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Youngest American KIA in Vietnam was a member of Fox 2/5 (received in mail)

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Abril, Rudy

I was with 3/5 Lima For 9 Mo. than went to CAP Unit I then ask to go Back to
Lima Co. 3/5 But CAP Unit Sent Me to 2/5 Fox for the rest of my Tour
in Viet Nam Feb. 69 Thru. Apr. 69

I came from a Cap Unit I was with Lima Co 3/5 for 6 mo the went to 2nd CAP Unit I ask to go back to the Grunt got sent to Fox Co 2/5    Served 1968-1969 ABE

223 W Loma Linda Blvd.
623 925 2565  Updated 22Jan05

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Albert, Harry


304 Confederate Ave
Brousard, LA 70518

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Allard, Gary E. 

After boot in P.I. I was sent to Camp Pendleton for A.I.T.S. I was assigned to F 2/5 weapons Plt. 1st FMF Camp Margarita. M.O.S. (0311,0331,0341,0351.. We all knew the war in Nam was coming to and end but all of us were motivated and wanted to serve as our older brothers did. I am not a young man any more but I WILL WITHOUT ANY QUESTION TAKE THE PLACE OF MY YOUNGER BROTHER(S) who are serving in the land(s) of evil.  GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MY HOME!!!!! Semper FI

475 Jude Lane
Southington, CT

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Allbritton, Dan J. "Arkie"

9767 Meyers Road
Benton, AR 72015
Updated 09Sep08

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Altman, Charlie

Leesburg, Virginia

Served with Fox  Co, 3rd platoon, 2/5 from 1989 to1992.  Went to the Gulf for Desert Storm on the USS Tripoli, came back on the Vancouver (or the Juneau, I can't remember).  Like to hear from anyone who was part of the unit around that time.

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Alvarez, Thomas (Tom)

I served in Viet Nam with the USMC between 4/70 and 4/71, majority of it with Fox 2/5out of An Hoa. I was with the machine gun team, Danny (gunner) and Artie (A-Gunner) initially as an ammo humper, then gunner with "tiny" as A-gunner, later as squad leader. Wounded near a river when five us went out to look for a night ambush site.

31653 Rhett Dr.
Spanish Fort, AL 36527

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Alvira, Rick

I was a member but have moved a few times and my newsletters stopped coming, my last contact with the group was at the commissioning of the USS Hue City at pascagoula,miss. in '91.I served with fox co 2/5 briefly before being transferred to alpha co. 1st recon but joined up with 2/5 again at hue city.

5920 west venus way
Chandler,AZ 85226
(602) 705-6803

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Amos, Gary

21631 NE 14th Pl
Redmond, WA 98053
(425) 868-3594

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Anderson, Dwight

Served in First Platoon from Jan 69 until Dec 69. Am now retired from the US Army after 30 years service in the infantry. My best buddies were Bud Canada, Dan Margrave (3rd Plt KIA Feb 69) Donnie Clough (KIA Sept  69) Tommy Byrd, and Paul Treen. Semper fi

An update. I am currently employed by the American Battle Monuments Commission. I am serving as an assistant cemetery superintendent at the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery in Belgium . WW2 Battle of the Bulge, Hurtegen Forest, German Rhine etc. You can check out to learn more about the superb mission of the ABMC. If in Europe please stop by for a visit and a cold one. Semper Fi Andy  

235 Shady Glen Ave
Point Roberts, WA  98281

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Anderson, David H. "Andy"

Like my fellow Marines on this list, I served with the Best of the Best 1967-68. There is much I could write... but the following by President Theodore Roosevelt said it all:

"It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat."

"Citizenship in a Republic," Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910

God bless us all!

Andy (Maj. O'Hara?)

4151 West Meadow Drive
Glendale, AZ  85308-4014

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Anderson, Les

Went through boot camp with Platoon 1023 MCRD San Diego Jun68-Aug68; Alpha Co., 2d ITR CamPen Aug68-Sep68; BITS Camp Horno Sep68-Oct68; Fox 2/5, 1stMarDiv Dec68-Sep69 RVN areas of An Hoa, Liberty Road/Bridge, Que Son Calley, Arizona Territory; Sep73-Jan95 USMCR, 4th MarDiv with 12th Staff Group LOSA, 3D Civil Affairs Group, Weapons Co 2/23, VMFA 134 MAG 46 MCAS El Toro.

Would like to hear from Marines I served with in above units. 

9160 Cranford Avenue
Arieta, CA 91331

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Andrus, Greg 

Served in 2nd Platoon Foxtrot. Arrived in RVN in April of 1969 and was sent to Phu Bai.  Assigned to 2nd Platoon.  Skinny Kid from Louisiana.  Nickname was "Andy" or Swamp Rabbit.  I am 59 years old and a retired police officer.  I am married to Barbara.  She won the hog board in my boot Platoon.  She waited for me to get back.  We have two daughters and now two grandsons that I hope will enlist in the Corps.  Members of my family have been in the Corps for the past 65 years.   OOOORRRRRAAAHHH!   1968-1972

63 CW Miller Rd.
Deville, Louisiana

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I was with Fox 2/5 Dec 1969 until April 1970.  I was Chief Clerk of the company office until the last couple of weeks when I went with the Company into Arizona Territory.  Left after R&R at China Beach and before night march from the bridge on Hwy 1.  Have forgotten much about that time and would like to share what memories I do have.  Look for buddy Jim Feyk.

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Arranaga, Gerardo "Jerry"

I served with Fox company, 1st platoon, then went to Motor T as I EASed. I'm an 0311, CPL.

4713 37th Street
Lubbock, TX 79414

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Ashford, Timothy C.

Hi Guys!  It's been a long road.  I was in F Co Wep Plt Machinegunner.  PTSD and trying to find anyone that might remember me.  Take care all of you.  Good bless.  1963-1967

960 South Dawson Way No. 14
Aurora, CO

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Ayock, Raymond

4729 Ft. Sanders Rd.
Laramie, WY  82072


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Bailey, Ian

I was a member of Fox Co., 1st Platoon, from March of 1970 until February of 1971. I got out of the Corps in June of 1971.  I am currently retired from an IT career at a major international bank.   I have been married for 41 years and have two children who are twins. I enjoy travelling with my wife, Sandy, and motorcycling with my fellow Fox 2/5 member Rich Cole. .....

139 Violet Avenue
Floral Park, New York 11001
(516) 424-1956 

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Barber, John

I was in 2/5 1966-67 Vietnam.  I was a radioman in the second squad.  We landed in Chu Li.  Then went to hill 69.  Stayed there till we moved north.  Went to Quang Tri, Hue, DMZ, Rockpile and right up to North Vietnam.  We made Life Mag in 1966, I think.  Hope you or anyone can remember me.  I extended for M.P. duty at Phu Bi for 6 months.  Left in April 68 and was stationed at Headquarters Marine Corps.  Got out in 1969.  Looking for people I fought with.  Hope you can help.  Thanks.  Ex-Jarhead 2157765

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Barnes, Louis Rick (aka Barney)

Went to Vietnam with FOX 2/5 from the states in 1966 , extended for second tour and was wounded on union 2 . 3 months at great lakes navel hospital and then sent to camp pendalton.  Was with Captain Graham until he was killed, at Union 2. VC thought I was dead but I'm still here guys. Anyone who served with me and want to talk please contact.

1076 Old Marco Ln.
Marco Island, FL  34145

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Bell, Robert

I'm L.A.Bell.  Would like to hear from all you Marines that served with Fox 2/5 from Chu Lai to An Hoa 66-67.

492 Ellis Street
Long Beach, CA  90805
(562) 423-4995

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Belt, Karl

I served with Fox 2/5 1988 to 2000

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Belt, Wade

600 Oakland Dr.
Council Bluffs, IA 51501

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Berry, Bob 

I got in country in Sept. and was assigned to 2nd plt. I was with Fox until Feb.  I transferred to 1st CAG and finished my tour in Binh Son, Quang Ngai province.  I am a retired teamster with 30 years in the union.  My wife and I live in Oak Grove, MO, about 30 miles east of Kansas City.  Served 68-69

706 SW Bobcat St
Oak Grove, MO  64075

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Beson, Scott Riddell

All I remember is I was stationed near phu-bi. was with 2\5 for  approximately 6 months before being transferred to C.A.G. COMBINED ACTION GROUP IN lan-co village for the rest of my tour. I have been a wall board stopper for 20 years. Now retired due to arthritis and type 1 diabetes.

On arrival in Nam was assigned to 3rd Battalion 27th Marines for approx 3months and then transferred to Foxtrot 2nd Battalion 5th Marines where I was involved in Operation "Mameluke Thrust" and "Meade > River" after the operation was transferred to C.A.G (combined action group) in the Lan-co Village, Phu-bai/ Da-nang region.  Upon returning to the States, was assigned to Camp Pendelton, Edson Range as a marksmanship instructor to finish out my career as a sargent.

129 Glamorgan Drive
Torbay, Auchland, New Zealand
09 473 9493

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Bibich, Joe

I am looking for Mark Gillis who was from Wisconsin and served with me in Fox 2/5 in 69 and 70.

255 Greenway
Kingman, AZ 85401

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Bilski, Stan 

Assigned to 2/5 Fox in Mar. 68.  MOS was 0311, Vietnamese language trained, and inherited the PRC 25 because I was the new guy in my squad.  Ultimately became Company radioman my last six months of duty under Capt. David Brown.  Today I am happily married, ride a Harley, am the local coordinator for the Toys for Tots drive in Fort Bend County TX,  and have 4 grandchildren.

2010 Kenilworth Drive
Sugar Land, TX  77479

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Blaylock, John

3817 Gem Court
Quartz Hills, CA 93536

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Boksa, Edward

I arrived in Fox 2/5 October 1967. I was an 0311 Grunt. I fought in Hue City during Tet. I got wounded September 1968.

11122 Blufield Ave.
Brandon, FL 33511

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Bones, Brian

I served in Fox 2/5 3/97 - 10/00

15215 Jenkins Dr.
Whittier, CA 90604

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Bosard Trent

Served with Fox 2/5 from 1988 to 1992 and served in Desert Storm.

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Boshell, David

I served with 2nd platoon F 2/5 at Camp Margarita in 1965. My unit then went to the Nam and we became K 3/9.

3716 Fairlindo Way
National City,   91950

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Bowermaster, Bob

6424 71  Ave. Dr. East
Brandenton, FL  34202
941-751-8007 Updated 12Feb08  New Email 12Feb08

Updated 16July03  I served with Fox 2/5 in 67, wounded on Nong Son July 4, 67. Don't remember many names so write if your memory is better.  Semper Fi  Bob

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Boyd, Joseph R.

Served August 1968 to April 1969.  I have fond memories of my unit while in Nam from August 1968 to April 1969.  The one individual who stands out most to me is Sgt. Blunt who was my squad leader.  One September 30, 1968 I was shot in an ambush.  Being a radio operator, I was an obvious first target.  Sgt. Blunt, knowing we were under fire, told me to get up and get going, not realizing I was just shot!!!   I can't say enough for the individuals who came to assist me under serious enemy fire!!  Brothers forever!!!  I currently serve as Division Administrator for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in Missouri. Updated 03Nov07

2107 Legend Ct.
Jefferson City, MO 65101

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Bradley, Tyler

I served with Foxtrot 2/5 Dec. 2005 - Dec. 2007

PO Box 426
Roscommon, MI 48653

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Bressem, Adam 

F2/5 Raiders   1992-1996

408 Firefly Road
Holly Springs, NC

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Brisbane, David

I served with Fox 2/5 4/66 - 10/66

7217 Tilton Road
Blooomfield, NY 14469

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Brochu, Pierre

I served with Fox 2/5 in 1966

4524 Old Stilesboro Road NW
Acworth, Georgia 30101
Phone: 770-974-2142

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Brown, Chris

I served with Fox Company from June 1967-68.  I currently live in Long Island, NY and work in New York City. I am still married to the wonderful woman I married prior to going to Vietnam. Her name is Madeline and we have two children and four grand children.
Since Fox 2/5 started having reunions back in 1989, we have only missed one. Hopefully we won't miss any others. I challenge all of you to come to one reunion, experience the great camaraderie and then tell us it wasn't one of the best experiences of your life. My wife and I look forward to each and everyone of them as a chance to revisit some very dear friends, our Fox 2/5 family. During the past reunion in Nashville, the guest speaker who was a veteran of Iwo Jima said that he rarely sees this many people at division reunions and here it was just one company. It speaks well as to the planning that goes into it by the current group of officers.

If you are not receiving the newsletter let Donna Henderson or Ian Bailey know and they will see that you get it via e-mail or the postal service.

Semper Fi!  Updated 08MAR13

9 Alister Circle
E. Northport, NY 11731

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Brown, Dave

I am selling residential real estate in the Research Triangle Park area of central North Carolina. I am looking forward to the F/2/5 reunion in San Diego this summer.

Added 11Nov04

Oorah Devil Dogs,

What a reunion!  It was successful in so many ways: old friends and new ones having a good time for three (plus) days; great sponsorship and hotel (thanks, Donna and Sam Henderson); and fine progress on Fox’s book, Battlelines. 


I’m writing to profusely thank all the men who so willingly helped Tiffany and I with the book.  We covered all eras of the war in which Fox participated, less 1970-71 which we’ll address at the start of 2005.  Tiffany and I interviewed various sets of Marines in 5 four-hour sessions.  I can now assure you that we have 90% of the material we need.  I am hoping that we are finished writing and editing the history of Fox by next February or March.  By that point we’ll merely have the publisher to deal with.  Bottom line is: if the book isn’t available for you to read in June, I am going to be mighty upset.


For more on the book, look at the web site:  There you fin comments made by various folks who had been given an early draft about the July 1968-January 1969 era.  (That’s the time I was with Fox.  I did that first to gain the feel of writing a historical fiction.)  Tiffany does the heavy editing--in some cases rewriting.  I have sent drafts copies of chapters to others who served in the same era to insure the storyline is valid.  So we’re moving along.   Updated 11Nov04

116 Tiercel Ct.
Cary, NC

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Brown, Darrell

Looking for Co F 2/5, 3rd Plt members. Served with Co F 2/5 86 - 90, am one of many ORIGINAL Co F 2/5 Blackhearts.

12652 Sunswept #6
Garden Grove, Ca 92843

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Brown, Marvin

I served with Fox 2/5 Dec. 1967 through 1968, Nam '67 - '68.

2802 N. Cincinnati Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74106

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Brown, Phillip

Looking for some buddies of mines who serve with me from 1980to1982. Anthony L Liddell 2bn/5th mardiv co 1st plt Camp Margrita and Michael Tatum 2bn/5th mardiv Echo pr Golf Co I am not sure. WE also serve at Alameda NAS Barracks Marine in Alameda ,Ca. If any body has any knowledge of these guys please hit me with a e-mail thanks and Semper Fi

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Brown Otter, Brady

I was a member of Fox 2/5 from '92 to '96 and in the spring of '96 I was a member of Fox 2/5's 1st Marine Division winning Rifle Squad Competition. After being named Division Winners I was discharged 3-4 days later and never got to go to Washingtion,D.C. and receive my medal from the Commandaunt, Gen. Krulak and was wondering if anybody out has any information on how I can still receive my medal. I don't care even if it's mailed to me, I just would like to receive what is rightfully mine. Thanks, Cpl. Brady Brown Otter Fox 2/5 1st Plt. 1st Sqd. Please e-mail me at

Box 368
Fort Yates, ND 58538

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Bruce, Jeffrey

175 Woodard

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Brumback, Steve

PO Box 2293
Lapine, OR  97739

Transferred from Lima Co. 3/27 when they rotated back to states.  I came to fox 2/5 in June of 1968.  It seems so long ago some times things are loud and clear a lot is dim.  (14Apr03)

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Bryant, Warren Earl

Warren is in yuma untill april. he served with F/2/5 sept-dec 1950. i told him i would do what i could to put him in touch with his brothers. he also needs a co roster for that period as his memory is shot. he has PH for frostbite and GS. just went 100% with the VA.
the e-mail is mine but anything sent him will get to him.

Charles Whittington

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Bryson, Derek

Fox 2/5 2nd Platoon, 1992-1996

3400 Fort Hunt Dr.
Arlington, TX  76016

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Buhman, Brian

How to get in touch with me. =201000370

Quakertown, PA 18951

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Bullock, Dan

Dear 2/5,
My name is Franklin D. McArthur Jr, and I am the Founder and President of the Pfc. Dan Bullock Foundation, Inc. Pfc Bullock 15, was the youngest American Serviceman killed in the Vietnam War. He was only 14 years old when we graduated from boot camp on December 10, 1968. According to pentagon officials he may be the youngest KIA since World War I. I founded the Bullock Foundation because we were friends, and I wanted to try to correct a miscarriage of justice. Pfc. Dan Bullock lied about his age to enlist, and everyone seem to be more concerned about him lying than dying. But that does not change the facts, and the facts is, he was a United States Marine, and he was killed fighting for this country. Even now 30 years after his death, his official birthday is still being published as December 21, 1949. After he was killed on June 7, 1969, his real birth date which was December 21, 1953 was exposed to the public (ref: New York Times, June 13, 1969, Page 1, Col. 7). I've petitioned the Commandant, Congress and the President to award him the MOH. The Citizen Stamp Advisory Committee to award him a Commemorative Stamp. I submitted a proposal to the Great Blacks in Wax Museum, to erect a wax figure. Mr Steve Piscitelli, noted sculpture and former member of Fox 2/5, will be sculpturing a bronze statue. The Pfc. Dan Bullock Foundation, Inc is in need of financial support, any financial support or other assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated. For further information contact my website at: or call 1-856-802-6592.

(Webmaster note: the above info is as received through the 2/5 submission form. I have not checked out the website mentioned yet.)

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Burke, Harold (Stoney)

23 Teeburn Blvd.
Binghamton, NY 13901


I am 52 years old. I served in Viet Nam from April of 1966 to January of 1967. I started at Chu Lai and ended up in the DMZ. I believe I was the last one from my unit to speak with Lt James Scarris(sp?) before he passed away, a few years ago. I haven't heard from anyone else that was in my unit at that time. If there is anyone out there, I would love to hear from you. My nickname was "Stoney", or "Burkie".

