checking_coordinates.jpg (18 K)
doc_moore.jpg (14 K)
gco_officers_1967.jpg (22 K)
harvey_60mm_mortar.jpg (9 K)
harvey_nongsong_67.jpg (15 K)
Checking Coordinates Doc Moore, right front Golf Co 2/5 Officers, 1967 Harvey with 60mm Mortar Harvey at Non Song
harvey_vern_arvn.jpg (18 K)
hayles_stripes_67.jpg (11 K)
lt_arndt_airstrikes.jpg (13 K)
lt_hatch_phuloc6.jpg (12 K)
peaceonearth_67.jpg (24 K)
Harvey, Vern, ARVN Hayles stripes Lt. Arndt, Coal Mine/Non Song Air Strikes Lt. Hatch, Phu Loc 6 Peace On Earth - 1967
vern_67.jpg (7 K)
vern_nongsong_67.jpg (18 K)
Vern - 1967 Vern at Non Song 1967

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