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Vietnam era Hotel Company reunion is being held this year August 6-10, 2014 in San Diego. If you are interested in attending please contact Jay A. Peterson at 805-546-9666 or jayapeterson@hotmail.com.

There is further information concerning the reunion on the message boards page at:


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From Roger "Doc" Ware
Hotel Co. April 1967 Roster
Memorial Program
"Rehabilitation" Letter

Floyd Richens, photo from Vietnam, Hotel Co.

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Received by e-mail:

I've been corresponding with Capt. Poolaw's granddaughter. She said I could give you her email address and she can pass any messages along to him. So, if you want to put him on the Hotel page you can. Capt. Robert Poolaw Hotel 2/5 Company Commander - '69 and '70. His granddaughter Jesse's email is:

That's me, Jessica. We had a big computer meltdown, and I now have a new email. Some people have been corresponding with me, and I lost my email address with the old computer, so my new one is ToTheStage1219@aol.com if you would like to post it. Thanks and God bless.