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Button, Josh 

I was with 2nd platoon from 97/01 with Dennis Aguilar, Tim Anderson, Brian Bones, Marcel Black and bunch of other awesome Blackhearts. I EAS'd as a Sgt in Jan 01. If anyone remembers me feel free to get a hold of me.

Yucaipa, CA
909-797-9549 or 760-644-0885 or

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Byers, Don "Doc"

Served Fox 2/5 1st Plt 69-70 from Jan to July then with H&S til shipped back to the states.  Served as corpsman for 1st platoon.

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Byrd, Keith

Married. Wife's name Dorothy. 1 son, name Dwayne, age 27. This is first contact with any group since leaving R.S.V.N. Nov.1966 to Navel Hospital Oakland Cal.  Would like to locate a SGT. Rhodes of F. Co.

16 April 99
Served with F-2-5 from 1965 at camp Pendelton right out of 2nd I.T.R till November 1966 when 2nd purple heart award up by the DMZ in Vietnam caused separation from service after spending a year at Oakland Naval Hospital was placed on temporary disabled list till 1972.  Full retirement at that time. Have been married since 1967 have one son. Last 22years have worked for local city government,which is where I have access to the e-mail as I have not gone on line at home yet.

13717 Jana Lei Avenue
Bonner Springs, Kansas 66012 Updated 10Oct13
913-422-8544  Updated 12Oct13

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Cage, James 

An Hoa and parts unknown. I'm still looking for other marines that served with Fox 2/5 during the same time I was in Nam. February,1966-March,1967 Chu Lai, Dong Ha,

7301 Northgate Drive
New Orleans Louisiana 70128

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Campbell, Jim (James)

3rd Platoon, 3rd Squad, 1st Marine Division.  In country, September 1966 - March 1967

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Carpenter, Marv 



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Carter, Danny J.

I was fox 2 Charlie form December 67 to January 69. Currently, I am married (29 years) to my high school sweetheart, Jeanette. We have four (4) Children, Danny Jr., 28; DeJuan 25, and married; Danielle 20, and Dustin 18. I call my wife Jean. We both work in downtown Little Rock. I work for the U.S. Dept. of HUD. I've been here since January of 1971.

I've only made one and a half reunions; the first in 1989, and meet up with the group in 1996 at the Wall. I also made the "Commissioning of the USS HUE City in 91, and went Jacksonville, Fl, the home of the USS HUE City.

I served with Fox 2 Charlie from December 14, 1967, to January 3,1969. I was wounded on August 8, 1968, friendly fire (napalm), and medivaced to Japan. I returned to An Hoa in November 1968, then rotated back to the world on January 3, 1969. Currently, I am living in Little Rock, Arkansas, where I am married to my high school sweetheart, Jeanette (jean) for 31 years. we have four children, Danny, Jr. 30; DeJuan 28, Danielle 22, and Dustin 20. We also have two grandchildren, Dejuan, Jr., and Taylor.

I have worked for the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) since 1971. At one time, I worked the Oklahome HUD Office,where I knew many of those who die in the bombing of the federal bldg.

I attended the first reunion in 1989 in D.C., also attended the Commissioning of the U.S.S. HUE in 1991, and met up with Fox 2/5 at the wall in 1996. I will attend more funtions as time permits.

5812 Timberside Rd
Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 565-4094
WK (501) 324-6375

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Carson, Phil

Comments: Dude from Cali

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Carter, Richard

1423 Banbury Loop
Lakeland, FL  33809

23 October 1967 - 31 October 1968  An Hoa, Nong Son, Phu Bai, Hue, Mai Loc, Phu Loc, Mt. Bach-Ma, Hai Van Pass, Phu Loc-6, Arizona Territory.  Served with 3rd Platoon's machine-gun  weapon's section as an ammo humper to team leader.  Reassigned to the platoon's rocket section during the battle of Hue.  Following Cp. Tom Glover's rotation in July 1968, I moved into the billet as the 3rd Platoon machine-gun and rocket section leader.  Wounded at Hue City on 3 February (B-40 at the school house) and 13 February (61 mortars) across the Phu Cam River.  Wounded 3rd time on 5 October (booby trap) at Phu'ong.  Had one 24 and two 48 hour hearts. Reassigned to Camp Lejeune to 1/8 until separation.  Discharged in 1969.  Navy Medical Review Board approved reenlistment in 1978.  Served with 1/6, 3/6, 2/8 and the 6th motor transport bn.  Highest rank attained was Gunnery Sergeant.  Currently 100% permanent and total disability and social security due to wounds to legs, back and arm.  90% total loss of hearing and cancer due to Agent Orange.  Married to Marianne for 32 1/2 years.  Have two daughters and two grandchildren.  When I was stationed at Quantico, the statue of the "Three Infantrymen" was dedicated at the Vietnam Memorial.  Within seconds of seeing it, I noticed there was a mistake that all true grunts would identify.  The M-60 belt ammo is upside down.

Was separated in 1969, was discharged in 1972.  

Married to Marianne for 35 years.  Remarried to Leslie Jean in 2005.
I had broken time and forgot to submit the last discharge date . It was JANUARY 1988 

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Cascos, Javier

I was with Foxtrot Co. at Camp Margarita, 33 area, Camp Pendleton; at Camp Shwab on Okinawa for jungle training; and when it landed in VietNam on 12 April, 1966.  Radioman with 2nd Platoon CP.  Was transferred to Hotel Co., 2nd Bn., 7th Marines to fill their decimated ranks. I went back to RVN back in 1968, for Test, with the 27th Marines.  I didn't get to finish the second tour.  I took a shot in the head and was medivaced from Nam to Guam, and eventually the States.  I finished my active duty in Marine Barracks at Great Lakes Naval Hospital.

2198 Koper Drive
Sterling, Heights, MI  48310

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Caurvina, Ken

I was with 2/5 from 12/66 through 12/67.  Wounded at Nomg Son on July 4, 67.  I was also on every operation during my time in country.

1836 Puritan Rd.
Portage, PA 15946

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Ciesinski, Tim

5440 Rudyard
Sylvania, OH 43560

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Cileli, Steven

I served in 2nd platoon Fox Co 2/5 from 1985-1988 as an 0311. OOHRAH!!!!!!!!!! I participated in Super Squad for three years.
MOTIVATING!!!!!! I hope to find some of my lost pals on this site. Semper Fi!

11 Mountain St. #2
Providence, RI 02903

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Clark, John

I served in Fox 2/5 Oct. 1966 to June 1967

1832 Graham Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

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Cleberg, Joe  

December 1968 to February 1969, An Hua, Arizona Territory, I Corps.  First month, platoon corpsman.  It was an honor to serve my country with the Marines.  We first was in the canopy, Hill 1026.  I too was a survivor in one way or another.  From Foxtrot when to Golf 2/5 as Senior Corpsman.  I would love to hear from Frank Demarco, Foxtrot's Senior Corpsman.

2680 Alhambra Way
Pinole, CA  94564

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Cobb, William

I served with Fox Company, 1st Platoon, Charlie squad in An Hoa South Vietnam. Men I served with were Robert Lee, Gene Dark, Richard Cole and Dwight Anderson. Also served with 2/5 H&S company LSU., 2/5 HQ company Regimental Schools S3 and Headquarters Battalion Landing Team 2/4 Okinowa, Olongapo, Philipines and Hong Kong.

225 Cobb Drive
Jemison, AL 35085

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Collins, Joseph

It would be nice to hear from my fellow Marines

301 Autumn Pk
Forth Worth, TX 76140

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Compsoto, Mike

I served with Fox 2/5 1992 - 1994

1753 Oneida Crescent
Tobyhanna, PA 18466

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Connell, John

271 Echo Tr.
Warrior, AL

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Connelly, Lonny "Doc"

I served with 2/5 as a Platoon Corpsman from Feb 1968 thru Aug 1968 in Viet Nam; and am active in the Fox 2/5 association. I'm sorry I am not on line at home at this point,but can be reached by mail or phone.

3907 Wilke Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21206
Updated 26Jan04

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Conner, Greg


Updated 16Mar08:  Served in super squads and endured the harshest weather with the greatest guys in the world.  2nd platoon will always be in the best!!!!

2123 Aberdeen Road
Dothan, AL   36301

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Cole, Bruce

I am currently in 2/5.  I was the First Sgt. for Fox Co. from June 2000 to May 2002.  I am currently the First Sgt. of H&S 2/5.

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Coombs, Douglas

Went in country in December 67, served with Fox Company 2/5 at An Hoa.  Staged at Phu Bai in late Jan 68, then went into the Battle for Hue City in Feb 68.  Would like to see any pictures from that battle.


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Cooper, Steven

Fox in An Hoa for short time; maybe 2 weeks, I remember 1 other marine: George Blount(sp?)from Cleveland, Ohio. I remember bunker 43 at one corner of the compound and the dump on the side of the hill. I was moved to Lima 3/5 in dec.67. I'm glad to be home. Welcome home to all of you. Vote your hearts. Peace is worth fighting for.

97 Hampden St
West Springfield, Mass 01089

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Cornelius, Michael (Corn)

Hi everyone! Corn still lives. I was in morters 66-67 based at An Hua 15 miles south of Danang. Survived Union II & the july 4th attack at the coal mine. Most of the time near the DMZ. Recently divorced and just moved to Florida. Anyone remember me???

21447 Bryn Mawr Ave.
Port Charlotte, FL 33952

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Creech, Gerald

1208 Red Hill Church Road, Dunn, NC 28334

Comments: Vietnam 68/69 rear An Hoa medevac with falciparum malaria from bush to Da Nang then stateside. I was there on Mamaluke Thrust

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Crossman, Charles 

P. O. Box 161
Greenville Jct. Maine  04442

I served in Fox Company at An Hoa, remember I was in 1st squad as radio man with callsign Fox 1.  During 1969 was evacuated to Chelsey Naval Hospital in Chelsey, Massachusetts and discharged 17 Oct 1969.  Trying to make contact with former Marines I served with.  Does anyone remember Larry Christy, the corpsman who zipped the bagsaid he was dead but there is no listing for him on the wall.  If you are alive and read this Larry, contact me!!!

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Crysel, Kenneth Lee

I served with Fox 2/5.

Warren, Ohio 44484
Phone: Not Provided

This entry was provided by Kenneth's nepew. Dan "Arkie" Albritton was his squad leader.

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Cummings, Ron

I served with H&S/HST.1/1 RVN.69 to 70. I met Doug Bradstreet in 1990. We have become very goog friends over the years and would like to hear from those who remember "Mad Dog"and would like to get a message to him. This is a great site Thanks. Semper Fi.

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Cutaia, David

I speak fluent Vietnamese, and have traveled back to Vietnam from Hanoi to the Mekong Delta 4 times and have spent over 6 months there during the last 3 years. It is now a wonderful place with no sign of the war. Very inexpensive, friendly and as far as I am concerned it should be on everybodies list of places to go and things to do. Take your wives, they will love it.

Houston, TX

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Daily, Mark 

2612 Sussex Gardens Lane
Austin, TX  78748

Proud to have served with F 2/5 1992-1996 Operation Restore Hope

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Dark, Gene 

PO Box 6573
Lake Charles, LA  70606

Served in Fox Co. from July 1969 through June1970.

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Davenport, Michael

Would like to hear from all the guys from Fox 2/5. From 1/66-11/66. Went from Okinawa on the USS George Clymer January, 1966. Or Hill #69 over looking Chu Lai Air Strip.

843 Morton Ave.
Edwardsville, Illinois 62025
(618) 656-2733

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I served in Fox Co. from March 1969 until December 1969. I was a squad leader and an interpreter. I was critically wounded on Dec. 6, 1969 and sent to the USS Sanctuary hospital ship. I was in the same platoon as Dan Bullock.

23448 W Coal City Road
Wilmington, Illinois 60481-9566
(815) 926-2478

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Day, Bradley

I was with Fox Co. from Jan 81 - April 83. I was an 0351 assigned to weapons platoon.  Sent to 2nd tank Bn. AT Tow Co. Camp Lejuene as an 0352 in April 83.  Went to Beirut in October 83.

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Deak, Oers

Don't wanna bore y' all with that yet. Hope to see some names I can remember here.Nice to see the list of names growing. I was in the M-Gun Section for a few months or so until the time that I got hit on the night of July 29, '68 and got my ticket home. Wondering if anyone remembers Thomas Burchiel in M-Guns from around that time??

Nice to see the list of names growing.  I was in Fox 2/5 M-Gun Section for a few months or so until the time that I got hit on the night of July 29, '67 and got my ticket home.  Anyone living near Minden, NV?  Thomas Burchiel, my machinegunner lives there.  I don't want to say more about that, except, that I know he'd appreciate anyone who served with him in 1967 to just stop in for a visit, just a hello.  2664 Kayne Ave., Minden, NV  89423.  You can say I sent ya :)

PO Box 99
Croton Falls, NY
   (updated 12Feb08)

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Dederich, Mike

1553 W. Maplewood Ct.
Milwaukee, WI

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Defranco, Michael

I served with F 2/5 6/10/00 - 6/11/04

2 Weatherstone Dr.
Searcy, AR 72143

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DeGroat, David H.

I served with Fox Co., 2nd platoon, from Oct. 1967-Aug. 1968. I was wounded, by a grenade, on Dec. 5, 1967 and then medivaced to Yokosuka, Japan. I was there for almost 5 months before I was fit for duty. I returned to Vietnam in May of 1968. I was wounded again, with 25 other Marines, from a napalm strike on Aug. 6, 1968. Some of us were medivaced to Yokohama, Japan. After a week some of us were sent to Brook Army Hospital burn center in San Antonio, Texas, After getting numerous skin grafts, I received a medical discharge in Feb. 1970. I now live in Chesapeake, VA with my wife of forty-four years. We are retired and make it a point to go to the Fox 2/5 reunions every two years. All my best friends are Marines.

604 Royal Grant Drive
Chesapeake, VA 23320
(757) 482-4809 
Updated 09Aug09

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Deinzer, Jim (DOC)

TAD to Fox Co Sept 1970 An Hoa Hospital corpsman. College after discharge from USN now registered nurse for 23 yrs married with 2 children moved from Buffalo NY to Corona Cal in 1976.

1435 Potomac Drive
Corona California 9172
(909) 734-6896

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Dempsey, Bob "Doc"

I served with Foxtrot 2/5 July to Dec. 1968

Glendale, CA 91206

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Devitt, Brad 

Foxtrot-3rd platoon Feb68 to Sept30-68 Hue City (TET) Phu Bai, Hi Von Pass, Liberty Bridge, Mt. Bac Ma, An Hoa, Phu Loc 6. 3 Purple Hearts-6 months in Japan Hospital  I was a radioman - tunnel rat. I am still looking for Ramon Baronda 3rd Platoon, squad leader. He was a Hero in my book.

7276 State Street Rd.
Auburn New York 13021

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Dickerson, Danny

Served with Fox Co. from July 17, 1967 through August 15, 1968.

1409 Timbercrtest Drive
Benbrook, Texas  76126
(817) 312-6667

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Dickerson, Tom

P. O. Box 6492
Mohave Valley, AZ  86446
(928) 768-3764

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Ditchkoff, Vic

Served with F 2/5 from 1966 to 1968 under Company Commanders: Captain George Burgette, Captain Graham.
Last time I saw Captain Burgette was when he was medivac from Operation "Tuscaloosa" My Platoon Commander was 1stLt Scurris.
Was with F 2/5 starting at Hill 35 in Chu Lai all the way to Operation "Hue" !!!

2205 Southside #12D
Port Royal, SC 29935
Interests: Internet

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Dixon, Paul R. 

1632 N. Hurricane Road
McEwen, TN  37101

I was with F 2/5 2nd Plt Sqd from March 1, 1969 to August 1969.  I served with Steve Piscitelli, Dan Bullock, Egglinsdorfer, Dan Farris.  Past this, I have forgotten a lot of names.  I was at Charleston, SC reunion but left early for health problems.  I missed all I knew from my time in Fox Co. by leaving.  I was wounded the 3rd and 4th times in August 69.  I was medivaced to Japan and returned to duty, finishing my 4 years at Marine Barracks Bermuda as a Sgt.  I'd like to hear from all I served with.  My memory is bad on names.  It was a privilege and honor to serve with you all.  See you in Reno, NV.

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Doll, Gregg

I joined F 2/5 at Hai Van Pass in July 1968 after having served with H & S Company for seven months guarding the squids of the First Medical Battalion stationed outside of DaNang and later Phu Bai.

My tour of Viet-Nam was ended 6Aug68 outside of An Hoa thanks to a napalm attack by an F-4 Phantom on the second platoon. Upon returning to the states, I received my medical attention at the Naval Hospital in Philadelphia. After my release from the hospital I was stationed with the Marine Guard Detail at the U.S. Naval Base in Philadelphia until I was retired with a 70% disability in March 1969.  

I now enjoy my retirement living on our 14 acre homestead in the mountains of western Pennsylvania with my wife of 26 years, Barbara, and our eighteen year old twins, Penelope and Zachary.

My wife works at Saint Francis University where she is the Library IT Coordinator. I am employed as a photojournalist for the Star-Courier, part of Mainline Newspapers.  

518 Murphy's Spring Rd
Hastings, Pa 16646

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Donoghue, Richard 

Radio man 3 Bravo.  I will never forget all my brothers who lived and died in THE NAM.  1969-70 Quang Nam Province

Danbury, New Hampshire

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Doores, Louie

I served with Fox 2/5 1970 - 1971. I got exposed to agent orange and have prostate cancer. Also looks like all these years had PTSD. Looks like Vietnam came back to take me. Cry me some tears! Sempter Fi to my buddies I cant remember, but didnt forget.

1282 South Frontier Drive
Palmer, AK 99645

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Downs, Mike

Company Comander F-2-5; OCT 67- May 68

1811 Edgehill Dr
Alexandria,Va. 22307

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Doyle, Mark

I served with Fox 2/5 Dec. 1967 - Jan. 1969, Forward Observer 81mm Mortars.

