Military Report - Week of April 14, 2014

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Military Report - Week of April 14, 2014

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Military Report - Week of April 14, 2014

Bankers Committed to Hiring Veterans
Start your civilian career with Bankers. As a business solutions leader they can provide endless opportunity and a career path that lets you choose where you want to be. ( ... Read More.

Featured Discount: Special Prices at's exclusive pricing on protective eyewear, glasses, and contact lenses is only ( ... available to the military community and first responders.

AAFES Warns of Broker Scams
The Army & Exchange Service is warning military shoppers about scammers posing as servicemembers offering to broker the sale of used boats, cars and motorcycles through the Exchange. The Exchange is authorized to sell new cars and motorcycles, but only overseas. Exchange facilities are located solely on military installations. While the Exchange does have mail order and Internet offerings, the Exchange does not advertise in civilian outlets such as metropolitan newspapers or automobile sales magazines. All advertisements for legitimate Exchange offerings are published in outlets whose audiences mostly comprise military members. For more information, contact your local Exchange.
For military and veteran discounts on everything from shopping to travel, visit the ( Discount Center.

Child Abuse Prevention Month
April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Child abuse and neglect is any act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation of a child or an act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm, according to The Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA). For more information about child abuse awareness and prevention and the many resources available, contact your base family advocacy program or call the Department of Defense's child safety hotline at (887) 790-1197.
For more military family support resources, visit the ( Family Center.

MOAA Storms the Hill, Testifies for Troops
Members of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) from 50 states visited nearly all 535 representatives April 9 to discuss actions necessary to support the All-Volunteer Force during MOAA's annual Storming the Hill event. At the same time, MOAA Government Relations Director Mike Hayden testified on behalf of The Military Coalition before the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) Military Personnel Subcommittee to emphasize though debt reduction is a national priority, a disproportionate share of the burden of debt reduction should not be foisted on the Pentagon or military families. For more, read ( this article.

Marine Corps Training on YouTube
Marine Corps Systems Command launched a new ( ... bZHdhGsQQw) YouTube channel that will feature training videos and other information about gear and equipment the command fields to Marines. The first two features on the channel are training videos for the ( Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) and the ( Marine Corps Sleep System. The ECH will soon be issued to deploying Marines, and the sleep system is already being used by Marines in the field. The Marine Corps System Command YouTube video page and the new videos are available on ( ... bZHdhGsQQw) YouTube.
For more military videos, visit the ( Video Center.

Future Air Force Aircraft
The Air Force has outlined what the next 25 years for remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) will look like in the recently-published RPA Vector. The document gives private corporations an outlook on the capabilities the Air Force wants to have in the future, ranging from creation of new RPAs to possibilities of automated refueling systems. The future of the Air Force's RPA programs will be continuously evolving. For more information and to view the remotely piloted aircraft vector, read the ( ... 3-2038.pdf) RPA Vector.
For comprehensive guides on military equipment, see the ( Equipment Guide.

Top 8 Bargain Housing Markets Near Military Bases
For servicemembers considering a home purchase, are rising prices bad news? Not necessarily. Appreciating values make owning more beneficial. ( ... Read More.

Equipment Guides: Weapons, Vehicles, and More
Find past and present aircraft, weapons, electronics, and more with the Equipment Guide. ( Read More.

Free Online Tutoring for MilFams
Eligible military-affiliated students can receive instant help from an online tutor at Approximately 3,000 subject matter experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the exception of certain holidays. Every tutor is prescreened and supervised as they help clients. Eligible military patrons can set up an account online at Students chat anonymously with a tutor via online messaging. For subjects that require visual aids, like math, students and tutors can draw on a special digital whiteboard. There is also a smartphone application available for the website. For more information about eligibility, the website's features and creating an account, visit (
For guides on military education benefits and tuition assistance, visit the ( Education section.

Hottest Jobs for New Veterans
New veterans should seek jobs in the fields of technology, operations management and engineering, according to an annual ranking of the newly-released list, "Top 20 Hot Jobs For Veterans." Other "hot" career paths for veterans, as ranked by G.I. Jobs, which publishes the list, include logistician, customer service management, and manufacturing tech. The published list provides the average national salaries for those positions as well as the names of companies hiring in each category. The list is available on the ( GI Jobs website.
For more veteran job news, listings and resources, visit the ( Veteran Jobs Center.

AAFES Easter Contest
The Army & Air Force Exchange Service wants to fill shoppers' baskets with $3,000 in Exchange gift cards just in time for Easter with its latest contest sponsored by Hershey, Mars and Wrigley. ( ... 3/sizes/l/) The Hunt Is On contest starts at the Exchange where shoppers search for clues throughout the store. A clue map can be picked up at the store or downloaded from the Exchange's Patriot Family Connection website at ( ... ntests.htm) After collecting all five answers, contestants can go to the Exchange's Facebook page to post their findings. All five correct answers must be provided to qualify for the prizes. The Exchange's Hunt Is On contest runs through April 20. For more information, contact your local Exchange.
For military and veteran discounts on everything from shopping to travel, visit the ( Discount Center.

