Ten Names To Be Added To The Wall On Memorial Day 2012

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Ten Names To Be Added To The Wall On Memorial Day 2012

#1 Postby boardman » Tue May 08, 2012 10:25 am

Ten names will be officially added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Memorial Day, 2012. There are now 58,282 names on the Wall.

On May 26, 1966, an EA-3B Skywarrior took off at night from Naval Air Station Cubi Point in the Philippines on an emergency mission to support combat operations in Vietnam. Heavy typhoon rain caused both engines to fail. The pilot attempted to restart the engines several times without success then ordered the crew to bail out while he continued restart attempts. Four men had bailed out before the engines restarted. The body of only one of the men was found several days later. These men lost their lives in service to our country: (The link in front of each man’s name will show his memorial page.) http://www.VirtualWall.org/da/AubinJW01a.htm ATC Joseph Aubin http://www.VirtualWall.org/dh/HuntRC01a.htm ATR3 Richard Hunt http://www.VirtualWall.org/dl/LinzyWA01a.htm LT Walter Linzy http://www.VirtualWall.org/ds/StockerRD01a.htm Richard Stocker

PFC Johnny Owen Brooks from Stockton, California was severely injured in Vietnam on November 14, 1969. He returned to the USA but died from his injuries in 2011. http://www.VirtualWall.org/db/BrooksJO01a.htm PFC Johnny Brooks

Specialist 4 David Lawrence Deckard of Greenville, Indiana was severely injured in Vietnam on March 24, 1969. He died from those injuries in 2006. http://www.VirtualWall.org/dd/DeckardDL01a.htm SP4 David Deckard

Navy Lieutenant David Mc Lean Desilets died on September 4, 1966 on a ship offshore of Vietnam, but still in "combat waters." http://www.VirtualWall.org/dd/DesiletsDM01a.htm David M Desilets

Specialist 4 Larry Morgan Kelly of Akron, Ohio died in 2010 from serious injuries he incurred in Vietnam on August 22, 1969. http://www.VirtualWall.org/dk/KellyLM01a.htm Larry M Kelly

Navy Airman Albert Kalahana Kuewa of Haleiwa, Hawaii died on September 18, 1964 on a ship that was offshore of Vietnam but still in combat waters. http://www.VirtualWall.org/dk/KuewaAK01a.htm Albert Kuewa

Marine Corporal Frank Anthony Neary of Ocean, New Jersey, was severely injured in Vietnam on February 24, 1966 and died from those injuries in 2006. http://www.VirtualWall.org/dn/NearyFA01a.htm Frank Neary

Several names have been added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall every year since it was built in 1982. In some cases their deaths had been accidentally mis-classified and in other cases the men died later from serious injuries incurred in the war. All 58,282 American military casualties of the war (8 were women) are honored on the web site named The Virtual Wall (TM) http://www.VirtualWall.org

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