7079 107th Ave.
South Haven, MI 49090

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Du Bois, Anthony

Address: 4111 NW 88 Ave., Coral Springs, FL 33065
Phone: 954-227-4099

Comments: I've served with Fox 2/5 only for a short while but the time I did spend with my fellow blackhearts was the best time of my life. Today I am a fire fighter for the city of Coral Springs, Fl and currently going to paramedic school to better my position within the fire dept. Semper Fi Blackhearts!!!

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Dull, Don 

I served in China at the time of the Communist take over in 1946.  I was in the 1st MP co. 1st Mar. Div in Tientsin.  In 1947 most of the division was shipped to Guam to avoid further hostilities with the Commies.  I was assigned to F/2/5 First Marine Brigade.  The Division was downgraded to a Brigade at that time, not to regain Division status until the Korean War.  The service on Guam was quite mundane.  The towns, Agana and the like, were out of bounds.  Spent most of our time at the Company's slop chute, feeling sorry for ourselves and drinking that ten cent 3/2 beer.  The beer was bad, but the company was good.

P. O. Box 62
Hornbrook, CA  96044


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Duschl, Max

I was with Foxtrot from 1951 - 1952

6981 Sisto Street
Verona, PA 15147

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Dyas, Leroy 

Cpl Dyas, Fox 2/5 "old man" 3rd Plt A Sqd Ldr. I need assistance with the names of men in my squad. Even if with me 2 days and wounded. I was at Liberty Bridge, An Hoa, LZ Baldy, Arizona Territory, Go Noi Island, Queson Mountains. Operations: Lion Valley and Barron Green. 5 March 70 - Feb 71. Hey "Spider Man" Semper Fi

18611 Triangle St.
Triangle, VA 22172

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Edwards, Damon

1519 Hickory Hill
Pineville, LA   71360

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Edwards, Grinnell

PO Box 2154
Browning, MT
Comments:  Get Hard or Die.  Blackhearts!

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Elias, Tyler

I served with Fox 2/5 2001 - 2002

1612 Dogwood
Sweethome, OR

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Emmerton, Leawood

I was a corpsman with 1st, Plt, 2/5 1965-66, origin Camp Pendleton. I am proud to have served with the best. Semper Fedelis.

128 Highland Avenue
Holden, MA  01520

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Ennis, James "Chilly" 

Completed basic at MCRD in August 1969. Joined Fox 2/5 in An Hoa on Nov. 11, 1969. Served as a Rifleman, Ammo Bearer for M60, and eventually gunner. Spent most of my time in-country at Arizona, Dodge City, and on Liberty Road Patrols.  On the morning of 2/20/70, I was with "Mack" and "Doc" and some new guys performing a patrol off Liberty Rd., I was the A Gunner. We were involved in a land mine incident. Does anyone remember this? I am looking for the guys that were there. I don't know real names only nicknames. Please contact me if you were there or know anything about this incident. I am trying to find these guys and/or their families, especially "Doc" and  "Mack".

8304 Indian Caves Ct
Charlestown, IN 47111

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Escobar, Richard 

69 Wodsedge Ave.
Budd Lake
Comments:  HM2 USN 1977-1979

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Everett, Thomas

3305 Van Buren Dr.
Tampa, FL 33611

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Fanelli, Robert 

served with fox co 71-72 1st patoon charlie da-nang and chu-lai trying to find John cornell who served with me ,fox was the best and memories will be there with me always .. Semper fi to all my Brothers

P. O.  Box 518
Glasco  New York

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Farmer, Randall

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Farris, Daniel B.

Served with Fox 2/5 1969 to 1970.  Was in 2 Charlie.  Made it to the reunion in Reno. Hope to make the next one - where ever it might be.

5215 Tholozan Ave.
St. Louis, MO  63109
314 - 351-1083

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Fayette, Dan

11507 NE 33rd Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98686

Corpsman with Fox 2/5 December 68 through July 69, when I went to 1st Med. in Danang.  Remember the mountains well, especially our walk up hill 10,000 (at least it seemed that high) and a huge number of malaria cases.  Arizona territory (crossing the river on amtracs). GoNoi Island (not a fun place), and Liberty Bridge.  Went to Desert Storm with a Fleet Hospital but got to visit with many friends attached to Marine units.  Retired with 30 years in 1997 as Master Chief Hospital Corpsman. (Added 31Aug03)

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Fields, Vincent

I was in F 2/5 from April 1996 till April 1998. Before that I served 2 years in security forces at Yokosuka Japan. What an honor it is to have served with such a great group of Marines, in such a highly decorated unit. Every day is a blessing and I am proud to have served our country. I have great respect for everyone who has served in the military. At one point in their life they wrote a blank check to the US government for any amount, up to and including their life. If anyone knows me from back when we served feel free to contact me. My personal/ business website is "www dot RMATA dot com". May God bless you, your family, and the Marine Corps!

Marion, IL 62959

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Forbes, James

Would like to contact other members of foxtrot company, that was there in 1969. Looking for King Pitman and all others.  
yours Prince Forbes

433 Bronxpark Ave
Bronx, NY 10460

(718) 829-5084

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Frank, Douglas

Was In Fox 2/5 in 1968 through 1969.

13119 17th Ave EST #6
Everitt, Washington, 98204
(425) 750-8998

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Franklin, Craig

Was In Fox 2/5 In 69-70 Don't Remember Many Names But I Do Remember The Times, Will Never Forget. Semper Fi

125 Stonydell Dr.
Stony Point, NC 28678

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Frasier, Ronald

Email: rfrasier@dockernet.coom

Address: 507 St Claire St., Ashland, WI 54806

Comments: Joined Fox 2/5 in Nov. 1967. Served in 3rd platoon Fox... Guns...entered Hue with Fox by air Feb 1, 1968..I'm a middle school principal in Ashland, Wisc.  Married have two children... Very happy to be alive...

Phone: 715-682-5493

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Frederick, Keith

58 Broadway
Rockland, ME 04841

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Freeland, Justin

I served with Fox 2/5 1999 - 2000

708 Hildebrand Circle
Folsom, CA 95630

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Fueglein, Jonathan

I was a hospital corpsman serving with fox 2/5.  I was wounded 7/6/69.  Wounds lead to my medical retirement 12/19/69.  I became a paramedic in civilian life. I work for the St. Louis Fire Department.  Been doing it for 30 years.

3822 Castleman Avenue
St. Louis, MO  63110-3737

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Fuller, David

Served with Fox 2/5 3rd Plt. Feb 68 to Sept. 70. Lt. Korn was my first Plt Cmd. State side I did a tour at MCRD, 8th & I, and the Camp David.

4140 Sunrise Dr.
Park City, UT 84098

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Funderburk, John W.

Received 3 Purple Hearts. Lost a lot of good friends. I think  about the living and the dead a lot. I would love to hear from anyone 3rd platoon fox company 2/5 attached to weapons   Feb '68 to Mar '69.

P. O. Box 243
Warm Springs, GA  31830

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Galindo, Sam
 2535 East Nisbet Rd., Phonex, AZ 85032

Comments: CPL. Galindo SA Entered Service Aug 4,1983 Recieved Honorable Discharge Aug 5,1985. Served 2yrs Fox Co. 2/5 3rd Platoon 0311 at Margarita Hill! 6 months operation Bearhunt, Okinawa,Philipines,S.Korea. Fap 4 months as Truck Driver at 52 area San Onfre. Served last eight months as Range Coach at Weapons Training Battalion. After college,I have worked for the Semiconductor Industry to present. My father served in 2/5 in Korea 1950-1951.Im proud to be the son of one of the "Frozen Chosen" Vets.

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Garcia, Julio 

I was assigned to Fox 2/5 (do not remember the platoon I was in).  I was sent to the rear and put in 81 Mortars after getting wounded in May 69.  Ironic, but I was wounded my third time on September 5, 1969.  I was still with 81 mortars, but the company that was securing our perimeter was Fox 2/5.  I am now a retired Master Sergeant, I joined the Oregon National Guard in 1975, transferred to active duty with them and retired March 2000.   I now work for the State.  I have been married to the same lady for 37 years.

19 South 6th St.
Independence, OR  07351

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Garland, Danny 

I was a Corpsman with 1st Platoon.   I trained with Fox Co. 1st platoon in Camp Pendleton and then Okinawa after which we went to Vietnam. I served with 1st platoon until after Christmas 1966 and then went to 3/5. I was then assigned to a CAP (Combined Action Platoon) near Chu Lai.

2108 Little Best Road
Maryville, Tennessee  37803

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Garnsey III, Francis R.

109 Brooklyn Ave
Creston, OH 44217 

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Ghilon, R. J. S/Sgt 

I was pl sgt in Fox 2/5  Can't remember names, only faces.  I also have some pictures.  If you remember me please contact at e-mail.  I was wounded with others .spent time in charlie med, then shipped home.  I do remember LT. BUELLE.  Can't remember the LT.  We were with in the QUE SON mountains when we were wounded.  Does anyone recall the cobra gunship that was shot down protecting the CH-46 med evac trying to get me and the others out?  I sent a fire team down to get the pilots.   thanks S/SGT GHILON

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Glasser, Leonard B.

Jul to Sep 1966, 3rd Plt, Sep 66 Co Radio Hq's Sec, CO, Cpt Matthews , Hill 76,35,96.

154 Graham Road
South Windsor Ct 06074-1421
(860) 644-2944

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Gobrecht, John

I was transferred from India company 3/9 because of the need for a machine gunner in weapons foxtrot 2/5. Participated in many operations including Tuscaloosa and am a survivor of second platoon's encounter in Operation Union II when I received my second purple heart. I'm married and have two sons and 3 grand-children with one on the way at the time of the Nashvile Reunion. I will be thinking of you even though I will not be attending. Have fun Semper Fi.

1737 Beck Mill Road
Hanover, PA 17331

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Goddard, Jeff

2527 South Cherokee Drive
Owensboro, KY  42301

I served with Fox 2/5 from 1986-1990 and have many great memories.  Would like to find others I served with.

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Gold, Donald

I was in weapons plat0on attached to Fox Co. 2/5.  I was an 0351 (rockets).  I served with F2/5 from December 1967 through February 4, 1968 until I was wounded and airlifted out.  I work for the U.S. Postal Service down in Savannah, GA.  I lived in New York for a lot of years before I relocated to GA.

Correct dates of my service in Vietnam are 12/18/66 thru 2/68.   I was wounded on the 4th of February in Hue City during Tet of 1968 while waiting on a flight out date.  Updated 26Nov08

36 Tammys Circle
Pooler, GA  31322-3353
(912) 659-9335 

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Golemon, Melvin

Looking for anyone from 3rd Plt Fox 2/5. Nicknamed "Gomer". Looking for Nick and Romeo.

104 McDuffie Circle
Daphne, AL 36526

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Gonzalez, Ismael B.

RT 7 Box 683-C
Mission, TX  78572

1969 Vietnam, Hue, Hamburger Hill, Company F Second Batallion, Fifth Marines, First Marine Division. I would like to know more about my division and the casualties. 

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Gordon, Mickey

2120 Bridgewater Road
Aston, PA  19014

LZ Baldt 1970-71, 60 mm's.   Member "Hole in the Wall Gang"

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Graeb, William D.

I'm glad to see we're getting on the net It'll make a lot easier to communicate that way, since I'm no good at writing letter's , it's good to talk to fellow MARINE'S I miss it quiet A bit , well I guess I better go.

513 Westwood Dr.
Marrero, LA 70072
(504) 328-0887

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Grace, Donald R.

Trying to find anyone from 1967 operation tuscaloosa and later coalminds you can reverse the charges on telephone would like to know. 2/5 Fox 5th marines.

217 South Wayne Ave
Cincinnati, OH

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Graham, Barrett

P.O. Box 743
Newport, NC  28570

Back to Top

Graham, Bob

Now I am an old man.  Now I have regrets for what I did, didn't do.  Men I could have saved and never got to, but no regrets for the NVA I got.

I don't know about you guys, but I get still teary at the wrong times, especially if I am drinking.  I still get teary at a parade, even if I am not drinking.   I can watch WWII real tape and not choke's history to me.  I can watch the new stuff, even Crotch Guys, and it's News.

When I watch any film from the 'Nam, I get teary, more than teary, really teary.

I'd like to say to you all...Welcome Home and a great HooRah and Semper Fi!!!  F' 2/3/3 67-68  FOrmer N.C.P.D., N.Y.  68-85

273 Ryan Road
Winder, GA  30680
cell:  770-425-8875 

Back to Top

Graham, John

Son of James Graham, CO  66-67

Address: 733 Peaks St., Bedford, VA 24523
Phone: 540-586-2862

Back to Top

Gray, James

I served with Fox 2/5 '67 - '68

251 Huners Hollow SE
Warren, OH 44484

Back to Top

Griswold, John

Semper Fi,I was with Fox 2/5 from 6/7/67 to 7/7/68. Fought at Hue City during TET and got wounded.I am looking for anyone who was there at the same time? Was known as uncle griz.

45 Birchwood Rd.
Randolph, MA 02368

Back to Top

Grover, Robert E.

I was in Fox Co. Nov.67 to Feb .68   
I was hospitalized in Dec 67 went back to Fox 2/5 Feb.68
I was wounded Feb 14,68 in HUE. After that I went back to the states.  I have a little girl Samantha she is 8 years old

160 South Elm St.apt2
Bradford,Ma 01835
(978) 372-1742

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Guiles, Michael

I have been with the 5th Marines for 14 years and have had the privilege of serving in all 5 Battalions. I like your site keep up the good work. ---Semper Fi--

609A Torrey Lane, CA 92672

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Guillory, Jay

Served with Fox 2/5 3rd platoon from 08/69 to 08/70. Would like to hear from other members . Also would like to locate Dan Kelley and Richard Donohue.

Squad leader of Bravo squad 3rd platoon.

2408 S. Voss, Ste. E318
Houston, TX 77057

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Gurganious, Rod

Served with fox company summer and fall of 68.Wounded and shipped home October 6th 68 . Spent time at Philly naval hospital before being discharged Feb.69. Double leg amputee. I have really enjoyed the reunions and IM looking forward to San Diego..hope to see yall there..bring your clubs.

Reunion in San Diego in July was great.  I really enjoyed Playing Golf with Colonel Dave Brown and his daughter Tiffany.  General downs beat me by a stroke and complained about his bad back or knees or some such excuse.  I had 4 balls out of bounds.  That was my excuse.  So now we are even.  I beat the general by two in Wisconsin .  The best time was the chance to play with my Ol buddy Sergeant Major Eddie Van Valkenberg..a true gentleman...Another highlight of the trip was the banquet and a chance to meet General O.K. Steel.  We also had the pleasure of entertaining the current commander of fox company .   I could go on and on. It was such a good time.  Hope to see you all in San Antonio for the next reunion.

Welcome home brothers.  I have been to most of the reunions and loved it all.  However, there was One exception.  In I believe 89 or 90 I went to the reunion but did not tell anyone.  I just sort of hung around for the christening of the Hue City, got drunk and drove home to Houston.  I was scared at first but now I look forward to the time when I can sit down and talk with guys from 35 years ago that I did not even know make it back alive.  In our brief time here on this world, we as members of fox company are blessed with the opportunity to find our true humanity through our friendships and fellowship with the finest group of men I have ever known.  Keep the Faith, Rod Gurganious L/CPL Retired.

14815 Deer Trail (updated 12/12/99)
Needville, TX

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Haehnel, Robert

I was with F 2/5 when the unit left Camp Pendleton in January 1966. After training in Okinawa, we arrived in Chu Lai, Vietnam around March. We settled in on Hill 69 until the unit was moved to the DMZ in August for Operation Prairie. After the campaign ended we moved to Dong Ha at which time the remaining 7 to 10 of us original grunts were transferred to a unit I can't even recall to spend our last 30 days with this group headed back to Okinawa. We never made it as we "didn't fit" and had too much fight left in us and were subsequently reassigned to another unit back in the bush for our remaining time. We did survive that last month holding a bridge and supply route to 2/5 in An Hoa. I remain best friends with Frank R. Castro, also from the original unit, who is now living in Las Vegas.

After a couple of somewhat shaky first years back, my life has been wonderful. I am only now starting to turn my mind to the Vietnam experience and have found that only scattered recollections remain. If you are from my unit, I would be glad to hear from you. Best of luck to us all.

Addendum: the above was posted several years ago.  Subsequently, my best friend and "foxhole buddy", Frank Castro has died from cancer (April 30, 2008) and resides in Riverside National Cemetery.

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Haley, Pat"Water Bu"


21 Mt. Teton Place
Clayton, CA 94517

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Hall, Steve

Looking for any Grunts from 1st Platoon, 76-77. What happened to you guys? Contact me and let's shoot the breeze.....

Also any guys from boot camp, Platoon 2025 MCRD San Diego that remember Sgt. Carrion,Staff Mallory and Gunny Lara...

916 W. Augusta #1
Spokane, WA 99205
Interests: Internet, Games, Music

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Hallock, Jim


2494 Courts Drive
Marietta, GA 30062

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Harbison, Gerald 

556 Hooker Road
Tryon, NC


Back to Top

Harper, James Paul 

I served as a grunt fireteam & squad leader from May to Oct, 1970.  WIA Oct 27, 1970 in the Que Son Mountains.

P. O. Box 2662
Ann Arbor, MI  48106-2662

Back to Top

Hart, Alan

1254 White Pine Lane
Lincoln, CA 95648

Was at An Hoa 1969-1970 with Tony Gonzalez, George Garcia.  Arizona Territory.  Operation Taylor Common.  GoNoi Island.  

I was with 2d platoon as radio operator until May 12, 1969 when I was wounded and medivac'd.  

Back to Top

Harter, James

2894 Troy-Schy Road
Niskayuna, NY 12309-0709
(518) 300-0709

Looking for others who served in 3rd platoon from 2/15/70 through 2/15/ 71. I was 3rd Platoon squad radioman then Platoon radioman at the end of my tour. I remember being in the Arizona Territory, An Hoa and LZ Baldy. I served with Jay Hartraft, Rick Donghue, Oscar Hall, Pat Duffy, Lt. Kelly, Steve Cady, 2 Navy doctors, Shank and Brothers. I went into the reserves after I came home and retired in 2005 as a Sgt. Major. I would love to hear from anyone I served with.