AAFES Homeward Bound Giveaways
The Army & Air Force Exchange Service offers a wide variety of giveaways as part of its Homeward Bound campaign. From April 11-17, one lucky winner will take home a $5,000 Exchange gift card courtesy of XBOX. From April 18-30, shoppers can enter to win a 173-bottle wine refrigerator and a dinner party for ten with David Mirassou, a sixth generation wine maker. Three runners-up will receive a 28-bottle capacity platinum wine cooler. Finally, from April 25-May 1, a Waterford Crystal Eagle valued at approximately $300 will be given away. For more information about Homeward Bound, visit the Exchange's Homeward Bound webpage at (
For military and veteran discounts on everything from shopping to travel, visit the ( Discount Center.

Study Looks at Helping Caregivers
The largest-ever study of military caregivers has found that Americans who are taking care of veterans who served after 9/11 are younger than other caregivers, are usually employed outside the home and are more likely to care for someone who has a behavioral health problem. Despite their contributions, researchers found there are few public or private programs that directly support the needs of military caregivers. The RAND report is based on the largest and most-comprehensive survey conducted of military caregivers in the United States. Researchers surveyed a representative sample of more than 1,100 military caregivers and compared their experiences to both civilian caregivers and noncaregivers. The report is available on the ( RAND website.
For more military family support resources, visit the ( Family Center.

How to Get An Online Job
It turns out getting an online job is not as mysterious as it seems. According to military spouses who have gotten them, getting a remote job is just as easy (and just as hard) as getting one you have to show up in person for every day. Learn some tips by reading ( ... e-job.html) this article.
For more veteran job news, listings and resources, visit the ( Veteran Jobs Center.

New CSAF Reading List
The Chief of Staff of the Air Force 2014 Reading List contains 12 books, seven films, seven TED talks, web-based resources, artwork and photography selections. The CSAF reading list titles have been purchased for all Air Force libraries, and titles published in digital format are available electronically through the Air Force Library's OverDrive program. To access the online library, visit the Air Force Portal and click on the resources tab in the navigation tool bar. Once on the resource page, scroll down to OverDrive and click on the hyperlink. Visit a local installation library for assistance. For more information, visit the ( Air Force Chief of Staff Reading List webpage. For more information about Air Force libraries and other quality of life programs, visit the USAF Services website at ( or My Air Force Life website at ( For information about other personnel issues, visit ( MyPers.
For more Air Force news, visit the ( News Center.

New AF Core Value Video
Air Force senior leaders recently released a video as part of an ongoing effort to communicate the importance of living and adhering to the service core values. "Service before self is the essence of our commitment to the nation ... it's what binds us as Airmen and our warfighting team," says Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III. The video is available on the ( ... ogans.aspx) Air Force website.
For more military videos, visit the ( Video Center.

Sr. Enlisted Support Pay Cap and TRICARE Changes
The armed services personnel subcommittee asked the top enlisted leaders how military quality of life would be impacted if Congress votes to cap the annual pay raise again, and also to dampen housing allowance increases, allow commissary prices to jump and raise medical fees for families and retirees. In the face of looming sequestration driven budget chaos, the answer was simple -- "get on with it."
( ... readiness/) Read the Military Update to get the full story.

Sponsored Discount: Save an Extra 10%* on Select PCs & Tablets
Because Dell appreciates everything you do for us, we would like to invite you to take advantage of exclusive military discounts on Dell PCs featuring 4th Gen Intel(R) Core processors, electronics and so much more. Whether you're at home or abroad, ( ... 551-0?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]) soldiers save big with Dell.

Navy College to Add Programs
The Navy College Office (NCO) serving Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola and surrounding locations has announced that it will offer additional degree programs based on the online Educational Needs Assessment Survey conducted late last year. The next step in the process is a request for proposals from schools that provide the degree programs identified in the needs assessment. Base leadership will play a key part in the selection process for any new and additional degree programs. The Navy College Program supports the personal and professional growth of Sailors by providing them opportunities to earn degrees that enhance their analytical skills and ability to make informed decisions. For more information, visit the ( Navy College Program (NCP) website, the Naval Education and Training Command website at (, ( ... ingCommand) Facebook page and ( Twitter: @NETCPAO.
For guides on military education benefits and tuition assistance, visit the ( Education section.

