Military Report - Week of July 14, 2014

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Military Report - Week of July 14, 2014

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Military Report - Week of July 14, 2014

Navy Blue H Award Winners
The Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) recently announced that 281 Navy and Marine Corps organizations have received the 2013 Blue H - Navy Surgeon General's Health Promotion and Wellness Award. All Navy commands and USMC Semper Fit Programs can apply for the award. The Blue H is managed by NMCPHC and is organized into three distinct criteria sets: Fleet, Medical and Semper Fit. View the complete list of 2013 Blue H winners and the criteria for the 2014 Blue H Award at on the ( ... lue-h.aspx) NMCPHC website. Learn more about NMCPHC is sponsoring webinars that help organizations with their ( ... inars.aspx) 2014 Blue H work. Follow the ( ... althCenter) Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center on Facebook for the latest news and updates on health promotion and wellness.
For more Navy and Marine Corps news updates, visit the ( News Center.

Many eBenefit Applications Set to Expire
Most veterans who started their disability claims through the Web portal eBenefits failed to complete them -- and thousands of incomplete applications are due to expire this month. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense rolled out their joint portal technology to all 56 regional offices in July 2013. However, only 72,000 claims have been completed and approved since that time while 228,000 are incomplete. The portal allows the veteran to start a claim online, but not necessarily complete it, in order to hold a date of claim. They would then have 365 days to submit the necessary documentation. It is not clear whether veterans who began a claim online later submitted a paper application. For more information on eBenefits, visit ( ... its.portal) VA's eBenefits website.
For more veterans benefits info and updates, visit the ( Military Advantage blog.

Twilight Tattoo Returns
Twilight Tattoo is an hour-long, live-action military pageant featuring Soldiers from the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) and the U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own." Audience members from around the world experience a glimpse into American history through the performances, which begin at 7 p.m. Pre-ceremony pageantry begins at 6:45 p.m. Performances will be located at Whipple Field, Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (JBM-HH) in Fort Myer, Va. and of course if the weather is bad, it is held indoors at Conmy Hall also on JBM-HH. The 2014 Twilight Tattoo season has performances scheduled for each Wednesday evening until Aug. 20. Dates and times are subject to change, so check the ( Twilight Schedule online.
For more military-related entertainment and leisure news, visit the ( Off-duty Center.

Airmen: Review Your Emergency Data
When Airmen go through major changes in their life, such as marriage, a permanent change of station, or having a child, one of the first things they should do is update their virtual Record of Emergency Data (vRED). Airmen can access their vRED thru the ( myPers website. Once at the myPers' home page Airmen should click the "Update my virtual Record of Emergency Data" link. This will take them to a page directing them how to access their Record of Emergency Data. For more information about emergency contact data and other personnel issues, visit the ( myPers website or contact a casualty assistance representative at the nearest Airman and Family Readiness Center.
For more Air Force news updates, visit the ( News Center.

Renew Your TRICARE 'Compliance Card'
The DD Form 2560 Compliance Card used at military medical facilities is a convenient way for beneficiaries to show that they have completed the required Third Party Collection/Other Health Insurance paperwork that verifies the type of medical coverage they have, whether it is TRICARE or some other brand of insurance. The Third Party/OHI/Compliance Card form must be filled out once a year, or more often during hospital stays, ambulatory procedure visits (outpatient surgery) or when there is a change in insurance status. Per DOD Instruction 6010.1, all non-active-duty beneficiaries are required to fill out form 2569 whether or not they have other health insurance. When the form is completed, a new compliance card is issued. The card should be presented with a military ID at each visit. For more information, contact your local military medical facility.
For more on TRICARE, visit the ( TRICARE section.

Navy Report on Sea Mammal Protection
A newly released scientific report demonstrates the viability of a new method to estimate received sound levels during real scenarios and analyzes movements of satellite-tagged individuals of three species of marine mammals exposed to Navy mid-frequency active sonar around Kauai's Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF). Researchers are encouraged by the prospects for using this integrated approach to learn more about the behavior of sound in the water and how it affects marine life. The report is available ( ... posure.pdf) online.
For more Navy news updates, visit the ( News Center.