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Hartranft, Jay (Kraut)

Hey to all my Marine buds from Fox Company, 1969-70 An Hoa, Vietnam.

Pastor, Bible Fellowship Baptist Church
CH (LTC), USA Ret.
566 Juniper Dr.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Phone: 843.213.3694

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Harvey, Brian

318 Ash Street
Beaufort, SC  29906

From January 1999 to February 2002.  Two deployments to Okinawa, Japan with 31st MEU.  Okinawa, Thailand (Cobra Gold 2000) Australia, Phillipines, Palau Islands, East Timor.  Oh Rah you war hounds from Fox Co., 3rd Plt. 2/5  Launch the Zodes!

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Hatch, David

I served with Fox 2/5 in 1980

Back to Top

Hawkins III, Davis

13754 Hillcrest Drive
Fontana, California 92337

(909) 428-1986

Served with Fox Co. from December 1967 until December 1968.

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Haynes, Tom

I was an 0311 but got put in 60mm mortars. My best friend was Jim Feyk (Jim Rusten-name change). I remember a few other names: Capt. Furr was our first CO, an amazing leader. Ted Duda, Louie Baumans and Motown are a couple of names of the guys in the mortar platoon. Hill Farmer, Liberty Bridge security, Go Noi Island, Hill 65 with the 8" guns and, of course, the Arizona Territory. As time goes on this stuff is starting to get a little foggy. Blessings to all Marines, past and present.

21 Ketchbrook Lane
Ellington, CT 06029

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Head, Stephen

Served with Fox Co. from May 1967 through June 1968.

35 Tyler Street
Quincy, MA 02171
(617) 479-6729

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Heck, Donald F, Jr.

I was in first plt. in 68&69 was wounded on oct 9 68 just outside Phu Loc 6. I am married and have three children.

23 Pace Rd.
Eldon, MO 65026

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Heilman, Phil 

With E 2/5 at An Hoa. Wounded 4 July 1967 at the coal mine, evacuated out the following day.

New York

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Henderson, William B (1st Sgt, Retired) (Sam)

I was in Fox 2/5 Sept 66 was transferred to Okinawa in May 67. Retired from the Marines in 12/31/1976 and now retired from the State of Nevada Correction Center 9/1/2005. Donna has retired from Harrah's 9/1/2005. We moved to Nevada in 79, I worked in Saudi Arabia for 6 years. We have 2 sons, 1 daughter and 2 grandsons, 3 granddaughters and Mollie, Boston Terrier dog and Jackie, Corgi mix. We are traveling all over the "Great and Wondeful Good Old USA in our 5th wheel. If you see us go by, give a yell. We have been to all the F 2/5 reunions since 1989. I really enjoy seeing all our Fox 2/5 Family. Looking forward to the next Reunion in July. I am Secty- Treasurer for Fox 2/5

Donna & I have now retired, we are living in a 2005 Mobile Suite RV 5th Wheeler in Silver Springs, NV. Having a wonderful retirement.

3908 Cypress Street
Silver Springs, NV  89429-9394

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Henson, Terry 

September 68 - January 69

1024 W. Mesquite Ave
Apache Junction, AZ

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Hernandez, Mike

I served with the 2nd Plt, Fox, 2/5 from 3/67 to 10/67. I was wounded by a land mine in 10/67 and was medivac out. I lost my right eye and rec'd muliple shrapnel wounds.   I have worked with the TX Workforce Commission for the past 20 years as a Veteran Employment Rep.

Since I last reported I have retired from the Texas Workforce Commission and am now working for the West Central Texas Council of Government, doing the same thing except with a different clientel. I attended the Fox 2/5 Reunion in San Antionio and reunited with Marines that I served with in the 2nd Platoon, the Company COs and sargents....ame away with great self satisfaction that after all these years, the stories that I recalled actually took place. There were many Marines present at the reunion that helped me reinforce those stories.The "gyrines" helped to filled in alot of the memory blanks that I had from Vietnam. Still alive and doing well!

I have dedicated a web page to the Marines that made the ultimate sacrifice. Check out

Hello Marines, Mike Hernandez (Fox 2/5 Vietnam, March-October 1967.  Medically retired April 1973 due to combat wounds) has changed his web page address to

1717 Swenson St.
Abilene, TX 79603
(915) 676-8975

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Hernandez, Robert

I was a member of Fox 2/5 from the day we landed in Vietnam on 4/13/1966 until either March or May of 1968. I was in weapons platoon and I believe I was assigned to 1st platoon. I don't remember much about my years in Vietnam, but I recognize some names. Pat Matis and Joe Rysauy were also in my gun team until shortly after Union II. I'm about to retire from federal service and just enjoy my first granddaughter.   04-30-1965 thru 09/24/1975 

6539 Cobblecreek Circle
Anchorage, Alaska 99507

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Hester, James R.

Well I work at the postoffice I am 54 and getting ready to turn 55 in 4 months I was in foxtrot from 10-66 till 6-67 and then when came back they put me in hotel co. and I had 33 days to go back to the united states and that was 10-67 or 11-67 I can't remember the exact time and I go by Russell

Went to Vietnam In Oct.66 and was assigned to Fox co. 2/5 at the DMZ later when to what was call the coal mines and then we when the air stripe and I don't remember the name well on June 2,67 we went on a operation called Union 2 and that was the day I got shot in the left shoulder and was put on the USS.Hope and when to Japan then I can back with 33 days
left to go Home and they put me in Hotel Co.

1309 Doris Drive
Fairdale Ky. 40118

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Hickman, Ronald Keith "Pike"

I miss it every once in a while.If any marines find me in this web site, get ahold of me any time.

16001 Yankee Mine Rd.
Redding, CA 96001

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Hill, William (Bill)

I served with Fox Co. for six months from 12/69 until 06/70. I was a machine gunner. The second six months I served as Fox 1-4 forward air controller with H&S.

I am saddened to report Joe Kacer (Fox 2/5 Guns) / Bronze Star recipient of Texas has passed away. He was a victim of cancer. Semper Fi Joe, I already miss you.

Eric, Richie Lynch, Sgt. Shorter (most capable and best damn USMC sergeant I ever met.) Tennessee, Perry (Detroit), Gonzalez (A-Gunner), Miller (RIP) Chief.. Wow what a point man. Aflerdike, Thomas (RP) Danny from California, my A-Gunner, no finer human being have I ever met.You are all amongst the very best. I hope this finds you well. I know I am missing people (John the tall thin company radio man who sported a california tan."Wiehunt" -what a pleasant guy. I greatly admire and respect everyone I served with. You will always be a part of me. .

120 Jonathan Drive
Easton, PA 18045-5810

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Hillman, Terry

60 mm mortars July '68-August '69. After 25 years with the Post Office I am in the process of taking disability retirement. Would love to hear from anyone I served with.

PO Box 690091
Tulsa, OK 74169-0091 Updated 01Feb04

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Hodgson, J.

I served with Fox 2/5 '90 - '94

W. Jeffereson, NC 28694

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Hoffman, Robert

I went to 5th Marines summer 69. Was w/ 3/5 when Delta sector got hit and Dan Bullock was killed.Just a few hundred meters away but the Bn XO wouldn't let me take Re-Action squad to lines because of "5 day Acclimatization/Orientation" regs,(my 5 days ended next morning!!!) So started my many "experiences" w/SOP's & Red-Tape. Spent summer all over TAOR with I 3/5, then to F 2/5 in fall as 2d Plt Commander till end of 69 when finished tour w/G-5 Div HQ. Been in contact/met Piscitelli, Kozi(Kosibucki),Uncle, Blatchko,& Peterson.Hang out w/Steve Piscitelli since Statue Dedication In DC. We're coming to Re-union in Charleston SC July 2002. Semper Fi ... 5th Marines: The Original Devil Dogs

PO Box 61232
St. Peterburg, FL 33784

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Hollins, Phillip 

12350 Del Amo Blvd #110
Lakewood, CA

August 18th 1966 through June 1967.  WIA on Operation Union II.  Looking for members who served with weapons Platoon 0331 with Sky, Barney and Ackley.         Philly Dog

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Holloway, John 

0311 - Squad Bravo - 1st Platoon from Mar 70 until Sep 70.  Today - Work as HVAC service technician, married since Aug 71, one daughter, one grandson.

7098 Markwood Road
Earlysville, VA  22936

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Hopkinson, John

I am currently a member of the mighty fox company 2nd bn 5th marines. I am a rifleman in 2nd plt. Am scheduled to go on float in january to do some hard core training.

Fox 2/5 2nd platoon, San Mateo
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055
760-430-4500 ext 24823

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Horan, Sam

I was in "guns" 0331 assigned to the 3rd platoon of Foxtrot Company. Service period in Vietnam was Dec. 66 thru June 3,67 (Union II) when I was shot and returned stateside. I'm married with three grown children and four grandchildren. I'm currently the police chief for the City of Benbrook, Texas.

300 Meadowhill Dr.
Benbrook, TX 76126

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Horkley, Mike (Doc)

Looking for those that might remember me. I was in the 3rd platoon. I took the place of Medivac Mike. I remember 2 names Bill Dexter and a Jacobson. Other names are lost with just a few nicknames. I think there was a Doc George that went out with the same day. He went to the 2nd platoon.

11523 Joplin Rd
Boise, ID  83714

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Horner, Richard

I was the 2nd Platoon Commander for Fox Company from December 1967 until June 1968. After leaving Fox Company I was the 2/5 Battalion S4 from June until I went home in December. Chris Brown was one of my squad leaders.

I left the Marine Corps in 1970 and retired from Boeing in 2001.

894 Auklet Court
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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Huband, Charles

5069 Bennetts Pasture Road
Suffolk Va 23435

Back to Top

Hug, Roger

Foxtrot 2/5 Vietnam 1967-68. Want to say hello to all my 2/5 friends. Semper Fi.

2025 S. 82nd St
West Allis, WI  53219

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Hughes, Dale

PO Box 177
Lake Hill, NY 12448

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Ireton Sr., Garry L.

Iwas with Fox Co. in January 70 to Sept 70 would like to here from any and all .

808 Gordon St.
Piqua (no state or zip)

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Ivie, Clifford "Chip"


97-24, 133 Avenue
Ozone Park, NY 11417

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Jackson, Jerry

On 12/1968 transferred to 3/26 Lima. Remained there through 9/1969. Would enjoy "talking" with others.

1079 Fate Washington Rd.
Stem, NC 27581

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James, Charles Baxter, Sr. (BJ) 

My name is Charles Baxter James Sr....but I go by "BJ" or Baxter. I used to be in Fox 2/5 in 70-71 at Baldy and the Que Sons, etc. Actually I transferred from Delta 1/9 to F2/5 after 1/9 pulled out=2 0of Nam.  I was referred to the Fox 2/5 website by another brother on "Togetherweserved" site.  

502 Brittian St.
Forsyth, GA  31029
work:  478-994-7043
cell:  478-957-0274
home:   478-994-1646 

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Jarrett, Arthur C. 

I'm looking for any Marine that served with us from the time we left the states in 66 to Okinawa to Chu Lain to Dong Ha, DaNang, AnHoa and any other area.  1966-1967.

311 East Scott Street
Long Beach, CA  90805

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Jeffries, Kelly

19905 Holifield Rd.
Moss Point, MS  39562

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Jimenez, Sam

I Served with 3rd Platoon, 3rd squad from Jan. 1968 through Sept. 1969. I was hit by a booby trap in September and went back to the States. My nick name was (Recon). Drop me a call or an e-mail.

4367 Wilhelm Road
Rapid City, Michigan 49676

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Johnson, Elwood A. (Woody)

I was with Foxtrot 2/5 '67 - '68, 1st Platoon,1st Squad. Was Wounded July 29th,and While Being Medivac July30th The Pilot Was Shot And Brought The Chopper Down. If Any One Remembers This Please Get In Touch With Me,thanx Semper Fi......

3261 Haviland Ct. #201
Palm Harbor, FL 34684

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Johnson, Oren

Doing good, married to Kathy for 27 years, with 3 healthy boys. Currently employed by the Mi. State Police for the last 27 yrs. Will probably be retired shortly. Then I'll try hunting fishing for as long as I can. Trying to put a Elk hunt together for this fall in Co. right now. Oh yes, I also raise the best Labrador Retrievers in the State of Michigan. Although the brains behind the labs is my wife Kathleen. She knows labs inside and out.

I served in Fox 2/5 3rd platoon from Feb. '68 till 2nd platoon got napalmed. Then filled out my first tour with 2nd platoon, with a short vacation in Japan and Okinawa for 3 months after getting blown up by a box mine on Aug. 27, '68. Came back to 2nd platoon, was around for awhile then got malaria in time to go to DaNang during Christmas of '68 while Bob Hope entertained the troops just down the road and they wouldn't let any of us attend. Didn't want to watch us throw up I guess. Went back to 2nd platoon, very skinny. Played in the mountains and got ready to rotate. Signed up for another tour with 3rd MAF in DaNang. Finally left Vietnam in '70 aboard the U.S.S. Iwo Jima in a convoy of ships coming back to the States. Got assigned to D.I. school in Diego. Got out of that quickly. Was assigned as NCOIC of the Depot Theatre at Diego and put on the recruit graduations there. Received a medical retirement, 30% in Sept. of 70. Went home got a job, didn't like it, got some college, joined the State Police and here I am.

1330 Boy Scout Rd.
Caro Mi, 48723
989-673-8276  Updated 30Jul06  Updated 30Jul06

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Johnson, Robert (Dean)

Address: 322 Roosevelt Blvd, York, PA  17404
Phone: 717-846-4146  

Comments: I served with F2/5 6/66 to 7/67 I was wounded on Operation Tuscaloosa I rejoined the unit about 2 mo. later. I spent my whole tour at AN HOA. I was originally with 3/9 before 2/5 came down.You guys were short of 0331,s so some of us stayed there.

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Johnson, Terry 

1407 Buena Vista #2
San Clemente, CA  92672

Served as Company Commander, F 2/5, from 25Feb02 to 07May03.  Currently serving with 2/5 as Operations Officer (in Iraq).

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Jones, Brian

I served with Fox 2/5 3/97 - 10/00

15215 Jenkins Dr.
Whittier, CA 90604

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Jones, Sam

I was in Vietnam Sept. 1966 to Oct. 1967.
Retired April 1968. Have attended all reunions since 1989 except Baltimore in 1996. Looking forward to next one seeing old friends and making new ones. Margaret and I look forward to all reunions.

7826 Acama St.
San Diego, CA 92126

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Jordan, Kelley 

I have two children a lovely wife and work full time. And try to > work in some school at the same time.  1994 - 1998


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Kandic, Alexander
Alexander Kandic 2.jpg (8710 bytes)

I am a Canadian citizen who during the Vietnam War era feeling patriotic, seeking adventure and wanting to travel the world crossed the border in 1966 to volunteer and enlist in the Marine Corps. Boot Camp Paris Island SC,ITR Camp Geiger NC and then on to Camp Pendelton in CA. Went to Vietnam the slow way, sailed on a troop ship from San Diego to Danang. Transfered to An Hoa where I did a complete tour of duty from March 67 to April 68 in M-60 Guns, Weapons Platoon of Fox-2/5. During that period saw action in and around An Hoa, Phu Loc 6, Nong Son and Hue City/TET. That period of my young life was a very intense,memorable and unforgetable moment in time. As someone once said "It was the best of times and it was the worst of times". After Vietnam I did a 6 month Med cruise deployment, returned to Camp Lejeune and a few months later left the Marine Corps at the end of my enlistment. I live in Montreal,have been married the past 15 years to Louise. We have no children. Both of us love to travel and we have been very fortunate to have been able to visit Asia, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. After the Marine Corps I tried my hand at a variety of jobs, however professional sales has been my career choice these past years and most recently with Panasonic as an account mngr in their Battery products group. I wish to thank the webmaster and all others who helped create and maintain this fine website that reunites all Marines who served with 2nd Battalion/5th Maine Regiment. Proud to have served with honor.

Au Revoir from Canada. Semper Fi

Alex's Pics

302- 202 rue Berlioz
Verdun, QC. Canada. H3E 1B8
(514) 768-0616  

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Keene, Lance W. 


433 Arthur Cir.
Corona, Ca 92879

Back to Top

Kennedy, Dennis

Warsaw, IN

Back to Top

Kerr, Brian

I served with Fox as an 0341, 60mm mortar, from July '67 to June '68. Some time in June, I was transferred to H&S 3/27 until my rotation in August. Very proud of my service with both units and the super grunts I was with...
I have been a school teacher for 21 years and look forward to retirement in 3 years & "a hook"!
Thanks to Chris Brown (et al,) I have enjoyed the mini-reunions and special get-togethers here in the New York area.
At present, I am the NY State Chapter President for "Leathernecks M.C. Club, International".
Be well, and Semper Fi, Brian

Phoenix, AZ

Back to Top

King, James


1001 Hospital Rd.
Waynesville, MO 65583
Phone: 573-774-3035

Comments: I was with Fox 2/5 from 1969-70, I have very little recollection of the period, but I would like to hear from anyone that remembers that time period. Presently I am an Artist and disabled, the Father of three daughters 23,23 and 6(no that's not an error. Anyway I'd like to hear from anyone. Semper Fi

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Kirk, Douglas G. 

Combat engineer attached to Fox 2/5 Command Platoon from 23 Dec. 1967 to 21 June 1968.  Wounded 21 June 1968 Medically Retired 17 June 1969.  Went in to Hue on the Chinooks with Capt. Downey and the CP. Stayed thru our leaving Hue.

7177 Alma Terrace Drive
New Albany, OH  43054

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Kissick, Jeff

Semper Fi Devil Dogs! I would love to hear from all of you! Life is good - keep livin it! Cpl Kissick, Jeffrey D.  Was with Fox 2/5 from 3/1995 to 7/1996.


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Klien, Terry



(402) 339-1540

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Korn, Pete

I was 3rd platoon commander near An Hoa from December 68 until June 69, then was XO in the rear at An Hoa from July 69 to December 69.  I took over 3rd platoon from Lt. Melton and was succeeded by Lt. Ward Benson.

I served under Dave Brown, Bob Wing, Bob Kingrey and Captain Furr. Through the Fox 2/5 Association I have been fortunate to locate nine of the Marines I served with and I urge everyone to contact the Association to renew old bonds.