Navy Renews Education Voucher Program
The Chief of Naval Personnel has announced funding for the FY-14 Advanced Education Voucher (AEV) program, which provides financial assistance to selected senior enlisted personnel (E7-E9) to complete post-secondary, Navy-relevant degrees through off-duty education. The deadline for applying for FY-14 programs is May 24, 2014. Applications should be sent to Naval Education and Training Command (N523), 250 Dallas Street, Pensacola, FL, 32508-5220. For more information on the program, call Master Chief Electronics Technician (EXW/FPJ) Richard Simpson, AEV and enlisted learning and development coordinator (NETC N523) at (850) 452-7268 (DSN 459). Additional information about the AEV program is available on the ( Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) Website. After logging on, click the 'learning' tab, then go to the 'quick link' -learning master link for AEV located on the left hand side of the page.
For guides on military education benefits and tuition assistance, visit the ( Education section.

Navy Offers Aviator Bonuses
Qualified Navy aviators can now receive up to $125,000 in bonuses. Aviation Career Continuation Pay (ACCP) bonuses are offered to pilots and naval flight officers (NFO) to retain skilled personnel for critical naval aviation billets. A list of the ACCP bonuses available is on the ( U.S. Navy website. Applications for ACCP must be received before Aug. 31. For more information, visit the Aviation Officer Community Manager page at (
For more on military pay and bonuses, visit the (http:/// Benefits section.

Marine Corps Online Tactical Training
The Marine Corps Semper Fit Program's High Intensity Tactical Training Program (HITT) is now available through a website and mobile application. The HITT Program is a comprehensive, functionally-based strength and conditioning program related to high-intensity training for all active-duty and Reserve Marines. The program takes into consideration the physical demands of operational related activities in order to optimize and sustain physical performance while in combat. For more information, visit the HITT website at ( The free mobile app can be downloaded to any mobile device by visiting iTunes or Google Play. The keyword to search for the mobile app is HITT. Once downloaded, Marines can view all exercises and workout videos related to the HITT Program.
For military-level fitness programs and tips, visit the ( Fitness channel.

New AF Innovation Program
The Air Force has announced the creation of a new program designed to harness Airmen's innovation. Airmen Powered by Innovation (API) will replace three existing Air Force "good idea" programs. Installations' manpower offices will be responsible for assisting and supporting Airmen as they submit ideas. API will also offer Airmen increased access to assistance prior to submitting ideas and institute a top-down tracking requirement, which includes confirming and documenting savings realized from implementing Airmen's ideas. Airmen who wish to submit ideas through API may do so by working with their local AFSO21 office.
For more Air Force news, visit the ( News Center.

Updated AF Voluntary Separations
Select Airmen in specific categories who were not formerly eligible for fiscal year 2014 force management voluntary separation are now being offered voluntary separation. Officers from 33 Air Force specialty codes by year group and enlisted Airmen from seven AFSCs by grade are now eligible to apply for voluntary force management programs. Visit the following links for more information: (1) Officer AFSCs by year group added to the ( ... 03-077.pdf) eligibility list; (2) Officer AFSCs by year group removed from the ( ... 03-082.pdf) eligibility list; (3) Enlisted AFSCs by grade added to the ( ... 03-083.pdf) eligibility list; and (4) Enlisted AFSCs by grade removed from the ( ... 03-084.pdf) eligibility list. For more information, visit ( myPers. To get to the force management page, select "Search All Components" in the keyword drop down menu, and enter "Active Duty: FY14 Force Management Program" in the search window.
For more Air Force news, visit the ( News Center.

PCSing? Ready for a New Home? Use Your VA Loan
If you are PCSing or just ready to move, now is the time to see how much financing you can get with your VA Loan Benefit. You don't have to pay PMI or have a large down payment. ( ... Use your VA Loan Benefit today.
( Want more info on your VA Loan Benefit?

AF Warns of IPTU Shortage
Airmen may have a difficult time finding the Air Force improved physical training uniform (IPTU) pants and jackets this spring and summer. The new issued IPTU is made with a softer fabric and will replace the legacy physical training uniform. There will be a transition period as the legacy stock is depleted and the new stock is ordered. The shorts have already transitioned and the T-shirt is not affected. During the transition period, the chief encourages Airmen to rely on additional physical training uniform combinations outlined in Air Force Instruction 36-2903, " ( ... 09-049.pdf) Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel".
For more Air Force news, visit the ( News Center.

SGLI/VGLI Too Much? Get $100k Protection for Only $7 a Month
Protection for less. Get $100,000 in coverage from only $7 a month. ( ... Can your family afford their lifestyle if something happened to you?

A Look at the Credit Score Benefits of VA Loans
VA loans provide an array of significant homebuying benefits for qualified borrowers, from no down payment or private mortgage insurance to consistently lower interest rates. ( ... Read More.
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