Sponsored Discount: Nissan's Got Your Back with Exclusive Savings
You watch our back. Now we've got yours. Nissan is proud to provide eligible military personnel with the best savings program in the country. It's the same pricing we give our family & friends. (;107545909;n) Read More.

TRICARE Lab Test Coverage Restored
The Defense Health Agency will restore ( TRICARE coverage this month for up to 40 genetic tests used in patient care. Many of these laboratory-developed tests -- also called molecular pathology tests -- are viewed as medically necessary. But TRICARE had stopped reimbursing for more than 100 such tests in January 2013, believing it lacked authority to pay for them when such tests are ordered by civilian physicians delivering care through TRICARE provider networks. ( ... lab-tests/) Read the full article in this week's Military Update.

Report Shows Progress in VA Health Care
The Department of Veterans Affairs has released its bi-monthly data update showing progress on VA efforts to accelerate access to quality health care for Veterans who have been waiting for appointments. VA's outreach has now extended to nearly 140,000 Veterans across the country to get them off of wait lists and into clinics for medical appointments. VA also released the latest updated, facility-level patient ( access data. For more information and to download the bi-monthly data reports, visit the VA Access Audit webpage at (
For more veterans benefits info and updates, visit the ( Military Advantage blog.

Preparing for Hurricanes
Every family should have a hurricane preparedness plan and most importantly a hurricane preparedness kit. A hurricane preparedness kit should include important documents, clothing, medication, tools, food and water, hygiene items, first aid supplies, kitchen items, comfort items and most importantly cash. Every kit and plan should have the specific needs of different family members. Current information about your family and their statuses are also very important. For more tips, visit the National Hurricane Center website at (, the website at (, and the Centers for Disease Control website at (
For more on emergency preparedness, visit the ( ... eparedness) Family section.

AAFES Homeward Bound Giveaways
Military shoppers who visit the Army and Air Force Exchange Service's (AAFES) Facebook page at ( during July's Homeward Bound promotions may enter to win prizes throughout the month including: (1) one of six $5,000 Exchange gift cards courtesy of Burger King from July 4-31; (2) July 18-24 to win a package from Iovate nutritional products; and (3) one of 10 $750 Exchange gift cards, courtesy of GoPro from July 25-31. For more information about upcoming Homeward Bound promotions, shoppers can visit the AAFES Homeward Bound website at (
For more discounts for military families and veterans, visit the ( Discount Center.

New Marine Corps Officer Courses
The Marine Corps' new hybrid professional military courses will give captains and majors a greater opportunity to experience a residential learning environment. It will also allow Marines to finish the courses in less time and near their home station. The "Blended Seminar Program" approach will allow the Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS) and the Command and Staff College to make the best use of practical application with a shorter residential section and self-study with the online portion. Courses will be delivered in three stages, which include several weeks in a resident period at the beginning and end, and an online portion at the course mid-point. To reserve seats at Quantico for EWS, contact Mr. Stuart Weinstein, phone(703)784-5448. To reserve seats at Quantico for CSC, contact Mr. Dennis Haskin at (703) 432-5257.
For more on military education benefits, visit the ( Education section.

Bill Aims to Reform Vocational Rehab and Training
A new bipartisan bill focused on giving wounded warriors improved rehabilitation and employment training was announced this week by Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) and Rep. Markwayne Mullin (OK-02). The Wounded Warrior Employment Improvement Act (H.R. 5032), with support by the Wounded Warrior Project, DAV and VetsFirst, would reform the Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program, and require VA to reduce caseloads, increase education program enrollment, and create a new training program for staff working with wounded warriors. For more details, ( ... ation.html) see this page.

TERA Offered to Sr. Air Force Officers
Air Force majors not selected for promotion for a second time during the CY14A Lieutenant Colonel Line of the Air Force/LAF-J central selection board, including those who declined continuation, may be eligible for the Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA) Program. TERA applications, including commander coordination, are due to AFPC no later than Sept. 30, 2014. Officers can apply via the virtual military personnel flight online retirement application process. For more information about force management, including complete TERA eligibility and application details and TAP information, visit the ( myPers website, select the force management link in the left column and go to the officer force management programs section.
For more Air Force news updates, visit the ( News Center.