 I have a law firm in Columbia, SC; my wife of 36 years, Patty, and I have 3 children 25-30 years old.  My son Dan has attended the reunions and traveled with me back to Vietnam.

117 S. Sims Ave.
Columbia, SC  29205
803-231-2020 (ofc)  
803-361-1181 (cell)

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Kosobucki, Gordon

1301 Holtan Rd.
Stoughton, WI 53589

Back To Top

Kostopolus, Steve

Radioman 68 & 69

111 Mill St.
Revere, MA

Back to Top

Kreader, Ken

Fox Co. 1967, May-August. Operation Union II and Non Song July 4th come to mind as significant events during my short stay in 2/5.

515 S Plank Road
Sanford, NC 27330

Back To Top

Kuhel, Billy Gene

Served in Fox Company from 1968 to 1969

5261 Country Road 329
Colorado City, Texas 79512

Back to Top

Kuneau, Stephen James

Trained as a 105 cannon cocker.  Was in Vietnam 1967 to May 5th fox trot 2/11/ 1st Mar. Div.  Not sure what month, but work with the 5th special forces for about 7 to 8 months in the northern highlands.  I'm a disabled vet, but life goes on.  I don't know what else to say, but the war sucked.  Will answer any e-mail I get. 

Back to Top

Kurtelaeicz, John

915 Curchill Ave.
Utica, NY

Back to Top

Kusar, Joe

I served with Foxtrot 2/5 in 1970, nickname "Buffalo"

1032 Cherokee Rd.
Perry, GA 31069

Back to Top

Lannon, James P. Jr.   

My MOS was 0311, I think.  I was in the 2nd platoon.  I was wounded on October 26, 1967.  Air vac back to the states I was retired November '68.

1520 Pelican Point Dr. Ba151
Sarasota, FL   34231
cell:  941-350-9251

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LaClair, Darrell  (Buzz)

Fco. A sq. An Hoa, Phu Bai, Hue City 1968

8877 W. Dunnellon Rd.
Crystal River, FL  34428

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Lamb, Leonard

I served with Fox Co. from 1965 until 1966.

7736 Pump House Way
Knoxville, Tennessee 37938
(---) --- - ----

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Lamkins, Keith


Address: 709 S.E. Spring, Des Moines, IA 50315
Phone: 515-287-5705

Comments: Joined Fox Oct 17, 1967 Spent Nov 11 thru Jan 24 on USS Santuary Rejoined Fox on Jan 25 thru Feb 9th Transferred out on Feb 9th, 1968, remained in country until June 1969 Spent June 1968 thru April 1971 at Parris Island

Back to Top

Lambert, Greg

Was with C 1/9 3rd Mar Div 1969 - reassigned to F 2/5 June 1970. Served at An Hoa Combat base.  Lost track of everyone.

809 W. Maplewood
Marion, IL

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Laventure, Joseph 

Served with Fox Second Battalion 5th Marines 1969-1970.  Can't remember names and am looking for anyone who served with me.  I was an M60 machine gunner; I was also an E5.  Lt. Lottie was our commander.  Served Khe Sanh, Hue, Phy By.  Today, I run a taxicab company.

505 Foggy Bottom Road.
Ephrata, PA  17522

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Lawhorn, Eli 

801 N. Lafayette
Macomb, IL  61455

Served with Fox Co., Wpns Plt in the machine gun section from April of 97 till September 00.  Truly the hardest most valuable experience of my life.

Back to Top

Lawson, Winston

I served in Fox 2/5 July 1959 to 1961

1569 Rockhurst Ln.
Cincinnati, OH 45255

Back to Top

Lee, Kenneth

17119 Ash Way
Lynnwood, WA 90837

Interests: Internet, Games

Back to Top

Lee, Clarence

I Was Transfered From 1/7 Charlie When They Pulled Out To The States And Assigned To Fox 2/5 I Rotated March 3 1971. When I Left I Was Plt Radio Operator, Llt Scott Was Plt Leader Later Assigned As Xo. I Got A Shrapnel Hit Around Feb27 Or 28. I Was Asked If I Want To Rotate Stated Side, I Was Sent Home March 31971. Sgt Elloit From Barstow. Cal A Good Friend I Met While Stationed There In 1969 Had Just Arrived A Few Weeks Before I Rotated

5149 Wyndmer Sq.
Swartz Creek, MI 48473

Back to Top

Lee, Robert

I was in Charlie squad, 1st platoon. Dwight Anderson was squad leader when I arrived. Gene Dark took oner after Anderson left. I became squad leader after Dark went to the platoon CP. Have made contact with Anderson, Dark, "Opossum", Gerald Hall, Richard Cole and Ian Bailey. Would like any info concerning William "Waterbull" Cobb or Rodney V. Johnson. Would also like to hear from anyone in the squad or in guns squad at the time.

820 Bob Ames Circle
Wartburg, TN 37887

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Legere, Roland

My Units while in Vietnam 2Yrs 6Mo. 3 Days -- 

05-64 "G"olf Co.2/7 1st.Mar.Div.(FMF) Rifleman 
07-64 "L"ima Co.3/9 3rd.Mar.Div.(FMF) Rifleman 
07-65 "G"olf Co.2/5 1st.Mar.Div.(FMF) Rifleman 
05-66 "G"olf Co.2/26 3rd.Mar.Div.(FMF) Rifleman 
11-66 "F"oxtrot Co.2/5 1st.Mar.Div..(FMF) Rifleman 
02-68 "G"olf Co. 2/6 2nd.Mar.Div.(CLNC) Rifleman 
Operation UNION and UNION II Que Son area, Republic of Vietnam, 25 April to 5 June 1967

My Web Page

26 Hill Top Road  Updated 02May04
Guilford, ME  04443

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Leroy, Myron

I served in Fox 2/5 January 1999 to January 2000. I enjoyed everything about it. I look back now and wish I would have stayed in.

Back to Top

Lewis, Douglas

I served with Fox 2/5 '90 - '94

2301 Nebraska
Toledo, OH 43607

Back to Top

Lewis, Richard

51995 Birch Lake Rd
Barnes, WI 54873

I was with F 2/5, 3rd Plt from late Dec 65.  Went overseas with them.  Transferred to A 1/5 in May of 66.  Went back again with G 2/27 in 68.

Back to Top

Liebold, Mark

Former Hospital Corpsman with F 2/5 at Camp Margarita, MCB Camp Pendleton 1974; Company Commander Captain John Scire

5513 Roxanne Place
Springdale, AR 72762
Interests: Internet

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Liverman "Bootcamp", Donald

With Foxtrot from Nov 1966 to Nov 67


Back to Top

Lopes, Manny

PO Box 594
Needham Heights, MA 02494

Back to Top

Lucas, John W. 

I served with F Co. 2/5 in Viet Nam from April 1966 to September 1966. Although I can't remember too much I know I served with the best Marine ever. I remember two guys in particular, PFC Koval and Cpl. Ernest Ortega. I also remember the time spent aboard the ship that took us to Okinawa and later to Chu Lai Viet Nam. My memories are of the fun and fear we shared together, my thoughts and prayers are with our fallen brothers.

13175 Stamford
Warren, MI. 48089

Back to Top

Luedtke, Kurt

I served with 2nd platoon Fox Co. 2/5 from Nov 1967 until May 1968 being wounded near Phu Loc. Sent to Great Lakes Naval hospital until Oct 1968. Finished out enlistment at Camp Pendleton Ca. with Training Facilities.

4497 W.6 1/2 Mile Rd.
Caledonia, WI 53108
262-835-4383 / 414-807-4077

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Lynch, Terry

I served with Fox Co. 2/5 from 1967 until 1968. Life time experience where I made Life Time friends.

4806 Overland Drive
Powder Springs, Georgia 30127
(678) 640-1855

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MacKinnon, Brent

Thanks to Bob Grover for launching 2/5 into Techno Times. As for me I have been traveling the world working in educational institutions, mostly in the tropics. Worked for years with Southeast Asian refugees here in California. Still a refugee in my own country and saddling up to leave again in August. God bless you one and all. Keep the faith.

Working abroad in the tropics and with refugees in California For many years Visited Non Song, An Hoa and other 2/5 sites in May of 99 Im looking for Andy Anderson Anybody got a clue?

Box 462
Bolinas, CA 94924

Back to Top

Madrid, Isidro R. 

1968-69.  I have been in Florida for 11 years.

6 Cricket Place
Haines City, FL  33844

Back to Top

Malanowski, Mike 

I was a radioman with 2/5 from July '68 to August '69.  Served with Fox from Dec '68 to July '69 as Bn. radioman.

330 Cornell Ave
Elyria, OH  44035

Back to Top

Maley, Elmer "Moe"  

I was 1st platoon commander with Fox 2/5 from December 1969 to August 1970.

4459 NC Highway 210
Rocky Point, NC 28457
(910) 270-0400

Back to Top

Maloof, Mike

I was with F 2/5 3rd platoon from 3/1/68-Sept '68 when I finally got hit in Anh Hoa. I have been to a few reunions & wish I could have afforded to go to all. I now have 2 children, Mike III who is 9 & Amber who is 6. Needless to say they are the loves of my life. I would like to hear from anyone who would like to contact me. My best memories are of the friendships made over there, I have never been that close to anyone since & probably never will be, such is life. SemperFi

632 Buddy West Rd
Newnan, GA 30263
(770) 253-4204  Updated 09Oct05

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Maldonado, Adrian Jr. 

I served with Fox 2/5 when we we're known as the Fox Company  Blackhearts.  Detached from Fox and went to H&S 2/5, deployed to Kuwait/Iraq for the war and upon returning was volentold to go again. When I E.A.S.ed  I moved to Denver, Colorado and recently got in contact with Sgt. Nick Campbell (a fellow Fox Co Blackheart) who resides in Fort Collins, Colorado; about 45 min. north of my pause.  I have been working as a Re-Adjustment Counselor for Global War on Terrorism Veterans at Denver Veteran Center and Colorado region. Helping my brothers with P.T.S.D. to guiding them with educational programs or claims.  If you need help or know of some one please call me at my number at work  303-326-0645.

1420 Crete Ct.  Apt.  'C'
Lafayette, Co. 80026


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Manley, Thomas  

5817 Leslie Ave
Norfolk, Va 23518-5722

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Marcotte, Arthur E. 

I was with Echo 2/5 from 7/67 until 8/67 when I was hit (between An Hoa and the bridge at Phu Loc). I was medivaced to Guam. When I returned to 2/5 (11/1967) I was assigned to Fox Co. I was with Fox during the move from An Hoa to Phu Bi. I was with Fox thru 5/68). I remember every inch of Hue including the landing at the river, MACV, the University, the Treasury, the hospital, the prison and everything in between. I got my second heart outside of the City in some vil when we were rocketed. I remember nothing about leaving the City. I guess it just happened. I was medivaced to Yakuska Japen in 5/68. Upon return to the States I was assigned to Guard Company Marine Barracks, 8th and I Washington DC. I graduated from Georgetown U. in 1976. Received multiple masters degrees from the U of Md. I worked for the State of Md./Montgomery County gov.  until my retirement in 7/07. 

Other than Capt. Downs I do not remember many people from Fox 2/5. I guess it is age but it also the fact that I was only with the Co. for about 1-1/2 months before we went into Hue City and of course once there, the names of people changed almost daily. The Co. we left with was totally different than when we went in. After Hue is a blank. I know we went back towards Phu Bi. We were by the coast for a while. I remember being in an old French position with concrete bunkers, etc. guarding a CB operation that crushed rocks. Then we humped up into the mountains around Bac Ma. I was medivaced again in early April.

910 Chapel Road
New Windsor, MD  21776

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Marcotte, Michael

I have a few pictures from Nam on my web page

7989 Marsala Court
Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Comments: Viet Nam from Dec 66 to Dec 67. Weapons platoon (60 mm mortars).

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Martell, Bill  

I was with 2nd Platoon, 68/69.

251 Saddlebrook
San Antonia, TX 

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Martin, Dennis

I served with Fox 2/5 Dec. 1968 - Mar. 1970. "DOC" Martin. I served with Echo for about a month then went to Fox until Jun or July. The I went the BAS until Mar 1970 when I was transferred to 1st MEDBAT in Danang til Jul 1970. I retired from the Navy as a HMC in 1987.

Would like to hear from any Marines that served with me. I talked to LT Newsom a couple of years ago. He is doing well and still living in Enid, Ok

1706 Bever Ave. SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

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Martin, Thomas

Served as Platoon Cmndr third platoon June through mid-Dec 1967.  Co Cmndr July 1968.  Current President Fox 2/5 Assn.  Updated 27Aug08

14717 Anderson St.
Woodbridge, VA 22193

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Martinez, Bobby

I served with Fox 2/5 1980 thru 1983

1831 Hays Dr.
Carlsbad, NM 88220

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Marvin, Joseph

It was a honor to serve with Fox 2/5, Aug - Dec '68. I arrived days after the napalm tragedy in early august. I witnessed the 9-11 ambush. It was my squad. For whatever reason I was stopped at the wire and not sent out that night. Still haunts me everyday. I carried a M-79 and became the t-rat after Maloof got hit. I was evacuated Sept 21 with schapnel and broken lumbar bones. I will forever miss you guys. Even our E-5 leader who thought magazines full of tracer rounds was genious. Semper Fi

4414 Saratoga Dr.
Redding, CA 96002

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Marzka, Brian

I served with F 2/5 1994 - 1996

580 Cleveland Dr.
Lower Burrell, PA 15068

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Matsumo, Michael

I served with F 2/5 1992 - 1996

1251 E. Mardina St.
West Covina, CA 91790

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McAnally, Carl

Served with Fox Co. in 1967. Carl passed away September 21, 2015.

No contact information provided

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McClintock, Jimmy

I served in 1st Plt. Fox Co. Jan.67-Feb.68
Even though I went to Vietnamese language school to learn the language, I served as in Nam as a regular grunt. I left Nam after I received a schrapnel wound in the battle of Hue City. I was a squad leader for the last 5-6 months.

Houston, Texas

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McGorry, William

I Was Shot Jan 26 1967 I Served With F Company May God Be With You All And Your Familes Too Semper Fi

5 Kimble Ave.
Rio Grande, NJ 08242

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McGunnigle, James

Served with Fox 2/5 Oct 69 to Aug 70 Not sure with what platoon. Did another tour with Hotel 2/9 67 to 69 .Would like to hear from anyone in that time period or anyone in either unit .

70 Park Ave.
Hicksville, NY 11801

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McKenna, Patrick

I served with Fox 2/5 June 1968, radio operator, forward air tact.

3317 Noe Way #7
Louisville, KY 40220

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McLaughlin, Darrell 

4192 Wilhelm Drive
Chambersburg, PA  

Fox 2/5 3rd Plt. 70-71 Alpha Squad, An Hoa, Arizona, Liberty Bridge, Que Sons, Hill 55

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Meeks, Daniel

I was in FCo 2/5 3rd Plt Sqldr went overseas in '81-82 west pac returned and discharged in 7/09/82

114 Cherry St., 
Fort Morgan, CO 80701

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Michael, David

I was with Fox 2/5 in An Hoa from Feb 69 to March 70.  When I first got there I was in 3rd Platoon for most of the time, guns and then radio.  The last 3 months I was company radio operator for 1st Lt. Murry.  Recon, Reco, Truck, Rabbit, Wright, Turgon, Tex, Jock, Rusty, Billy Walker, Ballazaries, JJ, Pops, Juan, Pete, A. J. Booth, Fred, David Fuller are some of the names I remember.  I remember the cornfield and the night before, Liberty Bridge, Arizona, Go Noi Island.

3817 Cedar Lake Place
Minneapolis, MN
612-940-7889  Updated 30Jul06  Updated 30Jul06

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Milby, Bob

I was a Sgt. with 1st and 2nd LAAM Bns in Chu Lai and Hia Van Pass 1965 thru 67. Was stationed with a very close friend "David Collins" 65 and we went to Vietnam together. We lost contact after he requested a transfer to the Grunts. Seeking any information as to what happened to Dave and any photos.
Simper Fi
Bob Milby
60 to 70

2969 Santa Inez Drive
Minden, NV 89423

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Minerd, Mark M. 

61 Lenox Street
Uniontown, PA  15401

I was with f-2/5 5-66--6-67 3rd plt. guns sqd. leader wounded [2]iam now 100% P/TL. I think about the guys in my sqd. all the time.  You are all a part of my life, more than you know.  I love you guys. I am married to the same wonderful girl that I went steady with in high school. I  have two daughters and a 16 yr.old son and [5]grandchildren.the good lord has been kind to me I am so thankful.----please let me hear from you.......friends forever.......

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Minotto, Michael

9518 3rd Bay Street
Norfolk, VA 23518

I was with Fox 2/5 in 1988 through 1989. I was part of the 1989 winning Super Squad Competition.

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Misner, Leonard

I was part of 2/5 Fox in 1986-1987.  I was based at Margarita in Camp Pendleton, CA.  My proudest memories of the Corps was my time in 2/5

3913 Madison S.E.
Wyoming, MI 49548

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Montague, Steve

I was in 3rd Plattoon, Fox Co., 2/5, from late 1982 until July 1985.  During that time we went to Okinawa, but I was FAP'ed out to Camp Hansen, Camp Guard.  Anyone from Fox 2/5 out there during that time, give me a shout.

Santa Clara, CA 95050

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Moore, John (JD)  

2ND PLATOON GUNS October '67 - September '68

ORLANDO, FL. 32818
407 293-5701

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Moran, John (Mo)

Well only to say that if any and all who may recall me may feel free to email or write. John (Mo)Moran

826 Saint John Ave
Toledo,Ohio 43608

I served with foxtrot 2/5 from January 1967 until February 1968.  Assigned to weapons platoon and attached to the second platoon from the rocket section.  Rico (Elizier Valasquez) was my "A" gunner amno humpper.  Water-Boo (Pat Haley) was in rockets weapon at the same time.  Made Operations Union One, Union 2, and others.  I now live in Toledo, Ohio and work as a production manager in a factory.  Married with three grown sons.  And still Loyal to the Corps. (14Apr03)

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Moreno, John

An Hoa, Non Song (July 4, 1967)  Hue City, Phu Bai. Fox 2/5 MOS 0331.  Wounded July 4th,1st Dec (Night Ambush) & 6th Feb Hue City.  "SEMPER FI"

6225 Live Oak Trail
Abilene, TX  79606
325-698-9182   Updated 12Mar06

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Morris, Thomas C.

