner.

Troops Can Record Holiday Messages
The Joint Hometown News Service is partnering this year with SiriusXM Radio to enable servicemembers worldwide to send holiday greetings to loved ones back home. Military members anywhere can call a toll-free number, 888-776-2790 or DSN 312-733-4660, to record a holiday message for airing on the satellite radio network. Airmen can call the numbers around the clock and leave a 15 second greeting,. They will be prompted by a recorded message to provide their name, rank, duty location, hometown and then a short greeting to friends or family.
For more military family support resources, visit the ( Family Center.

Get Your VA Loan Answers Here
Wondering how you can get the most out of your VA Loan? Follow the ( VA loan blog to stay up to date with tips and get the real facts about the benefits of using your VA loan. ( Read More.

Navy 2014 Petty Officer Quotas
More than 21,000 active duty and 500 Full Time Support (FTS) Sailors are expected to advance to E4, E5, and E6 with the release of the Fall Petty Officer Advancement Results this week. As expected, advancements to E4, E5, and E6 remains above the 10-year average. BUPERS Online (BOL) is not expected to be available this week for viewing of results. ( ... eased.html) Read the full article on

AF Offers SPB Guidance
Survivor Benefit Plan program enrollment is now available for eligible retirees in same-sex marriages. The Department of Defense recently issued guidance stating, effective June 26, 2013, a person who became eligible to participate in the SBP program and is married to a same-sex spouse will have the program applied as with any other retiree married couple. Retirees married to a same-sex partner on or before June 26, 2013 must apply for SBP coverage by June 25, 2014. Retirees who became married to a same-sex partner after June 26, 2013 much apply for SBP coverage before the first anniversary date. Retirees should seek the assistance of an SBP counselor when making an election. For more information or help with completing SBP application forms, call 877-353-6807 to contact the SBP or casualty assistance representative at the nearest Air Force base.
For more guides to the SBP, visit the ( ... nefit-plan) Survivor Benefit Plan section.

AAFES 2013 Holiday Catalog
The Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) ( ... 4/sizes/l/) 2013 Holiday catalog is now available in Exchange stores and at ( The 36-page catalog is packed with the hottest gift ideas and holiday home decor. No shipping fees apply for orders totaling $49 or more made with a Military Star TM Card. Shoppers can pick up the Exchange 2013 Holiday catalog at their local Exchange or at ( this AAFES site.
For updated discounts for servicemembers, veterans and military families, visit the ( Discount Center.

Navy Looks to Veterans
An innovative Office of Naval Research (ONR) program is looking to Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard veterans for the cutting edge in alternative energy-and is highlighted this week in a new video released during the Navy's Warrior Care Month. The Energy Systems Technology Evaluation Program (ESTEP) provides student veterans with internships in Navy organizations using advanced technologies. Examples of such work include evaluation of smart grid and solar energy use at Camp Pendleton; development of cyber-secured energy management systems; and enhancing wind-resistant rooftop photovoltaic panels. To view the ( ... &lpid=3135) video, visit the ( ... YouTube website.
For more military news, visit the ( News Center.

$200,000 SGLI Alternative: Only $14 a Month
Your family's future is important. Could your family survive financially if the unthinkable happened? Prepare your family with ( ... $200,000 quality coverage from only $14 a month.

Skip Long Lines at Airports
A program allowing servicemembers to go through an expedited airport screening process is expanding to include reservists and more airports Dec. 20. The Pre Check program allows servicemembers keep on their shoes, light outerwear and belts during the security-screening process. Also, servicemembers can keep laptops and approved liquid bags in their carry-on luggage. All servicemembers are eligible to participate in the program. To participate in the program, servicemembers enter their Department of Defense ID number on the back of their common access card into the Known Traveler Number section when making reservations. Participants are not required to be on official travel or in uniform. For a list of participating airports and airlines, visit the Transportation Security Administration website at (
For more military news, visit the ( News Center.

TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery
TRICARE Home Delivery allows beneficiaries to get up to a 90-day supply of their medications (versus 30-days from a retail pharmacy). Home Delivery features $0 copays for generic medications and $13 for brand-name medications. When beneficiaries want to move a prescription to Home Delivery, there are several choices: (1) use the Express Scripts website or mobile app at; (2) call the Express Scripts Member Choice Center toll-free at: 877-363-1433; (3) ask their doctor to submit their prescription by e-prescribing to Express Scripts Mail Pharmacy, (4) have the doctor fax the order form and prescription to Express Scripts at 877-895-1900; (5) mail the ( ... erForm.pdf) order form and 90-day prescription directly to Express Scripts at P.O. Box 52150, Phoenix, AZ 85072-9954. For more information, visit the TRICARE Home Delivery webpage at ( ... eDelivery/) ... eDelivery/.
For more on TRICARE benefits, visit the ( TRICARE section.
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