Navy / Marine Corps News highlights for Jan. 6-20

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Navy / Marine Corps News highlights for Jan. 6-20

#1 Postby boardman » Thu Jan 18, 2007 5:45 pm

Navy / Marine Corps News headlines for the week of Jan. 13-20, 2007
Story Number: NNS070118-13

By Navy News Service

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Headlines Ashore and Afloat for the week ending January 20th, 2007:
- Secretary of the Navy Donald Winter named CVN 78, a carrier to be commissioned in 2016, in honor of former President Gerald R. Ford.
- The Navy issued a stop work order to Lockheed Martin Corporation on the construction of LCS 3 due to an unexpected production cost increase.

NMCN Stories:
- Cpl. Jason Dunham is inducted into the Hall of Heroes at the Pentagon.
- An update on test firing of a rail gun system from Dahlgren, Virginia.
- Marines from the 3rd Reconnaissance Platoon in Okinawa train for close quarters and urban combat.

Break 1:
Global Distance Support :29
Our Town (Bisbee, Arizona) :59

NMCN Stories:
- The Naval Expeditionary Combat Command celebrates its first anniversary.
- A day in the life of maintaining boilers and handling fuel aboard USS Harpers Ferry.
- Introduction of a new electronic currency system which can replace cash.

Fleet Information:
- Updated rating entry levels have been announced for non-designated Sailors.
- The religious program specialist rating celebrates its 28th anniversary.
- The fiscal year 2007 broken service re-enlistment bonus guidance has been released.

Break 2:
Overseas Duty :59
Voices From Home :29
All Hands (January) :29

NMCN Stories:
- One team, one fight also includes the spouse who keeps everything together on the homefront.
- The role of the Sexual Assault Victim Intervention advocate (SAVI) is covered.
- Martin Luther King, Jr. is remembered in a ceremony by San Diego Sailors.

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