I am a high school earth science teacher at Christiansburg High School in Christiansburg, VA.
I am also assistant track and field and cross country coach at Radford University in Radford,
Virginia. I have taught school for 25 years and coached high school and college for 20 years.
I am married to Marcia J Olson Morris and have three grown sons, one who is in the Army in
Kuwait at this time.

In-Country November 1967-February 1968. I joined 1st platoon and spent time at An Hoa, Phu Bai and somewhere along the main highway south of Hue guarding Sea Bees. I was wounded in Hue and medivaced out to DaNang, Tokyo, Quantico, Great Lakes, and finally home. I was released on Medical Discharge in December, 1968. I lost an eye and partial use of my left arm, but am doing fine. I made reunions in D.C. and Wisconsin, and will be at the next one in Texas. Thanks for the opportunity to post this and read what others are doing.

4543 Pilot Road
Pilot, Virginia, 24138
(540) 382-0660

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Morton, Wesley "Rick"

I served with Fox 2/5 as an Arty FO from late June 1967 until April 1968.

313 Brandt Street
Garden City, MI 48135  

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Mullen, Timothy S.

I was a member of Foxtrot Company 2/5 from September 1966 to August 1967.

916 Locust Street
Fremont, NB  68025

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Murray, Ken

Proudly served with the most decorated Marine Company in the history of the Corps.I landed in Nam on Feb. 14, 1968 with Golf Co. 27th Marines where I was called upon to be a tunnel rat. I suffer from TBI from a direct hit with two 500lb cannisters of napalm in August of 1968.I was wounded by a booby trap in November 1968 and caught Malaria in December 1968. I have been 100% disabled with severe PTSD and TBIsince 2006. I am a Member of the Marine Corps League, Military Order of Devil Dogs and ViteNam Vets Association.

84 West Pine Street
Sellersville, PA  18960

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Nachreiner, Dale 

Corpsmen,  Feb – July 1969 with Fox 2/5 (Feb-June 3rd Platoon, Jun-Jul 2/5 CP); Jul - October at 2/5 Battalion Aid Station including Hill 10, Oct  – Jan at 1St Med Battalion, DaNang

Kept a small diary and girl friend [now my wife] kept all of my letters.  Wrote a 75 page memories of my year in Viet Nam from the prospective of what was going on with me during the year and my relationship with my wife from the diary and letters.   Stayed in the USN reserves while attending college after my 4 years commitment with the Navy.  Commission as a Medical Service Officer while attending graduate school for Healthcare Administration.  Retired from the USN in 1992 after 26 years.  Continue in healthcare management, now semi retired and consulting.  Married to my Viet Nam sweetheart, married three weeks after returning from Viet Nam.  Have three children; a son who was homemade and two adopted daughters, a Korean and a Japanese.  My children are 35, 29, and 24 and we have four granddaughters.  We live in the beautiful Northwest.

Dale Nachreiner
326 E. Front Street
Port Angeles, WA  98362

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Navarra, Bernie

As a radio operator with 2/5 I had the "pleasure" of serving with all of the companies in the course of 2 years that I spent in country. Most of the time in the bush was with FOX also 6 months as the "Whiskey 28" Radio chief of the great 81mm mortar platoon. Look forward to chatting with anybody . Am now a trained professional chef and member of the AMERICAN CULINARY FEDERATION. I currently am the Pres. of the local chapter.

4512 Old Cherry Point Road
New Bern, NC, 28560
(252) 637 3524

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Nesbitt, Herman

Address: 7929 Hwy 162, Yonges Island, SC 29449
Phone: 843-889-8110
ICQ: 2236674

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Newsom, Doyle

I served as Platoon Commander for Fox Co. in 1969. I would love to hear from any Marines who were in Fox 2/5 from January until August, 1969.

1723 W. Cherokee Ave.

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Nichols, Bill    RIP 12/27/07

I served with Fox co 1968, then regiment and H&S

From Pat Nichols --  Bill passed away at home on 12-27-07. Remember him, he was happy to belong to such a great group of guys, Pat 

Pat's contact information:
412 Regalwood Dr
Jacksonville, NC  28546

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Olivier, Francois

1016 Belmont Street
Lehigh Acres, FL 33974
--- ---- -----

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Osborne, Norm 

Would like to hear from anyone that served with 2/5 Foxtrot during the 1966/67 era.

Arrived in Vietnam in April 66 and assigned to Fox 2/5. Was assigned to one of the Best Gun Teams on the Corps.  We had our share of times I must say both Good & Bad.  The members of our Gun team was made of Rick "Barney" Barnes, myself and Hank Janakowski and other members of different teams as well, but it was Barry & Hand that was the makeup of our team and we all shared from time to time the responsibility of the Gun. 

The Operations we were on was Apache, Colorado, Prairie.  It was Prairie that I took gunshot to my right leg as we walked into a major ambush in Quang Tri Province on 26 Oct 66.  That was a major day for use as we also lost our Chaplain that day as well as many others.  After Prairie it was on to Llincoln< Nebraska, Tuscaloosa, Independence, LaNoke, New Castle, Dixie, Noname.   

Thanks to all who served.  Would love to hear from anyone during that time period.  (updated 26Jun14)

28 Draw Bridge Drive
Monroe Twp, NJ  08831

Norm has some photographs to share.

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Oscier, Dennis

USMC 1969-1974, Dec 69-Mar 71 attached to Fox Co 2/5, After VietNam back to MCRD Parris Island, attached to Weapons Bn. PMI. Here I shot on the Marine Corps Rifle Team. Then off to Marine Barracks Rota, Spain. Shot on Marine Corps Pistol team helping USMC win Commanders Cup. Medically Retired May 1974 SGT. Now Supervisor working for US Customs Service Contraband Enforcement Team, Miami Fl. After moving here from Buffalo, NY in 1986.

Updated 24Feb05  Been relocated from Miami, FL to Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA as an Instructor/Coordinator for Customs an Border Protection, Dept. of Homeland Security.  Received discharge from USMC May 1974.  While in 2/5 I was stationed in An Hoa, Hill 65, worked in the Arizona Territory, Hot Dog, Hill 55, 51, Go Noi Island and Que Son Mts., Liberty Bridge, and Monkey Mountain

403 Hidden Lakes Lane
Brunswick, GA  31525

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Palacios, Benjamin

I served with Foxtrot 2/5 1968

5907 Silverleaf Drive
Foresthill, CA 95631

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Parker, Roger Sr.

Served with Fox 2/5 69-70-dropped in the Arizona. With 1st platoon guns- T-Byrd was squad leader Pete Gosnelle ?-Lt. Newsome was platoon comd. Served w/Chuck Barton in guns when he got medivac from QuoNoe Island I think. Love to hear from anyone. Connected w/ Chip Ive from NY Semper-Fi brothers

Was with Fox from March 69 to March 70

461 W. Lytle Street, Lot #231
Fostoria, OH 44830

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Patton, Kyle

current 2nd Platoon Commander

2657 Jefferson St.
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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Perala, Jeremy  (Updated 20Apr05)

Anchorage, AK 

Served:  2000-2004


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Petkovic, Ronald 

I served with the 1st. Marine Division, 2nd. Battalion, 11th. Marines, Foxtrot Battery in An Hoa, Vietnam. I was in Motor Transport and  we would leave the firebase there in An Hoa and go to DaNang and pick up  ammo for the 105mm, 155mm,175mm howitzers.  I arrived in Nam in June of '69  and rotated out in April of '70. I'm looking for anyone who was there with me in Motor T. I remember Pohaski, Kidd, Burrell, and my section chief of the motor pool, Bob from New York. Please contact me as I need your help regarding the constant attacks from the VC of mortars and rockets on our firebase. Please contact me at the above email or phone number. This is very important to me as I am now working with the VA. WELCOME HOME TO ALL

735 E. 256 St.
Euclid, OH  44132

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Petris, Victor

I am originally from New Jersey,served with F-2/5 from may 1967 to Feb.1968.   After returning to a "normal life" I held several law enforcement positions with the department of justice.  I am now employed with a law firm in Winter Park, Florida.

3785 Kinsley Pl.
Winter Park Fl. 32792
(407) 678-8976

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Petrone, John (friend & cousin of)

I am here on behalf of my friend, brother marine, cousin, john j "jackie" boyd. he was kia mar15, 70. while serving with 1st plt fox 2/5. i served with i 3/7. i would appreciate if you accept my aubmission into your fraternity. i am here to find out anything about jackie's servive with your outfit. thanks. welcome home. semper fi.

2952 Brantly Dr.,
Antioch, TN 37013

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Phillips, Jim

I was with2/5 Fox for a brief time in 66.LtCol Jackson was the Co. In two weeks I was reassigned to H&HS Supply.CWO2 Capera was the OIC and Top Little the sr. enlisted. It was here that I finished out my tour at base camp An Hoa. I belong to VFW Post 8002 Kathleen/Gibsonia, Fl. in north Lakeland. It came as a surprise to me that I had found two more 2/5 brothers who ars also 2/5 Fox Co. Vets. Russel Haller and Pat (Pappy) Fields. I would like to hear from others who may them or myself

1039 Southern Ave
Lakeland, FL 33815-3943

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Piscitelli, Steve

I was with Fox from May 16, 1969, to February 16, 1969. I was wounded a third time on February 10, 1970, by booby trap. I took out two corpsmen and a Marine forward observer; although their wounds were not serious, mine were. I did a lot of walking point, ambush, patrol, etc. I carried the blooper for four months and an M-14 also for four months. I had a mohawk haircut and carried a buck knife. I'd like to hear from the men in my unit. I've been in touch with Kozy, Uncle, Blatchko, McKinney, Lt. Hofmann, Peterson, Sutton, and Elder. Anyone who remembers me or any of these men: Please contact me.
Presently, I'm building a monument of Dan Bullock, who was 15 when he was killed on June 7, 1969. I also built a bronze Vietnam war memorial in Bristol Township, Pa. If anyone knows Roland Wolke, an artist from 2/5, please have him contact me.

Semper fi.

4819 Davisson Ave.
Orlando, FL 32804

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Pomaranski, John J. 

I served in Viet Nam from Feb 68 thru March 69.  I was a machine gunner with weapons platoon.

13484 Keystone Road
Dale City, VA  22193

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Poole, Carnell

family member of fox company 1967-68

6760 Glen Albin Road
LaPlata, Md. 20646

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Porter, Jason


7475 State Road
Coopersville, MI  49404

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Price, Ken (Tex) 

I was with Fox 2/5 from Aug 69 to Feb 70 moved to H&S 2/5 S-2 Scouts in Feb 70 then to S-2 5th Mar in Jun or July 70 left RVN in Sept. 70. I would like to hear from any of the great Marines I was lucky enough to have served with. We can talk about the good and the bad time. I left the Corp in 1975 and joined the Army and retired in 89

4832 NW Willams
Lawton, OK. 73505

(580) 357-9783

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Quintanilla, Jose

I was with F 2/5 1984 - 1988

1312 Prarie St.
Aurora, IL 60506

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Rairden, Neal

I served with Foxtrot 2/5 Jan. - Dec. 1969

3218 Stuart Ave.
Richmond, VA 23221

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Rapisarda, Ed

I served in Fox 2/5 2004 -2005

Vacaville, CA 95688

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Raymond, John E. (son of John J. Raymond "Doc")

Son of John J. (Doc) Raymond. Does anyone remember my Dad? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

3655 Huyton Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28213

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Raymond, Peter

Just found this site and checking it out. I was with F2/5 from Mar 81 to Apr 85.

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Reed, Bob 

1404 Center St.
Moundsville,  WV  26041

Served in 'Nam 1967-68.  An Hoa Foxtrot Co. 3rd platoon.  A few survivors of Union 2.  Wondering if any others out there.  Have had a lot of trouble dealing with this issue for these past 35 years.  Anyone know exactly if we were in the agent orange spray areas?  Have had trouble for years with lungs.  Glad to have found this web site.

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Reed, Jeff

83 Eastgate Drive
Thomasville, GA  31757

Served in weapon platoon March 83 to February 86

Back To Top

Reeder, Stuart M.

1017 Shannon Lane
Franklin, TN  37064

Served with Fox Co. from Jan. 1970 April 1970. Doc Mike HM3 Wounded by a command detonated booby trap 4-2-1970.

Back To Top

Reynolds, Ken

4919 Mill Pond Drive
Auburn, WA  98092
(253) 833-5802

Served with Fox Co. from 1966 to 1969.

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Rhodes, Dave 

With Fox 2/5 from Oct 65 to Feb 67 

P. O. Box 8
Crescent, OR  97733

Back To Top

Richards, William D. 

With Fox 2/5 from January 1968 to August 1968. 

7621 Apple Valley Road
Germantown, TN  38138
(901) 246-0173

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Richardson, Red (Rich)

comments: I joined Fox Company sometime in March of 70, coming down from A Co., 1/26 and stayed with them until rotating home in Oct. 70 from LZ Baldy. I stayed in the Corps until June 78, operating as an assistant editor and feature writer for both the Hawaii Marine and Camp Lejeune Globe newspapers. I presently make my home in Van Nuys, CA. I am a published author and editor of an international newsletter called Distant Echoes. My first book, Through Smoked Glass was published, Aug. 2002. I would love to hear from anyone who served with Fox during my time there.
Semper Fi

Red or Rich Richardson
17216 Saticoy Street, #234, Van Nuys CA 91406

Back To Top

Rigollet, Hastings

I'm in the book, Fire in the Streets. Thank You.

PO Box 99
Warner, NH 03278

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Rios, Edwin


Update 16Mar03Got to an-hoa march, 1968 put in golf co 2/5 with 60mm.when tricky dick sent john butler, clinton moss day, a few others home Got malaria, put in hotel co for a few months. Got caught in a skivy house put back in the bush with fox 2/5. I had 52 and a wake up went on a patrol, we got hit 3or4 went down, we set up a perimiter saw 3 vc in an open field we opened them up, on the way back to the peri I believe an 18/19 yr old marine pfc/l/cpl wilson stepped on a mine. It sent 7 of us flying I spent over 2/3 months in va hosp. Does anyone remember? Its hurtin a long time. Peace/up saddams ass. Thanks.

492 Heberton Ave
SI NY 10302
(718) 447-5073

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Roberts, Dave

1st Plt., 1966, wounded at Con Thien

I had decided that the time I spent in Nam, was just my imagination and the experiences just nightmares, because I never met any of the men I served with since I left.  None of the Viet Nam history books mentions us, the only published pictures of our unit is taken during Prairie 1 and the credits are mistakenly labeled as 3/4.marines.  Now that I have found your site, I feel like the character in "1984" who stumbled on to the proof that the government has wiped out select pieces of history so they can arrange it to fit their purposes.  I have 30% service connected disability, I got my purple heart medal two days ago and now a website about my unit in Viet Nam. If I can find a cold beer my life will be complete!  When they medivaced me, my platoon had taken 70% casualties, but what was left of them was assaulting through the smoke and winning!  Semper Fi!

Added 8Oct02  It is nice to make connection with the living past.  I was on my way to Viet Nam as an 0311 replacement and when we touched down in Okinawa to refuel, word came that a grunt outfit called 2/5 requested 45 men and I got picked as one of the ones to go.  That was Feb of 1966.  We trained until early April, then loaded up on the good ship "George Clymer" and landed in Viet Nam, April 13, 1966 at Chu Lia and settled on Hill 69 just off Higway 1.  We practiced war with the VC until September 1966.  On September 24 we mounted out for the big show in Quang Tri Province, on Operation Prairie.  I think we got to shoot at something just about every day and on October 13, 1966, I was hit in the ass by a grenade, after we had spent a fun day raising hell in the village of Contien.  I was medivaced to the USS repose and after a trip to Subic Bay, where I met Maria or was it Juanita.  I returned in time to meet the battalion at An Hoa, South West of Da Nang.  Just after Christmas I got transferred to an MP outfit in Da Nang and so ended the most unforgettable year of my life.  2/5 FCO 2nd Plt Feb'66 to Jan'67.  Semper Fi Mac!

225 Elm St. #2
Nacogdoches, Texas  75965

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Roberts, Steven

PO Box 28
Exeter, Maine 04435

Back to Top

Robertson, John W. II

Arrived in Vietnam July 1968. 0311 for Fox 2-5.Spent 13 months in bush, extended for tour at 1st med. batt. I am currently retired from L.A.P.D. after 30  years. Returning to Vietnam 05-10-05 for 2 weeks with Marine Corps. buddies, looking forward to trip.
5005 Via Alvarado
Yorba Linda, CA  92887
714  9706058

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Rogers, Joe

I served with Fox 2/5 Feb. '70 - Feb. '71, 2nd platoon Bravo squad we worked the Arizona territory the bridge the road our base was An Hoa. Love to hear from any one that remembers me.

5115 Kickapoo Ct.
Bakersfield, CA 93312

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Roller, Robert RIP

Robert Thomas Roller served with Fox 2/5 during 1966. He served wit Sam Henderson. He was awarded the Navy Cross on October 10, 1966.

While he had some interesting work experiences his true love was in his artistry as a potter.

His last residence was in South River, New Jersey

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Roman, Antonio (Tony) 

Fox 2 bravo-Capt. Furr, SSGT. Black, Williams, Kozy, Uncle, Doik, Font, Maistes and many others that served together. Humped the Arizona, Charlie Ridge and Liberty Bridge. Operation Durham Peak***sit-rep, anyone out there?.....  1969-1970

Back to Top

RotH, David 

  Served with Fox Co.   1967-

43 Oak Drive
Saint Clairsville, OH  43950
No Phone Number Available
No E-Mail Available

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Rottari, Don 

Was a squad leader.  Also was in Hole in the Wall Gang, nickname was Clippings.   Was an 03 rifleman.  Served with the best Marines in the Corps.  1970-71

5203 State Route 60
Wakeman, OH  44889

Back to Top

Rouzan, Donald G.