Army Sexual Assault Response Centers
The Army's Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention program aims to synchronize and professionalize victim advocacy services by establishing SHARP Resource Centers on military installations across the globe. The Army intends to launch 11 pilot SHARP Resource Centers within the coming months, using the center already at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, as a model to analyze the effectiveness and assess costs needed to provide SHARP services in centers on other military installations. The centers will also house Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART). For more information about the Army SHARP Program, visit the Army SHARP website at (
For more news related to sexual assault and the military, see this ( section.

Employment and Empowerment Summit
The American Legion will hold a two-day Employment Workshop and Hiring Event, called the "Employment and Empowerment Summit," to be held in conjunction with its 96th National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina from August 25-26. It is specifically designed, free of charge, for transitioning service members, veterans and their spouses. ( ... kshop.html) Read more about this event and how to attend.

Military Consumer Protection Day
On July 16, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and 35 other federal, state government, and non-profit organizations -- including the Department of Defense, the Federal Trade Commission, Military Saves and the Better Business Bureau -- will join together to mark Military Consumer Protection Day (MCPD). MCPD is a collaborative effort that was created to provide the military community with tips on protecting themselves against scams and the best information to make better financial decisions in the consumer marketplace. MCPD will also highlight free consumer protection resources for military members. These resources can also help servicemembers, military families, and veterans guard themselves against consumer fraud and make better-informed decisions when managing and spending their money. Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, Fort Sam Houston, Wright-Patterson AFB and other military installations across the country will be holding MCPD fairs. You can find more information on MCPD at (
For more personal finance tips, visit the ( Money section.

$1 Million Coverage from Only $41 a Month
Protection for less. Get up to $1,000,000 Coverage from only $41 a month. ( ... Could your family afford their lifestyle if something happened to you?

Continued Service in Air Guard, Reserve
Palace Chase and Palace Front offer Airmen a unique opportunity to continue serving while filling critical total force needs in an Air Reserve component. The Air Force Reserve (AFR) and Air National Guard (ANG) still have numerous positions available. Interested Airmen should first contact their local in-service recruiter for additional information. They may also visit the ( Air Force Reserve website or call 800-257-1212 for the AFR, or visit the ( Air National Guard Careers webpage or call 800-TOGOANG for the ANG.
For more Air Force news updates, visit the ( News Center.

AF Early Retirement Board Results
The enhanced selective early retirement board concluded June 20. AFPC will provide commanders with ESERB results for their Airmen by the end of July. Additionally, enlisted retention boards are underway. Results for the senior noncommissioned officer board are expected to be provided to senior raters by the end of July and results for the senior airman through technical sergeant ERB will be available by the middle of August. Updates to information on force management and other personnel programs will continue to be available on the ( myPers website ( . Airmen can also click the force management graphic on the ( Air Force Portal, which will take them to updated matrices and force management program details.
For more Air Force news updates, visit the ( News Center.

Retirement Planning for All Ages
With the average life expectancy 30 years longer today than it was 100 years ago, saving adequate funds to live comfortably through a long retirement has become more challenging. ( Read More.

New Navy SDAP Rates
The U.S. Navy recently announced revisions to Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) for eligible enlisted Sailors. Qualified Sailors serve in designated Special Duty Assignments (SDAs) for a monetary incentive ranging from $75 to $450 a month. The update incorporates two additions and several increases to existing SDAPs. For more information, visit the NPC's ( ... fault.aspx) SDAP webpage or speak with your Enlisted Community Manager. Additional information on SDAP is available on the ( ... N130D.ASPX) Navy Personnel Command N130D webpage.
For more on military pay and pay benefits, visit the ( Pay Center.

DOD Wrong About Personnel Cuts?
For years -- and as recently as this spring -- DoD and service leaders have insisted military personnel pay and benefits costs are "exploding out of control," that "by 2025 ... 98 cents of every dollar will be going to pay and benefits," and the time will soon come when "all we'll be doing is paying our people." The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission's (MCRMC) interim report validated Military Officers Association of America's(MOAA) analysis that military personnel costs have remained steady at about 30 percent of the defense budget. Read the rest of the story at: (

Stage Set for Military Pay Reform
On July 3, 2014, the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission (MCRMC) released an interim report. While the 358-page interim report does not make any recommendations for changes to benefits, it does document the commission's understanding of the overall current military compensation and benefit programs; relevant laws, regulations, and policies; associated appropriated federal funding; and historical background for the uniformed services' compensation and benefit programs. ( ... ay-reform/) Read the full article on the Military Advantage Blog.

