Vietnam Photographs from Chris Brown

pics/CBVN/CB1.jpg (30115 bytes)
Smitty, Figueroa, Doc Aparicio, Murray at An Hoa
pics/CBVN/CB2.jpg (23906 bytes)
Palmo, Knox, Stidham, Campbell, Figueroa, Hawkins at Nong Song
pics/CBVN/CB3.jpg (33574 bytes)
Brown on patrol near Nong Song
pics/CBVN/CB4.jpg (29094 bytes)
Gasbarrini at Nong Song
pics/CBVN/CB5.jpg (24490 bytes)
Ciesinski at Nong Song
pics/CBVN/CB6.jpg (34785 bytes)
Hudson, Stidham, Mentzer, McLeod, Figueroa at Nong Song
pics/CBVN/CB7.jpg (32730 bytes)
Profera and Figureoa at An Hoa
pics/CBVN/CB8.jpg (26409 bytes)
Hamilton at An Hoa
pics/CBVN/CB9.jpg (43077 bytes)
Back: King, Ciesinski, Moreno, Schuett
Front: Campbell, Brown, Gasbarrini, Barksdale
At An Hoa
pics/CBVN/CB10.jpg (34087 bytes)
Fox 2 Alpha mounting up for patron near Bowling Alley
Facing camera:  Blunt, McKnight, Trumble
pics/CBVN/CB11.jpg (25511 bytes)
Fox 2 Alpha
Standing:  Stallings, Brown, Gardner, Walton, McKnight
In Front:  Trumble, Gullicksen, Gonzales, Campbell, Degroat
pics/CBVN/CB12.jpg (40611 bytes)
Fox 2 Alpha
Standing:  Walton, Stallings, Hawkins, Trumble, Gullicksen, McKnight, Keif
In Front:  Gonzales, Gardner, Corwin
pics/CBVN/CB13.jpg (33938 bytes)
Trumble and Brown going up Bach Ma
pics/CBVN/CB14.jpg (40868 bytes)
Brown, Gullicksen, Corwin and Keif on patrol going up Bach Ma
pics/CBVN/CB15.jpg (60821 bytes)
Sheerin, Degroat, Doc Connelley at Hai Van Pass
pics/CBVN/CB16.jpg (61411 bytes)
Doc Connelly

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