April '67 to April '68, 1st platoon, 3rd squad

7259 N. Odell Ave
Chicago, IL  60631

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Rusten, James 

I Served with Fox Co. from August 29, 1969 through August 29, 1970. I was assigned to the 60mm Mortar crew attached to the CP. My closest friend for most of my uear long tour of duty was Tom Haynes. I was called out of the bush for one month to serve as the Legal & Disbursing Clerk. I was good friends with Jerry Harbinson.

I visited Tom Hatnes many times after mustering out of the Corps even tho he lives in Connecticut and I lived in either California or Washington.. I visited Harbinson in California when he attended Garden Grove Community College.

I changed my last name from Feyk to Rusten in 1981. My MOS's were 0331 and some other number for battalion recon.

5301 N Argonne Lane #5
Spokane, Washington 99212

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Ryan, Michael 

Served with 2nd Platoon in '69.  I got wounded May 6th and then again on May 12th.  I was sent to DaNang for the 2nd Heart and then to 12th Air Force Hospital at Cam Rahn Bay.

1879 Lamp Post Lane
Lawrence, GA  30043

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Saveri, Joe

I am trying to find the name of a marine killed in Viet Nam. I was in 3rd squad, 1st platoon on a day patrol in late July or early August 1967. We took a break. As we did, this young black sergeant sat down under a tree to get some shade. As he did, a booby trap went off and blew him in half. Some one told me that his name may be Dudley Jordan. Was anyone there who remembers this? Thanks and Semper Fi!

3189 Quail Drive
Coopersburg, PA 18036

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Schauer, Eugene (Murphy)

1st platoon, February 4 to 26, 1968, Hue City

2258 Farnworth St.
Camarillo, CA  93010

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Schlader, Charles

Left with the original group from Margarita, Camp Pendleton, CA. I was platoon leader 1st Plt. wounded on October 13, 1966.  Retired 1st Sgt. 1972.

27433 Family Circle
Sun City, CA


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Schlichting, Robert

W9166 290th Avenue
Hager City, WI  54014

May 1970 to April 1971.  An Hoa, LZ Baldy, Que Son Mountains

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Schmitt, Richard

Hello, Marine Brothers.  I was in Fox Company weapons platoon.  My M.O.S.0331 from Aug 1978 to May 1981.

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Schroeder, Gary

I served with Fox 2/5 1992 - 1996

1718 Douglas St.
Rockford, IL 61103

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Sckittone, Anthony

Welcome home to all my Brothers.... I served with F 2/5 until I was wounded 5Sep69. Was then sent to H&S company. Would like to hear from all or anyone who served with the 5th Marines.. SEMPER FI.. POW/MIA's... WE CAN NEVER FORGET..

Hillsboro, TX 76645

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Scott, John R. 

Served in Fox 2/5 from June 70 to Jan 71.  Assigned as platoon commander 2nd platoon in An Hoa. First night in country VC raided the orphanage outside An Hoa killing priests and kids. Operations in the Arizona as well as the mountains all summer until we moved to LZ Baldy in October. 2nd platoon was helo lifted into the melee on Ben Ra island on November 4 and joined shortly after by the entire company. Remember Sgt Carter, S/sgt Minchey, TJ Orzekowski, Capt Easton, Capt Kane, Chief, L/cpl James E. Miller, Capt Ford, Major Ram, lots more.  Would love to hear from omeone else there at the same time.

1314 Normandy Drive
Baton Rouge, La 70806

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Scott, Gary

Corpsman with Fox 2/5 during Tet '68

Back To Top

Scusselle, Michael

I served in H&S Company for a while as casualty reporter in S-4 I think it was. Went in the field to each company to collect the casualty reports or got them on the Radio. I was wounded in action in the field when I was acting casualty reporter for the Battalion. Served as Battalion Casualty reporter for about 6 plus months then transferred to FOX company. I don't remember which date I transfered to Fox company, I don't remember too much after that nor do I remember any names, to long ago ..... After transfering to FOX Company I was wounded again then stayed in the rear at company headquarters as mail man, I think that was in Phu Bi. Then was medivaced to the naval hospital in Japan. I was then transferred to the Philadelphia naval hospital from Japan. Was discharged in August of 1969 while at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital with a medical discharge under honorable conditions. After discharge I took it easy for a while then became an insurance saleman for about 2 years then broke into the Trucking industry. Worked for Consolidated Freightways, Davidson Transport and Pilot Freight carriers, all when out of business or was laid off. After Pilot Freight Carriers went out of business I bought my own trucks and trailers and started my own Trucking company, MGS Transport, After several years I renamed it Thurder Road Express. When diesel Fuel went sky high and revenue dropped off I lost my equipment and went to work for another trucking company, worked there for about a year then was injured on the job while unloading freight at a customers facilities. That disabled me and now I am on the disability list collecting a disability check each month because I can't work now... sucks big time. Got married after training and now have 4 kids and 10 Grand kids, own a home in York, Pa.... well that is it in a nut shell, lots happened in between but that is another story, LOL I was listed on the list of FOX Company members but do not see my name listed anymore, what happen? Anyway this is an update. I purchased a black Hat from your PX and would like to purchase another black hat with the fox company emblem on it. I have worn it out and need a new one. Will you except paypal????  1966-1969

243 Harding Court
York, PA  17403

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Searfoss, Thomas

I was with Fox Co from March 15th, 1967 to July 17th, 1967.  2nd Squad 2nd Platoon at the end.  I started out in Mike Bird's squad before he was hit. Updated 2May04

March 67 to July 67  Union II, Nong Son, New Castle  Updated 22Jan05

212 Sukoshi Dr.
Panama City, FL 32404
850-215-4282 or 850-814-2134  Updated 2May04

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Seat, Ben

204 Bridle Lane
Birmingham, AL 35243

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Seeley, Tim "Doc"

Seerved with 1st Platoon, 69-70

PO Box 523
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

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Sellers, Bruce 

Served with 2/5 from 9/68 - 10/69.  First six months or so in the bush with Fox, 3rd Platoon and the balance with Battalion Headquarters as clerk/casualty reporter -- I could type.  After being wounded once and being hospitalized with malaria twice, I thought being in the "rear" would be easy street.  But, I was wrong.  One of the first condolence letters I had to write to a family was for my friend and fire team partner, Renee "Chuck" Webster, who was killed only days after I left the bush.  Several others WIA and KIA in the same action, but Chuck is the only one I can recall clearly. I've looked over the member roster but, sadly, don't see names that I recognize.  I'd appreciate it if anyone can jog my memory.  Semper Fi...    

13255 Corte Lindo
Corral de Tierra, CA 93908

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Selzer, Clay 

I was with 2/5 as 0311 from feb66to jan67, then extended to go to cac unit at the base of hill 69. I have returned to vietnam several times in the last 8 years and have visited hill 69 on 2 occasions. many villagers from that area ask about so and so but of course there were a lot of us and I am unable to help them. for those of you who are living under the strain of having served there I suggest a visit, it helps! pvt clay selzer 2nd fireteam 2nd squad 2nd platoon 2/5.

P. O. Box 3608
Chico, CA   95927

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Shaw, Michael

Loved my time there. Was Doc of Weapons platoon from 97-99; miss all of the guys.

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Shay, Jeff 

I was in F 2/5 in 1968

1515 Franks Lane Ext.
Claysburg, PA  16625

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Shephard, Robert

Nov 68 to Feb 69   Wounded by land mine Feb 26 1969

1483 Town Hall Road
Beavercreek, OH  45432

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Sherek, John

Was with Fox 2/5 from June 66 to June 67 in the 2nd platoon.  

P.O.Box 43
Lankin, ND  58250
ICQ#: 2162994

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Siebert, B.

Fox 1st Platoon Corpsman, 2001-2002

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Simmons, John (Doc)   RIP 07/27/09

Corpsman joined Fox Company December 1969 and to BAS in May 1970. Left Vietnam on October 1, 1970. Good friend was CPL Gene Dark of LA. Made contact with SGT Harry Albert through VVA. Retired on service connected total disability in 2000 after thirty years as a sales representative for a clothing manufacture. Volunteer Veterans Service Officer with the American Legion and Vietnam Veterans of America. DAV Dept. of TN Legislative Director and serve on the board of directors of TN State Veterans' Nursing Homes. (recently opened third home) Married since 1977 to Sharon enjoy two step children and three step grand children. Have been able to attend reunions since 2000.

185 Morgan Rd. NW
Charleston, TN 37310
(423) 336-3028   

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Sivumaki, KC

I served with Foxtrot 2/5 2002 - 2006

3524 8th Ave. South
Great Falls, MT 59405

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Smith, Bobby 

I got in country July 67 and was assigned to Fox Company. In Feb 1968 I received my 3rd purple heart in Hue and left country.

1505 Turkey Creek Dr
Livingston, TX 77351
936 327 8765

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Smith, Colton Eugene

I served with Fox 2/5 July/August 1970 - April 1971

1630 Bethel Church Road
Guntersville, AL 35976

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Smith, Jesse

278 Wilshire Ave B-1
Anaheim, CA   92801
(714) 635-5144

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Smith, Kenneth

816 Wynwood Dr.
Prattville, AL 36067

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Sostand, Clyde (Sgt)

10445 Greens Crossing #316
Houston, TX

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Soukup, Daryl

I served with Fox 2/5 Jan '65 - July '67. 3rd platoon 3rd squad on the right flank of 1st and 2nd at Union 2. Maintained radio communication in the middle of the rice paddy after radioman was hit and soon later died. I Remained all day communicating with the gunny and the air strikes. This was my lt's last order. The gunny told me on the radio that we had stepped right into a regimental CP. At the end of the day Fox Trot regrouped on the small rocky hill everybody was worn out from the heat and the close quarter combat all day long. I was sent out along with others to retrieve or wounded and dead if possible. There was alot of enemy movement all around us. Big problem so was the enemy trying to retrieve theirs. We called in Puff and straffed the tree lines in front of us and to keep there heads down while we retrieved our comarades. No we did not get them all. The ones that we were unable to get we got as close as we could and watched over them until daylight. Daylight we were now reinforced. We gathered our dead and wounded next day. I could not beleive that we had a reporter in the middle of of all this kaos. I do remember that he was told that it was in his best interest to leave immediately if not sooner. This was not a time for pictures or chit chat. What was left crossed the paddy to the oppsite side. Company took up defensive posions and what was left of my squad went back out into the rice paddy to be a buffer between the enemy and Marines.

Arlington, TX 76018

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Spencer, Larry 

I was reassigned to Fox 2/5 from Echo 2/1 in January 1971 and left in March 1971.  We operated out of LZ Baldy in the Que Sons.  I met another Navajo Marine by the name of Tom Webster (deceased) and were together until I went back to the world or the REZ.  I like to hear from friends who remember the two "wild indians" Chiefs who proudly serve with them.  Semper Fi, Brothers.

P. O. Box 1907
Window Rock, AZ  86515

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Spinner, Douglas R. 

Fox 1 plt. 2nd bat/5th Marines.  June 1966 - July 1967.  Was with Charles Schlader on Oct. 13th,1966 when he was was a Friday 13th...have hated Friday 13th ever since.  I was wounded also, with shrapnel. I remember a Woods from Detroit and a Spaulding from West Virginia. Had malaria and was sent to Quantico at the stables til I recovered. Went home to Northern New York State and bought my fathers dairy farm and ran that with my wife for 28 years. Sold out in 2003 and moved to Florida and am working in a grocery store in Daytona Beach area. Would love to hear from someone.

1190 Herbert Street
Port Orange, FL  32129

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Spring, Donald

Willie Popcorn
June or July 1968-May 1968 Vietnam.

4163 Sexton Dr.
Columbus OH 43228
(614) 272-1372

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Staff, William

My first unit after boot camp in 1980 and attached to Fox 2/5 weapons platoon as a 0331 gunner. I remember our Captain had served as an enlisted person first before becoming a commissioned officer. Prior to deployment overseas we stayed in the older buildings on Camp Margarita. Returning from deployment we eventually moved to the new BAQ's on Camp Margarita. My Sgt's name was Sgt Padilia (Spelling on Name). I remember him saying once about a brother who was playing Major League baseball. Looking to find former friends of fox 2/5. Semper FI

LCpl Staff

25625 Narbonne Ave., Apt. 43
Lomita, CA 90717

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Stewart, Ray

Fox 2/5 2nd Bat 5th Marines 3rd Platoon and 3rd Squad.  Remembered a lot who fought beside me and especially the ones in Hue City.  1967-68  Currently the Sheriff of Ellis County, TX.

4392 Old Ft. Worth Rd.
Midlothian, TX  76065

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Stirk, Charles "Doc"

I was an HM3 and served as a corpsman from August '68 until I was med evaced in Feb or March of '69.  I served as a platoon corpsman with 1Plt and Weapons Plt as well as Senior Co. Corpsman.  

230 Bassett Avenue
New Castle, DE   19720

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Stivers, Peter

I served with 1st platoon may69 - march 70 presently doing a watercolor painting on a river crossing in the Arizona Terr. Hope to make it to SanAntonio Texas 2000

I first joined fox company 2/5 in May 1969 and was assigned to first platoon. I left fox in April of 1970. Now I am married and have two kids. A girl named Sheena that is going into 7th grade, and a son named Lance who is going into 5th grade. I am presently working as a safety plus security officer at Central New York Phychiactric Center which is located in Marcy, New York. I've held this position for about 24 years. I work the day shift and can be contacted at 315-736-8271(exstention 2101 or 2156).

I'm trying to locate Mike Robinson, Pamona, California,our radioman 1st platoon 69-70. Also Freeland (Mouse) Mathews 69-70.  Smallest grunt in 1st platoon.  It's been 33 years but feels like yesterday.  They were tough soldiers.  It sucks because they still may be out there.  Mouse was from PA.  Mike got the living shit kicked out of him our last night in Hong Kong.  Fox Co. was patrolling the Arizona.  Thanks Bud Canada for carrying me to the LZ and dropping me on my head with malaria maggot.

749 W. Liberty St.
Rome, NY 13440

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Stowers, Millard 

I was in H&S and also Foxtrot Company for awhile, MOS 2531, from July 1970 to March 1971.  At An Hoa, Duc Duc, and LZ Baldy.

PO Box 262
Madill, OK 73446

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Stuppy, Timothy 

123 Sandpiper Ave
San Clemente, CA  92672

I currently serve with Fox 2/5.  I recently returned home from Iraq.  I have been with Fox since July 9, 2002.  I am currently a CPL.

I would like to thank the Fox 2/5 Association for everything that you did for us while we were deployed in Kuwait and Iraq.

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Sullens, Kenneth


Address: 19361 Pincrest Circle West, Hillman, MI 49746

Phone: 517-742-4151

Comments: I was with FOX 2/5 2nd Plt.,60MM Mortars 69-70. I was wounded around Oct-Nov and Medivaced to Da Nang. I spent 4-5 Weeks in the hospital. They sent me back to my unit on Liberty Bridge, probably to see if they could hit me again. :)

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Sutherlin, Derreck

I served with Fox 2/5 2002 - 2006

711 Berkshire Ave., Floor 2
Pittsburgh, PA 15226

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Sweeney, Carl "Doc"

I served with Fox 2/5 July to December 1969. I was with 2nd Platoon at An Hoa, Liberty Bridge, Arizona and Charlie Ridge.

221 Eastin Road
Lexington, KY 40505-2005

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Swider, Peter M. 

Served with fox 2 5 form March of 69 until Aug. 15th 69. Was  wounded in the thigh some time during the night of the 14th I guess about nine klicks north of An Hoa. Remember names of Recon, Truck, Wright,  Fuller. If anyone remembers me please contact.

4502 New Holland Rd 
Mohnton PA 19540 

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Swingen, Roger  

F2/5 mid Dec.68 thru Feb.22nd.69 most of squad KIA. Was in third Plt. Lt.Korn was Plt.commander, other names or nicknames were T byrd ,Carruthers ,B, Frenchi, Jovert.I think the C/O was Dave Brown, he carried an old grease gun vintage Korea. I retired from Wis.Dept. of Corrections Jan.2000 am married have two kids girl 20, boy 19. I do a part time job with the county.  I also attend Veteran funerals with Madison Veterans firing squad since my retirement.

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Theirault, David

Served with Fox Company July, 1967 through May, 1968. Went through An Hue, Nong Song Mtn. and many other areas with the 5th Marines. Went through Hue City with a great group of guys. I am currently employed by the Department of Corrections, State of California as Lieutenant and about ready to retire. I have been married to my wife, Judy, (this is the 2nd time around for me) for 20 years and have two daughters, one by my first wife and one by Judy. They are 29 and 25 yrs old, respectfully. Nothing's changed: I am still the same 'ol knucklehead that I was when I was in the Marine Corps. I enjoy fishing, water sports, hunting, and being a family man. I would love to hear from all you guys.

28190 Braeburn Place
Tehachapi, CA  93561

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Thoman, Michael 

January 1966 to June 23, 1966 in Vietnam.  Then transferred to 2nd Bn 7th Marines E Company 1st Marine Division

403 3rd Ave
Charles City, IA  50616

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Thomas, Joseph "Buck"

I was a rifleman and scout swimmer with 1st platoon from 97 until 2000. I am looking for jerry Hutchisson. If any of you guys read this who know me get a hold of me.

7971 Arbor Vitae
Redding, CA 96001

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Thompson, Christopher

Served with Fox Co. 2/5 in 1969 for a couple of months.Was wounded Mat 12, 1969. When released from hospital was sent back to H&S Co. 2/5 where I finished my tour in 1970. When I came back to the world I was stationed at Camp LeJuene, NC. I was given a medical discharge 1971. I am now totally disabled from Vietnam.

PO Box 394
Pocahontas, VA 24635

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Thompson, David

Served March 1995 to October 1998

14309 Little Rocky Mtn. Ct.
Centreville, VA 20120

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Thompson, George

Served with Fox Co. 2/5 from September 1969 until September 1970.

4308 Singer Road
Youngstown, FL 32466
(850) 722-7120

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Tillman, Richard  

I was just about all over Vietnam.  Wherever Fox 2/5 went during my tour from Nov. to Mar. 1968.  I am a survivor of "TET" in Hue City.  My heart goes out to our fighters in Iraq.  Our Leathernecks today are better trained and equipped than ever.  "WE WILL GET THE JOB DONE".  Semper Fi.