New Special Needs Family Directory
Servicemembers and their families can find a comprehensive tool in the newly updated Education Directory for Children with Special Needs, which addresses opportunities in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Available on the ( ... ORY:HOME:0) Military OneSource website, the directory gives parents guidance to make informed decisions on new school districts, programs and services for special-needs children. The new directory includes information on services for speech and language, learning disabilities and physical impairments. The directory also includes a checklist to give family members questions to ask at the new school and tips for organizing school records and other advice to help in the transition. The news directory is available on the ( ... ORY:HOME:0) Military OneSource website.
For more family support resources, see this ( ... vices.html) Family Center.

Exchange Wants to Open Website to All Veterans
The Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), which operates Exchanges, Class Six stores, Shoppettes and gas stations on Army posts and Air Force bases worldwide, wants to expand who can use their online shopping option. Right now shopping both in brick and mortar stores and online is limited to ID card holders (Active Duty, Retirees, Guard and Reserve), 100 percent disabled veterans and, for the physical stores, veterans who are on hospitalized near a store location. That means that 90 percent of veterans aren't eligible to shop at the stores, which offer products with no sales tax -- a potentially major savings, especially if you are buying high ticket items. For more details, see ( ... erans.html) this article.

Use Your $0 Down and No PMI VA Loan Benefit
Now is the time to use your VA Loan. You don't have to pay PMI or have a large down payment. Plus you can get financing up to $417,000. ( ... Use your VA Loan Benefit today.
( Find out more about the VA Loan Benefit.

Retirees Can Save Up to 60% in TRICARE Costs
The AMRA TRICARE Supplement saves money and time by covering doctor co-pays, ( ... prescriptions and more.

AF Civilian Voluntary Separations
The Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) recently concluded the survey period for VERA/VSIP Round III, in which 29 installations participated, with 248 employees applying for VERA/VSIP. Of those applications, 91 employees were approved for voluntary separation effective Aug. 31. There is a need for an additional VERA/VSIP round IV survey window which is scheduled for July 21-Aug. 1. Updates to information on force management and other personnel programs will continue to be available on the ( myPers website. Airmen can also click the force management graphic on the ( Air Force Portal, which will take them to updated matrices and force management program details.
For more Air Force news updates, visit the ( News Center.

Houston Methodist Committed to Hiring Veterans
Start your civilian career with Houston Methodist. As a diverse, inclusive and growing health care system, they offer a lifetime of meaningful careers within many facilities. ( ... Read More.

Wounded Airman Program
The Air Force Association (AFA) Wounded Airman Program supports the work of the ( Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) office at each of the adaptive sports camps, as well as directly helping Airmen financially, with adapted equipment, and lifestyle items. Receive requests for aid for Wounded Airmen in two ways: directly from AFW2's office, or through an Airman that has been identified by one of the Air Force Association (AFA) members in the community. Once the organization has confirmed that the Airman is properly recorded, it then takes the necessary steps to fulfill requests as it can. For more information, visit the ( ... manprogram) AFA Wounded Airman Program webpage. For more information on the Air Force Wounded Warrior program, visit the program's website at ( For more information about other personnel issues, visit the ( myPers website.
For more wounded warrior news, visit the ( Wounded Warrior page.

Corps Offers Historical Database
Family members of Marines who were wounded, killed, deemed a prisoner of war or missing during past wars can now access their loved ones' casualty card using the Marine Corps History Division's new online database. Each casualty card lists the military member's unit, service number, type of casualty and date of death. Currently, there are digitized casualty cards for World War II, Interwar period 1946-50, and for war dogs, trained military dogs that served in combat. Korean War cards are scheduled to be complete and released this summer and Vietnam in the fall. To access the online database, visit the ( ... bases.aspx) U.S. Marine Corps History Division Casualty Card Databases webpage, or to request a copy of the original card, send an email to (
For more Marine Corps news updates, visit the ( News Center.
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