Gene A. Tucker
Vietnam Photos

action_hill55.jpg (39 K)
buddies.jpg (53 K)
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buddies3.jpg (55 K)
buddy_plan_guy.jpg (42 K)
Action East of Phu Loc near Hill 55 Knowles, Purdue, King, Dixon, & Kosi Crack, King & Kosi Purdue, Crack, King & Unknown Guy I joined on Buddy-Plan with, he sicked out, came later on float
ch46_arrival.jpg (52 K)
chief_bavk.jpg (56 K)
chow_hill_65.jpg (67 K)
cpl_knowles.jpg (46 K)
dixon_iq.jpg (40 K)
My ride has arrived Chief, back from Saigon Uncle & Martinez looking for chow at Hill 65 dump Cpl. Knowles, I think Dixon Showing his IQ
doc_weaver.jpg (51 K)
fox_ops.jpg (51 K)
going_to_arizona.jpg (49 K)
hill55_road.jpg (46 K)
ivory.jpg (40 K)
Doc Weaver? Fox 2nd Plt. N/W of An Hoa on Ops Going to Arizona On road near Hill 55, I think Ivory, I think & unknown
line_repair.jpg (71 K)
moven_out.jpg (49 K)
purdue.jpg (59 K)
ride.jpg (50 K)
t_shay.jpg (41 K)
Line repair at Fox Co. area. Purdue with town & unknown Fox getting ready to hump Perdue & unknown We get a ride Rufus T. "T-Shay" Perdue

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