311 Scott St., S.W., #34
Atlanta, GA  30311

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Towe, Forrest  

I was in Third platoon 1967 through 1968.

3449 Halifax Way
Concord, CA  94520

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Treichel, Joel

In Oki when 9/11 happened. I was with Fox 2/5 2000 - 2002


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Trenn, Paul

I was in country from September '68 to October '69, and was a first platoon squad leader from approximately May of '69 until rotation date.

I served with Fox 2/5 from September of 68 to October 69 in first platoon. Didn't marry until I was 42. No kids. I've kept in touch with some of the 1st platoon over the years. Bud Canada was my best man at my wedding 9 years ago. Dwight Anderson who is now a brigade Sgt. Major in the Army. (What a step down from a Marine grunt!)Tommy Byrd from Grapeland Texas, gun squad leader 1st plt. And Sgt. Donnie Serowik who was platoon sgt. and later platoon commander. I've been to the last four Fox 2/5 reunions and would highly recommend them to anyone. Recently (9-15-99)have been in touch with Pete Stivers via e-mail

6409 Barre Rd.
Loveland, OH 45140
(513) 575-3343  Updated 21Sep03

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Trevino, Porfirio

10539 Huntington Estates Dr.
Houston, TX 77099

Back To Top

Tucker, Gene

been thinking about you guys lately...blasko, kosobucki, t-shay, uncle, dog, warez, chic. I have survived a stroke in Mar 08 and am walking fine. Hope to see all in Nashville.

34831 Finger Rd
Mt Pleasant, NC 28124

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Turgeon, Paul

S.Broad St.
(860) 599-6093

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Ulman, William (Bill) 

Served with F 2/5 Jan-July 1969, 3rd platoon (An Hoa, AZ Territory, Go Noi Island)  Had the honor to serve with some GREAT Marines including Lt. Pete Korn, Marv Carpenter, Mike Hedgecock, Phil Pintane, John Robertson, and so many more.  

Retired from the Southfield, Michigan Police Department, and enjoying retirement.  Went to my first F 2/5 reunion in 1994.  If you have not attended one, I would encourage you to do so.  The company you will keep is very special.  Semper Fi!

724 Prince Edward Drive
Howell, MI   48843

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Vagnetti, John W. 

I was artillery officer (D 2/11) assigned to F 2/5 as an Forward Observer from July 1969 to November 1969. The CO was Captain Ken Furr and the XO was Lt. Pete Korn. My best friend in the unit was Third Platoon Commander Lt. Mike Henghsen (? spelling)I was a former enlisted Marine 0311 and that helped keep me alive. Although I was an Artillery Officer, my assignment with Fox was the highlight of my 15 years in the Marine Corps. In fact, the normal assignment for a FO with a rifle company was usually about 6-8 weeks, if they lasted that long, but I tried to stay with Fox as long as I could and finally had to be given a direct order to leave the unit. I was replaced by Lt. John Herring. I retired from DIA in 1999 and currently work as a contractor with BAE Systems.

3579 Sharpes Meadow Lane
Fairfax, VA 22030-3239
(703) 272-8705

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Vallone, Frank, KIA 9/11/68 (Rosann sister of Frank)

My name is Roseann Vallone Oliveri and my brother was Frank Vallone. He was a with the 2/5 when he was KIA inQuang Nam on 9-11-68. He arrived in Nam on 7-7-68. He was only there for about 2 months when he was killed. Im looking for anyone who might have known him and maybe has some pictures of him they can share. I dont know any of his friends names, so I dont have anything to go on at this point. Is there anyway I can post something on the 2/5 website so that any 2/5 men can see it? I would appreciate any help.
Thank You Roseann Vallone

received 12/4/00
Im almost positive that he was with foxtrot. I spoke to one Marine who was with him on the day he was killed. I believe his name was Gary "Chuck" Huband. I had just wanted to know that my brother didnt suffer, and Chuck was able to answer alot of questions for me. I would just like to hear from others that knew my brother also., though he wasn't there very long, only two months. Chris Brown had put me in touch with Dave Brown about 5 or 6 years ago and Dave found Chuck and had him call me. I e-mailed Chris again and he said I can write something about my brother and he would put it in the 2/5 newsletter, so that might help. I'll be calling Chris in a few days to talk to him about it.

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Varena, Ted

I started my second tour in Vietnam March 8th 1967 [my first tour was with Hotel 2/4]. With Fox 2/5, at An Hoa. I was placed in the second platoon, 3rd squad leader and was with them until June the second 1967, when I was wounded in head on 6/2/67 on Union II. I was a CPL at the time. Med evac to Japan, then to Okinawa Kuee Hosp., then casualty barracks Camp Hanson.  S/Sgt Rice was our PLT SGT.  Went on New Castle, Dixie, Union 1 & 2.  Anyone from the second platoon give me a call, write or e mail me.  5 Years of service:1964-1969.  
thank you and SEMPER FI
                Cpl. HT Varena
                USMC retired

453 Grenache Circle
City: Clayton CA 94517
Phone: (925)672-0115

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Velasquez, Eliezer

Address: 144-45 35th Ave. Apt 2B, Flushing, NY 11354
Phone: 718-961-7715
Comments: Arrived in Country March 1967. Was in Weapons platoon Mos 0351

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Velasco Jr., Guadalupe "Lupe"

414 West Piute Rd.
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
(928) 774-0869

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Walker, Billy

I was there when Bullock got killed, the corn field, I remember David Micheals, Fuller, JJ, Booth, Rabbit, Wright, Balls, names and incidents that hadn't come up in quite some time.

1300 Adams Ave.
Muskegon, MI 49442

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Walker, Melvin

I was sent to Nam in Sept. of 1968 with less than six months left on my 4 yr. enlistment.  The reason of course was picking up E-5 just two months prior and having a 0300 mos. As luck would have it I had a secondary of 0141 because I knew how to type. To make a long story short they offered me the Admin. Chief's position with fox company and I made it through.I can't remember my COs name but I do remember an incident in which he borrowed my 45 to make a trip to the field. The bird he took attempted a landing on unlevel ground and flipped down an embankment giving everybody onboard a pretty rough ride.  When returned to the company he came in looking pretty banged up and said to me "I lost your damn gun".

1719 N. Mango
Chicago, IL 60639-4119

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Wallace, Daniel

Was usually called Z  1967-1971 Fox, 1/68-2/69

613 Second Avenue
Plattsmouth, Nebraska  Updated 03Dec06

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Walton, Thomas

I was in Vietnam 1967-68 with Fox 2/5 2nd Platoon.  I remember going to hell kicking the devil in the rear after the napalm fell.  Daryl Trumbull, Robert Corwin, CC Campbell, Degroat, Stallling, George Blount, David Hawkins, Sgt. Jeff Brown, Chris Brown, Gonzales, Chief, Lt. Horner, Gunny Sgt. Van Vaunkenberg.  Today I work for the VA Hospital in Little Rock.

12106 Teton Forest Drive
Little Rock, AR  72212

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Ward, Patrick HM3

I was with Fox 2/5 from September 1970 until May 1971. I was a platoon Corpsman with Doc Deinzer.

I was also known ad "Doc" and "Short Round". I was sent to the rear suffering from gook sores, cysts and acne vulgaris. I was sent home with the 7th Marines to Camp pendleton. I ended up in the Naval Hospital and San Mateo near Oceansise, CA. for the rest of my enlistment. I still have cysts and Diabetes. I have fought the VA for 20 years because of Agent Orange.

1446 Buffalo Road
Waterville, Iowa 52170
(563) 535-7778

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Warnock, Dennis 

9230 Bingham
San Antonio, TX

November 1966 to December 1967 An Hoa

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Warren, James, Jr. (JJ) 

I was with Fox Co. from April 70 until April 71. Served my entire tour with Bravo squad.  Was wounded in Sept. and returned.  Sadly I can't remember names but I can remember all the faces. We were at An Hoa and moved to lZ.Baldy at one time we were out at night if anyone can remember a lob bomb landed very close to our hole my ears rang severely that night and into the next day and haven't stopped yet.  I think I was wounded in antenna valley before moving to Baldy. If anyone can remember that time span or anyone from that time I would enjoy making contact. I am married for 34 yrs, have 5 children and 9 grands,  Also recently retired from civil service at Camp Lejeune.  I can remember the bad times but also the good and this is deep in my mind and heart.  Thank God for us all. ps my home of birth is Biloxi, Miss. and some called me the Biloxi kid
July 1969 to July 1976

111 Conover St.
Jacksonville, NC  28540
(910) 347-3587

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Warren, Michael 

I served as a field combat Corpsman with Fox Co. from July 1967 until December 1967.
July 1969 to July 1976

1128 Ojus Court
Deltona, FL 32725

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Waszkiewicz, Marc (Sgt. Ski) C. 

I went to RVN as an artilleryman with HQ Battery 2-11 (supporting 5th Marines Regiment with fire support. During my first tour I observed, from the Command Bunker and large wall map, that Fox 2/5 seemed to get more than it's share of dirty, dangerous assignments. Obviously, from my vantage point, I could see they were the "go to team." I determined to extend my tour twice in a row because I felt I was not really a full-fledged Marine until I had served with a rifle company in combat. I choose Fox as the "go to company" as their Artillery Forward Observer and have never regretted it since! I served with Fox from September 1968 through May 1969, when I was shot and left for dead on the battlefield in front of Echo Battery, An Hoa base, repulsing a Sapper attack on my support battery. Today I live in the Seattle area and maintain contact with many of my blood brothers from that era. Semper Fi....

I graduated boot camp on the 4th of July, 1967, while Fox fought the Nong Song battle at the Coal Mines. Arrived in 'Nam Oct, 1967 and served with 2nd Bn, 11th Marines (artillery) supporting 5th Marines. In September, 1968 I extended to become the Artillery Forward Observer for Fox Co, 2/5 and re-extended yet again to continue doing that. Wounds received in combat on May 12, 1969, required my evac back stateside where I was finally medically discharged with permanent disability. Fox Company was and is the best darned Company in the Corps and, probably, in any branch of service in any military anywhere! Hoorah and Semper Fi. My 'Nam nickname was "Cpl Ski" and, later on, "Sgt. Ski."  I have returned to Nam and loved the experience. The Vietnamese people > are great. I suggest you all get your hands on Battlelines, by Lt. Col. Dave Brown (my CO) and relive the days that helped shape who we are today!

I was the artillery forward observer (actual) as a Corporal, later as a Sgt.  Most of my time was spent under Capt./Maj. Dave Brown.  I was attached from 2/11 artillery and also served awhile with Echo Co. 2/5, but my heart and the majority of my field time was with Fox.  Hoorrah.

9425 Echo Valley Rd., NW
Bremerton, WA  98312

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Weiler, David

Being In 2/5 up on the hill and while out on float I'll never forget. They are some of my best memory's. I still remember alot of the guys that were in first platoon fox company. Like my squad leader Cpl Cisneros which picked up Sgt. A little bit before I transfered to Hawaii 1/3. And our radio man Lcpl Hatch who could out run everybody and hump more weight then all of us. Not only did he carry his normal gear but also that heavy radio and at least 2 or 3 extra batteries, prick 38's I think what the radios where called. I always hung around Pfc Westmoreland, Pfc Boyed, Pfc Anaya The drinking buddy's. I remember once we where out in the field and Cpl Bourgoyne and I came across a rattle snake and he actually cought the damn thing by hand, I mean reached down and snatched it up with his bare hand. Lt saw him do that and in stead of saying WOW hole shit your faster then a snake. Lt chewed him out for horse play. Butter bar is luck no snake ever found his sleeping bag and needed someone to help him out. Anyways I miss all of my brothers from Fox compay 1platoon 2/5 1980- 1982.

1491 Wynne Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108

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Wellner, John

I served with Fox 2/5 1990 - 1993 and HQ TOW Plt.

PO Box 1576
Oroville, CA 92965

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Weisler, Matthew

Served in 1st Platoon for the First Tour to Ramadi in 2004 then was part of the HQ's Platoon till Jan. 2008.

8003 Blossom Wood Ct.
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

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Weiss, Ernest

Fox 3 Alpha '67-'68. An Hoa, Phu Bai, Hue City.

Waynesville, NC

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Westbury, Ron

I served with Fox 2/5 1992 - 1996

8301 Clear Bay
Mckinney, TX 75070

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White, Fred "Dutch" "Lucky"

Photograph of Fred White (7075 bytes)
What I looked like in 1958,
before joining Fighting Fox in 1959

I was a member of Foxtrot 2/5 in 1959 and 1960 - Went from Camp Santa Margarita, Campen, to Okinawa in November of 1959 as "F" 2/5, and returned to Camp San Mateo, Campen, in December of 1960, as "F" 2/1 - I still have my pogey rope. It has a place of great honor in my pool room on my 'I love the Corps' wall. Was in Vietnam with H&MS-16, MAG-16 1965-66, VMO-2, Huey Gunships, 1966-67, and FLC, Red Beach, with the Provisional Rifle Company (Proud Rifles), 1970-71 - Semper Fi all, and Welcome Home!

4911 N. Spring Drive
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-5215
(928) 775-5298 
ICQ# 2694064

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Whitehead, Frank

I served with Foxtrot 2/5 1966 - 1967. Made amphibious landing April 13, '66 at Chu Lai.

5 S. White Heron
LaMarque, TX 77568

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Widzbel, George

I served with Fox 2/5 during 1969 - 1970. I was in 2nd Platoon Charlie squad. The only people I can remember are Kevin Nichole, McCoy and Richie the M-79 Blooperman. My nickname was "The Major." I was at An Hoa combat base, Vietnam. I was wounded in the Arizona territory and Phu Bai. I was a fireteam leader and designated marksman.

10 Stafford Avenue
Scranton, PA 18505

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Wiegmann, Daniel L. Sr. 

Looking to chat with other Vietnam Veterans.  1967 to 1969

I6109 Grand Willow Blvd.
Huntertown, IN  46748
260-637-4464    Updated 19Jan06  

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Wiley, Robert

Seved with Fox Co. from June 1965 until August 1966 with weapons platoon.I served with Dennis Harris who was KIA in October 1966.

3997 N. Luzern Circle
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

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Wilke, Hank  

Oct 13, 1969, Platoon 3191,. San Diego,. on to Recon School,. then to Vietnam.  Proudly served with Fox 2/5, 3rd Platoon, Bravo Squad, 3rd Rifle Team from March 1970,.to Oct 1970., Liberty Bridge, An Hoa, Mount Baldy.  Transferred to H&S Co. Scout Section, with 2 Kit Carson Scouts. (Giap & Whea)  Currently retired and living the good life with my wife and loving companion Nancy in Delta, Ohio.

8018 County Road E
Delta, OH  43518

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Wilkins, William "Truck"

I am looking for anyone who remembers me from 1970 to 1975.  I also served in Fox 2/3, 3rd Force Recon, Operation Frequent Wind and the evacuation of Saigon.  I am trying to receive pension, because I am now legally blind due to having a bullet bounced off my skull during combat.  Unfortunately, my papers are "lost in transit," and I need a buddy letter to receive the pension.  If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it.

6753 Bear Creek Rd.
Marshall, NC  28753

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Wilkinson, Nate   

1993-1998.  What are you all doing now? Fox Co. 2/5 Coxswaini - Assault Climber (Somalia 1993)

1153 10th Ave.
Longview, WA 98632

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Williams, Jeff

Address: 361B Scheyer Ln., San Clemente, CA 92672

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Williams, Wesley Y.

I was Fox 2/5 2nd platoon. I was in the rear with DAN Bullock when KIA,  I have one or two picture of Dan if someone want a copy let know.  August 1968 -July 1969

7343 Chelwynde Ave.
Phila., PA  19153

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Wilmarth, Dain

Joined Foxtrot Company in March 1969, hit with mortar fire in Arizona Territory in May 1969. Medivaced out. Was sent back to the real world. After 4 months in hospital, sent to 29 Palms then discharged shortly afterward.

PO Box 67098
Oak Grove, OR 97268

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Wilrich, Larry RIP

Larry joined the Marines in1966 and served until 1972. He received the Purple Heart for wounds received in Vietnam. Following a double lung transplant in April 2011, my husband (Larry Wilrich) was so excited to attend the Nashville, TN Fox 2/5 reunion. He was looking forward to attending the upcoming reunion in Gettysburg. He passed, away after a long and courageous battle with chronic lung transplant rejection, on March 18, 2014.

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Wimer, William C. "Dawg" 

1965-1967.  M-60s until early 1966 then 3rd Platoon until 1967.  F-2/7 1964, K-3/9 1964-65

Was guns section leader until moving to 3rd Platoon as Squad Leader and was acting Plt. Sgt when I left VietNam 21Feb67.  Would like to hear from anybody who remembers.  Started with F/2/7 in '64 - K/3/9 to F/2/5.  Updated 04May08

702 Paul Street
Staunton, VA  24401 

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Winsor, Jerry

5803 E. County Rd. 57
Midland, TX  79705  Updated 02Aug03

I joined Fox in Feb of 91, and transferred to 1st FSSG as an instructor in August 94.  I would enjoy visiting with whoever remembers me.

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Workman, Jeffrey J. 

My nickname was "Hoss".  Wounded at An Hoa Valley, August 25, 1968.  Discharged April 10, 1969 from Weapons Bat. Quantico.  You can contact me through my son, as I'm not with the time yet and do not have a computer.  I am retired and involved in the Marine Corps League, Legion, VFW, Military Order of the Purple Heart and DAV.  I would like to see how my brothers are faring from Fox Co. 2/5.

38714 250th Lane
Aitkin, MN  56431

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Zelasco, MWJ

I was a corporal with Fox Co. 2/5.  On February 12, 1967, I was in the 3.5 Rocket Section and we were on a patrol looking for the enemy when we received enemy fire and Sgt. Gilbert H.J. was hit with enemy fire and was K.I.A.  I have noticed on your memoriam website that his name is not listed as one of our fallen brothers.  Please look into this.  I was with Fox 2/5 from January 31, 1967 until April 12, 1967, I was transferred  from M Co. 3/5.
MWJ Zelasco

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